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Support your customers better with Zoho Desk

We have 30 years of customer service experience – from heading a support team to managing a park full of holidaymakers. We believe that customer support is at the forefront of business success and Zoho Desk puts it there.

We’ll support you in your journey with a few simple steps

Discover – We’ll get a solid understanding of how you’d like to support your customers’ needs, what channels you’d like to contact them on and how you’d like those to be managed.

Hassle-free implementation – Whether it’s taking your data from an older system or building a new one, we can handle all your implementation needs. We’ll talk you through each step and advise you on the best automation pieces we have available.

A fully integrated offering – We don’t just set up customer service systems like Zoho Desk. By offering parallel expertise in business intelligence and resource planning, we can deliver a complete environment that meets your specific needs and enables better decision making – right across your organisation. This includes CRM, marketing, finance and analytics.

Full support – From help with constructing automated workflows to showing support staff the ropes, we can’t wait to get to work – and get your customer support system up and running.

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What does Zoho Desk have to offer?

A fully-integrated help centre for stronger customer relationships, improved productivity and enhanced help desk performance.
At Goldstar, customer satisfaction is our obsession. If you share our commitment to putting customer service at the heart of your organisation, then Zoho Desk is for you.

The industry’s first context-aware help desk platform enables customers to find the answers they need swiftly via phone, chat, social media and your very own knowledge base.

It equips agents to understand and solve customer problems quicker, enabling more effective prioritisation and freeing up time to devote to more complex customer problems.

For managers, it gives you a complete view of team performance in a single window. Analyse, improve, automate: Zoho Desk delivers everything you need to keep customer relationships on track.

Customer expectations have shifted. Can you meet them?

Customers demand instant answers to simple queries – but still want personalised, one-on-one help with more complex problems. 89% of customers have ditched a business in favour of a competitor following a poor customer experience.

Customer experience (CX) is the new battlefront. It’s what sets successful businesses apart from their rivals – and 81% of businesses soon expect to be competing mostly or completely on the quality of that experience.

The challenge is to deliver the service your customers demand while making best use of finite resources.
This includes the following:

Self-service – Giving customers the fastest route to instant and accurate answers
through a Knowledge Base, FAQs and similar features.

Automation – Suggested answers, pre-completed responses, ticket tagging and sorting to
help agents save time on routine tasks.

Ticket management – Tickets automatically organised in order of priority, and the ability to
respond to customers seamlessly, whatever communication channel they choose.

How Zoho Desk can help…

Your complete, multichannel ticketing system. Zoho Desk pulls together all support tickets from different channels – including telephony, live chat, web-forms, social media and email, allowing you to respond from a single platform.

Chat response with Zia. Exceed customer expectations with Zia. Zoho’s AI-powered voice assistant. Customers can chat direct to Zia from your website or app. Questions are processed and automatically answered based on your knowledge base content. Zia can also be trained to perform actions for customers like order placement and editing.

Do more with less. Automatically sort tickets based on priority, due time and CRM status. Respond quicker with the help of Advanced Response Editor and keyboard shortcuts. Eliminate duplication of work through Agent Collision Detection.

Performance management: giving you total visibility. Use Blueprint Builder to assemble sequences of actions visually. Spot & fix bottlenecks with ease. Use detailed reports and custom dashboards to track key performance metrics.

Let’s talk about how Zoho Desk can help your business…