Zoho today: A retrospective of 2023 and looking forward to 2024

Business technology is constantly evolving, 2023 has proven to be a pivotal year for Zoho. With a commitment to innovation and user empowerment, Zoho has steered its suite of products towards unprecedented heights. Let’s take a dive into the notable updates across some of the flagship products from Zoho today in 2023 and a look forward to what can be expected in 2024.

Zoho in general

Let’s first take a quick look at what’s been happening at Zoho themselves before diving into the solutions we use on a daily basis…

100 Million Zoho users!

Zoho Corporation celebrates serving over 100 million users across its 55+ business applications. As the first bootstrapped SaaS company to achieve this, it follows the company’s $1 billion annual revenue milestone last year. Starting with 1 million users in 2008, Zoho’s user base has grown steadily, with the last 50 million added in the past five years. Grateful for the support of customers from 150+ countries, Zoho continues its mission of providing accessible and sustainable technology solutions.
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Zoho Birthdays

Zoho Connect turns 10! Ten years ago, Connect was born out of the need to communicate freely within Zoho. Now, as an employee experience platform, Zoho are happy to be helping organisations create happier workplaces!

Zoho Survey turns 10! Started in 2013 for better feedback, Zoho Survey now shapes customer, employee, and market research. Ten years in, thanks to their backers, Zoho have revolutionised surveys.

Zoho People turns 15! Since 2008, Zoho have been committed to helping thousands of HR teams build meaningful human connections and simplify their HR operations. Explore their journey!

Zoho Contracts turns 2! With an aim to streamline contract management for businesses, Zoho launched Zoho Contracts two years ago.

Zoho Marketing Plus turns 1! Manage all your marketing activities in a unified platform. With GPT integration, Marketing Plus has become even powerful.

Zoho Invoice turns 15! In 2008, Zoho embarked on a journey to redefine how businesses send invoices and receive payments. Now, we’re celebrating 15 years of making invoicing the essential task on a business’s to-do list.

New Zoho solutions in 2023

In 2023, Zoho introduced no less than 7 new, innovative solutions across its product suite, enhancing user experience and empowering businesses with cutting-edge tools for CRM, Desk, Analytics, Books, Inventory, and more. These solutions reflect Zoho’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and streamlined solutions for evolving business needs. As with all new Zoho releases we are testing them thoroughly ourselves and seeing how they can fit into the solutions we offer.

Introducing Zoho QEngine, a robust test automation software that helps create, manage, and execute test cases to ease the software testing lifecycle and improve its efficiency.

Introducing Zoho Billing, a comprehensive billing solution that automates complex billing processes and manages customer journeys to help businesses scale.

Introducing end-to-end field service management with Zoho FSM. Streamline operations, mobilise the workforce, and simplify billing to deliver excellent service experiences.

Say hello to Zoho Directory —the workforce identity and access management solution for the cloud. Get a 360-degree view of your workforce identity with app and device authentication, provisioning, security policies, and more!

Zoho believe no one should have to sacrifice privacy for convenience. That’s why they have built Ulaa, a privacy-first browser prioritising user privacy and enterprise security.

Introducing Zoho WorkDrive 4.0! Enhance your productivity and experience advanced data administration.

Introducing Trident for Zoho Workplace, the unified work experience platform. Trident is the first native desktop application for Zoho Workplace, available on Mac and Windows OS, that caters to all of your communication, productivity, and business needs.

Looking forward to Zoho innovations in 2024

Unified User Experience

Zoho envisions a unified user experience across its entire suite of products. This involves refining interfaces, introducing cross-product features for seamless integration, and ensuring a consistent user journey. The focus is on simplifying complexities, enhancing collaboration, and providing a cohesive user experience.

Zoholics 2024: Global Collaboration Hub

The Zoholics conference in 2024 is expected to transform into a global collaboration hub. Attendees can look forward to immersive virtual experiences, interactive workshops, and a platform that fosters global networking. The goal is to bring Zoho users and enthusiasts from around the world together in a dynamic and collaborative digital space.

