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Zoho Campaigns

Making Email Work for Your Brand 

A smarter way to create and manage email, for stronger customer relationships and higher sales

The potential value of an awesome email campaign is impossible to ignore. Here at Goldstar, we’d really love to help you get it right.

Zoho Campaigns is your very own one-stop-hub for managing all aspects of your email campaign strategy. You can organise and manage subscriber lists, create beautiful newsletters, target your campaigns to customer characteristics & behaviour, and gauge at-a-glance how your strategy is shaping up. 

So if the thought of churning out this month’s newsletter fills you with dread, Goldstar might just be able to change your mind. 

For your marketing strategy, the power of email is as strong as ever

In 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion. By 2023, this figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion. (That’s half the world’s population). Source  

For every $1 spent on effective email marketing, companies can expect an average return of $42. Source 

These days, everyone is talking about the power of social media. Don’t get us wrong: we love social – and we equip organisations to manage their social campaigns. But there’s a very good reason why 81% of SMBs rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel: it’s because email works. (Source)

But that’s not to say that email campaigns are always easy: 

  • Campaign creation takes time and skill. Unless you have the right design skills – or else the right tools – standout, engaging content is hard to get right.
  • Managing lists is challenging. Especially in a post-GDPR world, businesses cannot afford to take chances when it comes to contact preferences and suppression’s.
  • Customers demand the personal touch. For marketers who want their messages to hit home, the age of the universal mailshot is dead. Customers expect content tailored to what’s relevant to them. Without the ability to deliver this, your brand will get lost in the noise. 

How Zoho Campaigns can help your business


Subscriber management. Easily create, edit and segment lists according to your campaign needs. 

Instant imports. Import subscriber details from an Excel sheet or from Zoho CRM. Use the API to import subscriber details from any other CRM tool.

Data hygiene you can count on. Duplicates, bounces and unsubscribes are automatically removed for total peace of mind. 

Tailored segmentation. Segment your lists based on a wide range of criteria such as demographics, behaviour and order history. 

Add signup forms. Choose and experiment with a wide range of ready made templates. Cater for mobile users with an embedded QR code on your website, enabling customers to scan the code for instant sign-up. 


Ready-made template gallery. The huge range includes business emails, survey invites, seasonal greetings and more. Pre-made HTML templates can also be imported and used. 

Easy production. Start with one of many sample layouts and use drag-and-drop to customise. Place images, content blocks, icons and links and rearrange them as needed. 

Optimise for different devices. Use the Preview function to check the layout on various devices and platforms. 


Automate. Adopt and customise Zoho’s pre-designed email workflow templates to define and schedule who receives what, and when.  

Filter. Optimise your workflow based on customers’ previous interactions. 

Respond. The Reply Tracking feature lets you track campaign recipients’ responses and create unique workflow paths. Send personalised messages, assign scores and more.

Nudge. Integrate with ecommerce solutions such as Zoho Commerce and Shopify to issue personalised reminders and abandoned cart messages. 

Engage leads and prospects. Set up email triggers to identify likely qualified leads and move them to your CRM system. 

Autorespond. Automate contact follow-up at the right time based on customer contact (or absence of it). 


Analytics. Create or schedule regular reports delivering full insight on campaign performance. 

Optimise. Get insights about the contacts entering your workflow, click-through, engagement, path and progress for continual campaign improvements.   

Goldstar: Helping You Achieve Email Campaign Success 

With full training and support, hassle free migration of contact data and integration with your existing systems, our job is to make sure you get the most out of Zoho’s powerful email marketing tool. 

To give your email strategy a new lease of life, get in touch for a free consultation. 

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