Zoho CRM

The complete CRM – designed to handle every aspect of your customer relationship

Your customer relationships are valuable. They are built and nurtured through the efforts of every member of your business. When marketing, sales and customer service teams all work together your customer’s benefit from a seamless experience with your brand. With Zoho business solutions its easy to give them this experience and manage the entire end-to-end customer life cycle from one place – Zoho CRM.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is the process used to manage interactions with existing and potential customers. It commonly refers to the technology or software that is used to do this. For some it might be a simple spreadsheet but these are limited to their functionality, take a great deal of maintenance, take time to analyse and rarely offer any additional features or insights. For modern businesses, those looking to or have started some form of digital transformation, this will take the form of a system that integrates with other business practices or applications to give more of a 360º perspective of what is going on in the company.

A CRM system helps your business build customer relationships and streamline processes. The result? Increased sales, improved customer service, increased profitability and a better understanding of what your business is doing at any given moment. It can be used for contact management, sales management, customer service productivity, marketing insights and much more.

The aim of CRM is specific for each business.

But the goal is always to be improving business relationships to grow your business.

Zoho has one of the most affordable and yet fully-functioned CRM offerings available with Zoho CRM. It can manage customer relationships across the entire customer lifecycle at every marketing, sales, e-commerce and customer service interaction. It is a safe and secure, single point of information for all your business data that enables it to be stored, retrieved, analysed and utilised across your business, for what ever purpose.

What could your CRM look like?

Each CRM should be as unique as the business to which it serves – so what will yours look like? Imagine it as the hub that your company ‘wheel’ is built around – What is on each spoke? Which departments are served by it? What are their processes? Does you business have one goal or many? Let’s look at what might connect to your Zoho CRM.

Simplify sales with Zoho CRM

Sales are complex – keeping track of the process needn’t be. With Zoho CRM, the moment a lead enters your sales funnel you have the tools to quantify, prioritise, track and follow up right to the final sale and beyond. Collect and collate all this data and present it in a clear and usable way so your sales team can create a positive experience for your customers.


Expand your single source of data with information from marketing and feedback from customer service to understand and engage your leads and contacts with congruence to better understand your customers.

Whether you are a SME, based locally or a large business across a number of vertical and geographies, a Zoho CRM solution can fit into your sales structure, and processes, helping you manage vast amounts of data and get the most from it to help launch your business to the next level.

Boost your sales with Zoho CRM

Focus marketing spend with Zoho CRM

Marketing is most effective when it resonates with the right people at the right time. Be that traditional email messages, social media or online events, Zoho CRM’s marketing tools will help you collect, analyse and highlight the most successful ways to engage with your clients as well as build your brand.


Build and execute cohesive marketing strategies and measure their impact on your sales. Engage your audience with targeted content, and nurture engagement at the most effective points of the customer journey. Automate processes to send more sales-ready leads to your sales team and connect customers to these agents directly from your different marketing channels.

Focus marketing spend with Zoho CRM

Co-ordinate your omni channel approach

You already have an omni-channel approach, your website, telephone lines, networking events, Facebook, Linked, Instagram. Why then force your customers to only engage through one medium? By using Zoho CRM, its integrations and your single source of data you can build a true omni-channel presence and engage with your customers the way they prefer.


Co-ordinate across your channels and functions with ease all in one place. Execute marketing campaigns, close deals, provide support across all channels including email, telephone, social media, instant messaging and live chat.

Allow sales and support to collaborate over new opportunities or customer issues. release marketing campaigns to complement sales and engagement processes and keep context intact and build trust with your customers across multiple channels and give your clients a seamless customer experience.

Enhance customer service using Zoho CRM

Customer service is essential in building trust with your clients. They like to feel understood and valued above all else. Zoho CRM’s service functionality means anyone in your business can instantly find out whatever they need to know about any customer. When was their last interaction? What was said? When did they last buy something? What did they last purchase? Have they taken up any reward offers? Are they satisfied with their service or product? The list goes on…


With Zoho’s CRM solution driving your business you can focus on your SLAs and contractual obligations while managing service agent workloads and productivity. You will have access to all the answers and can get the right balance between automated responses and the human touch. From customer information to marketing interactions all members of your team can have everything they need to offer a contextual and efficient service.

Help build the best impression of your brand by offering what your customer needs, when they need it.

Enhance your customer’s experience with Zoho CRM

Improve communication with team collaboration

Business operate better without silos. When your business can communicate internally without barriers operations become seamless. Using Zoho CRM these seamless operations can take advantage of a single source of information about all clients and leads. This in turn builds trust between your business and its customers. By offering tools to simplify this communication, both internally and externally, you can focus more on the client and putting them central to your operations.


Tools like internal chat, feeds, calls, shared workdrives and virtual meetings mean your sales, marketing and customer service feeds can share pertinent information which may progress their work. We’ve already seen how operating without boundaries can open possibilities across omni-channel environments for external marketing, sales and customer support. Internally, every element of the business can benefit from simplified team collaboration.

