Boost your sales with Zoho CRM

Give your sales people everything they need and more to manage prospects, close deals and boost your sales. With Zoho CRM, create engaging, personalised sales experiences for each customer with added context from customer service and marketing.

  • Manage leads and deals from each aspect of your business.
  • Strengthen sales opportunities with sales and customer support insights.
  • Implement business specific sales requirements directly from your CRM.
  • Manage sales across regions, verticals or even multiple businesses.

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Boost your sales in five easy steps

  1. Build sales pipelines for each of your sales processes or products straight from your CRM.
  2. Track your deals across the entire pipeline and quickly determine which stages they’re at.
  3. Prioritise your prospects and enable better sales decisions with tools like lead scoring.
  4. Assign rules and automations to route them to the most suitable sales rep.
  5. Forecast sales and analyse opportunities with AI-powered lead enrichment, and more…

Zoho CRM brings context to all interactions

With access to your customer’s complete account information you can make sure your customers feel truly valued and not on the end of a sales call!

Your sales and customer support calls will be far more relevant as they can see the whole picture. Plus, they can feedback instantly to other teams regarding any issues, or potential upsell/cross sell opportunities and be proactive in offering new solutions to your customers.

Sync marketing campaigns with management of your sales in Zoho CRM

Building and nurturing your leads through your sales funnel should not be done in isolation. Incorporate your marketing activities and unify your efforts. Take data from your single source in Zoho CRM and align your emails and marketing messages with your lead management. Make sure the right messages are getting to the right people at the right time by analysing the feedback and success of your messages and their impact at different points of the sales funnel.


Boost your sales numbers in Zoho CRM with more sense, more insight

Most of the time any business discussion will come down to numbers. Whether we are looking at sales of one particular product, profits across the board, conversions rates across different markets, verticals, geographies, or maybe the business as a whole  you need the answers in real-time and in an easy format to read. It has never been easier than with Zoho CRM. Whether you use templated reports or build from scratch, Zoho CRM makes sure you get the information you need in a format that’s useful for you.

Automate report generation with hundreds of prebuilt reports and dashboards or build custom solutions that allow you to drill down to more granular detail when you need to. Using Zoho CRM as your single point of truth you can integrate other applications and get the full picture where and when you need it with ease.


Uncover the business value of each visit to your website

Your business website is a goldmine for leads. It is always on and constantly receiving traffic. It’s also a great source of data. Your website can offer valuable insights into your visitors and their online behaviour and can be an important tool in defining your sales approach to boost your sales.

Capitalise on this information with Zoho SalesIQ and its insights when integrated with Zoho CRM. You can take full advantage of new website leads and push them to your CRM for further sales follow ups, enhance live chat experiences and through the vital data in your CRM and historic data, create further deals from SalesIQ, and much more…


Your business related social interactions are revenue – unlock it with Zoho CRM

Social media is extremely powerful. unlock its business benefits with Zoho CRM. Start generating valuable business opportunities for your company by syncing with your social channels. Identify your existing contacts and potential leads, utilise them more effectively and boost your sales. Prioritise social interactions for those that are identified as your existing customers through your CRM and add another source of information to those relationships. Correlate your social media marketing efforts with their revenue gains you you can see ROI.

Understand what makes your customers happy

We all know customer feedback is essential. 5 star ratings and testimonies full of praise can really sway decision making. But the same customer feedback can also influence your sales operations. Sales and marketing teams can quickly and easily create and send surveys to learn more about satisfaction levels on all aspects of your business , products and services. Individual customer’s responses are also tagged to their records in Zoho CRM to give a clearer picture both of their Account and sales team’s approaches to other prospective customers.

Manage your customer relationship past the initial win and boost your sales

Winning business isn’t as simple as clicking ‘closed-won’. You have to deliver, set up, tailor a product for the customer’s requirements and this takes effort from the whole business. These stakeholders can easily use Zoho CRM to set up new projects based on their customer needs and track their progress. All tasks and statuses are synced with the project in CRM – as a result everyone in the business is kept in the loop, and the business relationship can flourish.


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