Zoho CRM: Revolutionising customer relationships

Zoho CRM, the cornerstone of customer-centric solutions, has undergone substantial upgrades. The introduction of Path Finder has empowered businesses to navigate complex customer journeys with precision. SMS notifications have taken communication to new heights, bringing transactional updates to customers seamlessly. Customisable unsubscribe landing pages showcase Zoho CRM’s dedication to respectful, user-centric interactions.

Looking forward to Zoho CRM in 2024

Predictive Customer Journeys

In 2024, Zoho CRM is set to introduce predictive elements to customer journeys. Imagine a CRM system that not only maps existing journeys but anticipates potential paths based on customer behaviour analytics. This innovative approach aims to revolutionise how businesses engage with their clients, providing insights to proactively cater to evolving needs.

Zoho Desk: Elevating customer support dynamics

Zoho Desk has not lagged in this wave of transformation. With enhancements to home pages and dashboards, agents can now access multiple home pages, optimising their workflows. The addition of lookup filters minimises the hassle of navigating through extensive records, streamlining support operations.

Looking forward to Zoho Desk in 2024

AI-driven support enhancements

Zoho Desk’s roadmap for 2024 includes AI-driven support enhancements. Expect features like automated ticket categorisation, sentiment analysis for customer interactions, and intelligent routing to ensure every customer query is swiftly directed to the most qualified support agent. The aim is to elevate the efficiency and personalisation of customer support.

Zoho Analytics: Insights beyond boundaries

Zoho Analytics has fortified its capabilities by allowing advanced analytics for Jotform, offering profound insights into user preferences and satisfaction levels. The integration with Zoho Directory brings a layer of security by handling identity and user access management with precision.

Looking forward to Zoho Analytics in 2024

Augmented intelligence for deeper insights

The next phase for Zoho Analytics involves integrating augmented intelligence, enhancing the platform’s ability to derive insights from complex datasets. With machine learning algorithms embedded, users can anticipate trends, identify anomalies, and receive proactive suggestions for data interpretation.

Zoho Books: Empowering financial management

In 2023, Zoho Books witnessed several updates that aimed to streamline financial processes and provide businesses with more robust tools. Here are some of the key updates:

Looking forward to Zoho Books in 2024

Blockchain integration for financial integrity

In 2024, Zoho Books is set to incorporate blockchain technology for financial transactions. This move aims to bring an additional layer of security, transparency, and immutability to financial records. Businesses can expect streamlined audits, reduced fraud risks, and enhanced overall financial integrity.

Zoho Inventory: Synchronised operations

In 2023, Zoho Inventory underwent several updates and improvements to enhance inventory management capabilities for businesses in the UK. Here are some of the key updates:

Looking forward to Zoho Books in 2024

IoT integration for seamless operations

Zoho Inventory is gearing up for IoT integration to offer real-time tracking and management of inventory. With sensors and smart devices communicating directly with the inventory system, businesses can expect unparalleled accuracy, reduced manual interventions, and a holistic view of their supply chain.

Looking forward to new Zoho features and solutions in 2024

As we close the chapter on Zoho’s transformative year, the journey doesn’t end. Zoho Corporation remains dedicated to empowering businesses, large and small, with robust, intuitive tools. The 2023 updates set the stage for a future where technology seamlessly aligns with the unique needs of each user, driving efficiency, collaboration, and success. Until the next wave of innovation, here’s to a future powered by Zoho.

As Zoho Corporation strides into 2024, the vision is clear – to empower businesses with innovative solutions that not only meet their current needs but anticipate and prepare for future challenges. The journey into the new year promises exciting advancements, and users can expect nothing short of a revolutionary experience across Zoho’s diverse suite of products. Here’s to embracing the future of tech with Zoho at the helm.

If any of the 2023 innovations have sparked and interest , or if you can’t wait to learn more about what is coming in 2024 then get in touch. We can look at how they can integrate with your existing Zoho solution, and your wider tech stack – drop us a line and book a business review, today!

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