Save time with Automation and Process Management

Zoho CRM can help automate routine, time-consuming tasks giving your teams time back to focus on what matters most. Data from your CRM, your company’s single source of truth, can help you design automated processes that are started by particular actions taken by your customers or your team. For example, you can automate a specific marketing campaign to your specific members of your subscriber base. Direct specific sales reps to these respondents for specific follow up. Promotional marketing offers can pass through automated approvals and escalations or any other workflows. Whatever the need, whatever the team, Zoho CRM can handle it all.


You can take this further, using Blueprint, a drag-and-drop builder, to model your specific sales and services processes as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and have your employees follow them.


Understand more with Zoho’s Business Analytics

Metrics are a buzzword of modern business, but they are essential. Metrics are at the core of understanding your business and driving its growth. For decades, every day, week, month and year staff have had to gather data from multiple sources and pull together reports to convey how a business has been operating. Zoho CRM  features hundreds of pre-built reports and dashboards to examine how your sales, service and marketing activities are performing. This data can be looked at independently, or alongside, other data – all data in fact. The best bit – it can all be automated.


Get the answers you need, when you need them with reports and dashboards that can be customised or new reports created altogether in Zoho CRM. Have your specific questions answered by your system. Use a wide range of visualisation methods, styles and chart types to understand your data better and present it to stakeholders. You can even import from third-party apps and sites and build drill-able, fully-functioned dashboards to gain deeper insights into your business as an entirety – they way it really works.

Plan more effective customer journey mapping

Zoho CRM gives you great capabilities across sales, marketing and customer service – but it doesn’t stop there. You can bring all these together, in respect of the customer journey. This journey begins with the first point of contact with your company and continues through to purchase and beyond. This journey moves across all touchpoints with your business, transferring data as it moves, data that can help refine other customer’s journey and educate your business in the best way to improve them.

You can capture this data, blend it with business analytics and present information to help customise your customer journeys in CommandCenter, a journey orchestration tool in Zoho CRM. Your customers will have a more consistent experience with your brand. An experience built on the data from all previous journeys, retaining the parts that work and refining those that can be improved.

Compliment your insights with business AI

Zoho’s most powerful tool – business intelligence – is on hand to work with your CRM. This powerful artificial intelligence brings a new dimension to your business activities. It gives deep insights into your customer data, improving the customer experience and launching your business insights to the next level.


Zoho’s AI assistant, Zia, can look at the data in your system and give intelligent suggestions to your sales, marketing and customer service teams to help enhance their decision-making, detect unusual data patterns and even analyse language sentiment in digital communications. From highlighting cross and upselling opportunities to finding positive or negative comments in communications, Zia can bring a new dimension to your operations.

Integrate with your favourite products from Zoho CRM

Spend less time managing your favourite tools and more time managing your business with Zoho. Every business has favourite products integral to their company’s continued success and Zoho CRM is built to integrate with them. Find integrations for your essential apps or custom build apps to give you working time back and simplify your workflows.

Integrations with Zoho CRM

Manage your user’s accounts with unified admins

Ask any system administrator what their biggest headache is and you’ll hear the same thing. Keeping track of users and access across disparate apps and programmes. Zoho’s CRM and all the other apps can be administered from one location, are fully integrated, sit on Zoho’s own cloud servers and come with one central console. Administrators can easily manage user’s access to apps and even up or down grade licenses in a few clicks. Unifying business solutions results in a convenient, single billing cycle, and makes it easy to handle tools being used by multiple teams across your business.

Benefits don’t just end with admins – system users can run searches across all Zoho apps and by using the single source of data in your Zoho CRM, can call up relevant customer details from across your enterprise within moments. And if you value privacy – by default you should choose Zoho. Zoho has always held it’s customer and user data privacy in the utmost regard since inception, long before it became fashionable, politically correct, or legally binding to take such a position.

Zoho CRM’s Mobile friendly solutions keeping you connected

Why have the power to see all the details of your business and not be able to have it in the palm of your hand? Zoho’s range of mobile apps fully supports employees and business owners who work on the go.

  • Sales teams – manage your schedule, log your visits, access customer information where ever you are
  • Customer service agents – monitor service operations, be notified of issues, collaborate with team members with ease
  • Marketing teams – schedules posts and campaigns, track performance, manage contacts and connections.

Give every team the access to relevant metrics and dashboards for any decision, all at their fingertips. Modern business is mobile – shouldn’t yours be?

Zoho CRM – the framework for your future

Your CRM system is vital to the future success, and flexibility of your business. We have seen how a good CRM system like Zoho CRM will deepen your relationships with your customers, service users, colleagues, partners, even suppliers. In building these relationships and keeping track of them is at the heart of Zoho CRM. You can see everything in one place – simple, customisable dashboards tell you what you need to know and when.

We are seeing CRM technology is the single largest revenue area of spending in enterprise software. If your business is going to flourish you know you need a strategy for the future. For forward thinking business, CRM is the framework for that strategy. And for deeper insights, improved communications, data security and privacy – then Zoho CRM is the CRM choice for your business.

Let’s talk CRM needs…