Zoho One is the app that can rule them all!

We still can’t believe how we used to live without it, and Zoho One just keeps getting better with each release.

According to Zoho, around 25% of its customers use more than 25 apps, while over 50% use 16 or more. This creates a very novel issue: which one to work with first!

That’s where we come in. We’re a Zoho Certified Partner with expertise in Zoho applications. We can help you utilise the product in a just few steps:

Discovery workshops – We spend time with you and your team to better understand each area. This helps us provide seamless solutions within the software. Our team of experts in finance, business analysis, development and marketing will support all your needs.

Hassle-free implementation – Whether helping you with data from an older system or building a new one, we’ll build you an ERP that is seamless within the Zoho suite. We’ll be able to provide a view for you to see project progress at any time.

A fully integrated offering – Zoho One is the most commonly-used product when working with multiple apps and offers you access to up to 45 apps at last count! This offers a wide selection to get your business the right setup across CRM, marketing, services, products, finance, analytics (reporting) and more.

Full support – You’ll receive full support from us, as training is one of the most important ingredients to the success of any project. We’ll also be there for aftercare support and future changes.

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It’s Zoho’s complete business in a box

Not all ‘all-in-one’ business suites are created equal. Some promise the earth but offer only pared-down versions of individual apps – or make you pay extra for the really useful bits.

Zoho One is different. Covering sales, marketing, finance, HR, collaboration, communication and business processes, it consists of 40 integrated business and productivity applications. These are the full versions in one cloud-based platform: accessible, affordable and all in one place. To give your business and your people the tools they deserve, Zoho One is everything you need…

What’s included in Zoho One?

Some of the highlights include the following:


CRM: Manage all your sales and marketing activities across all channels

Analytics: Your complete business intelligence platform

SalesInbox: A mail client for sales people


Sales IQ: Website live chat enabling you to track, capture and engage with your customers and leads

Campaigns: Email management, enabling you to create, send, share and track email campaigns smoothly and effectively

Social: Supercharge your social media presence, mange all your channels, schedule posts, monitor keywords and collaborate with your team

Survey: Create online surveys and questionnaires, collect and analyse the results

Forms: Featuring 30+ field types along with customisable themes and templates, this tool lets you create, publish and share just about any form you need

Backstage: Comprehensive event management tool. Design, market and arrange conferences, trade shows, product launches and more

MarketingHub: Marketing automation software that gives you the complete picture on pre and post-sale marketing activities


Desk: Helpdesk ticketing software that equips you to successfully run a multi-channel customer support strategy

Assist: Use Assist to offer your customers remote support, ensuring they get exactly the help they need, right when they need it


Mail: Securely hosted, ad-free email for your organisation

Cliq: Zoho’s intuitive informal messaging tool for bringing your team together


Projects: Manage and track your projects, set milestones and keep on top of problems, all in one place

Connect: A private social network tool for projects, collaboration and sharing resources

Meeting: Web-conferencing tool for seamless teamwork, demos, pitches and presentations


Writer: A powerful word processor available across all of your devices, complete with an AI-driven writing assistant

Sheet: powerful cloud spreadsheet tool that’s ideal for collaboration

Show: Create beautiful slide decks with ease

Sign: Need to agree terms in a hurry? Use this digital signature tool


Books: Zoho’s comprehensive business accounting suite

Subscriptions: Handle your customer subscription billing life cycle from end to end. Automate, dispatch and log your invoices

Inventory: Keep track of every unit with Zoho’s easily-scalable inventory management tool, includes multi-store and multi-channel support – and suitable for tracking the movement of stock from both online and in-store sales

Checkout: Zoho’s secure, integrated tool for managing your online payment pages


People: A central hub for HR management, covering appraisals, attendance, record keeping and more

Business Processes

Creator: Create custom applications that enable you to streamline and manage your organisation’s unique business processes

Flow: Zoho’s integration tool, designed to ensure that your apps work with each other in exactly the way you need them to

Making Zoho One work for you

Zoho One brings together  ‘‘a lot ‘‘of tech. As Zoho Partners we specialise in installing and developing Zoho One to your requirements. It’s something we love and is familiar ground to us. We’ll help you to get to that 25% of businesses and more that utilise the real power of Zoho One.

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