Zoho CRM embraces Open AI integration for Zia

Following on from last week’s news that Zoho Writer has a ChatGPT interface, we’re thrilled to share that the beta version of the integration between Zia and OpenAI for Zoho CRM is now available! With this integration, Zia’s AI capabilities are augmented by the powerful generative AI technology of OpenAI. Let’s take a look at how Zoho CRM embraces Open AI for Zia.

What is the Zia Open AI integration for Zoho CRM capable of?

Although at the time of writing the release is only in beta format the pace is rapid so it won’t be long before it is launched across the board. The beta version introduces the SmartPrompt feature, which assists users in improving their communication with leads and customers. Let’s explore the benefits of this new functionality.

Open AI powered Smart Prompt in Zoho CRM

Smart Prompt is a powerful feature that assists Zoho CRM users in generating high-quality content and performing content-based actions on existing content. With Smart Prompt, users can receive prompt recommendations and gather any additional information required to enhance their communication with leads and customers.

At launch this feature will be available in the following sections of Zoho CRM;

  • Email compose window
  • Email template creation
  • Record details page

Let’s explore how you can use Smart Prompt in your Zoho CRM account.

How Zoho CRM embraces Open AI for Email composition

OpenAI_Smart Prompt_Zoho CRM-Triggering

Smart Prompt can be accessed from the email compose window, allowing you to easily make desired modifications to your email content. You can also trigger Smart Prompt by selecting specific parts of the email content. At present, this feature supports plain text content.

After Smart Prompt suggests modifications to your email content, you can easily copy and paste the suggested text into your email draft.

OpenAI_Smart Prompt_Zoho CRM-Modifications
OpenAI_Smart Prompt_Zoho CRM-Assistance

If you don’t have any content to start with, Smart Prompt can assist you in creating content from scratch.

Moreover, you can create custom prompts using the prompt window.

OpenAI_Smart Prompt_Zoho CRM-Custom Prompts

Email Templates in Zoho CRM from Open AI powered Zia

Smart Prompt, powered by OpenAI, can assist you in generating or modifying content when creating email templates in Zoho CRM. This feature is currently available for plain text content only.

OpenAI_Smart Prompt_Zoho CRM-Generate Content

Record Details Page in Zoho CRM with Open AI integration

OpenAI_Smart Prompt_Zoho CRM-Templates

When creating email templates, Smart Prompt can be a valuable aid in generating or modifying content using OpenAI’s capabilities. Currently, this feature supports plain text content.

You have the ability to create, update, and summarize notes within the record.

OpenAI_Smart Prompt_Zoho CRM-Notes
OpenAI_Smart Prompt_Zoho CRM-Information fields

Furthermore, with the aid of Smart Prompt, you can retrieve additional information from the fields on the record details page using the Explore prompt.

Zoho CRM’s integration with OpenAI enables you to leverage the power of generative AI beyond Zia’s built-in capabilities. With this integration, you can deliver superior customer experiences by utilising the benefits of generative AI.

As Zoho continues to explore and leverage AI to optimise business operations. Their commitment in driving innovation is reflected in these new capabilities as they roll out beta testing across their data centres. At present beta testing is underway on US data centre hosted accounts, at enterprise or above subscription plans but keep an eye out here and our Linked In account for more news on this and other exciting AI and Zoho announcements!

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