Overcome customer service challenges
in your business

Is your SMB’s Customer Service struggling to deliver a great customer experience? Limited resources, lead management, inconsistent processes, and adapting to changing markets can hinder success. However, customer service challenges can be solved and help you provide an excellent customer experience.

What customer service challenges you are facing?

As a Digital Transformation consultancy, we have knowledge of the very best technology, data, process and workplace culture practices. Furthermore, as a Zoho Advanced Partner we are positioned perfectly to offer the very best Zoho solutions for your needs. Together this gives us the expertise to overcome many of your finance system challenges.

Let’s look at some common customer service challenges and how you can solve them with Zoho solutions!

Automate manual tasks

SMBs often struggle with limited staff, budget, and technology resources to provide efficient and effective customer service.

Maximising Ticket Management efficiency

Managing customer inquiries, complaints, and support tickets manually is tricky. Especially through disparate systems which can lead to delays, lost information, and customer dissatisfaction.

Improving Communication and Collaboration

Inconsistent communication channels and lack of collaboration between teams can result in miscommunication, delayed responses, and a disjointed customer experience.

Build for a Scalable future

SMBs may find it challenging to scale their customer service operations as their business grows. If it goes unaddressed it may lead to difficulties in meeting ever increasing customer demands.

Delivering against Customer Expectations

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations can be a challenge. More so in a competitive market where customers expect personalised, prompt, and proactive support.

Data Management

SMBs may struggle with organising and leveraging customer data effectively. But it is vital to gain insights, deliver personalised experiences, and drive continuous improvement in their customer service processes.

Standardising experience with Multichannel Support

Today, there is an expectation to provide consistent support across various channels; phone, email, live chat, and social media. These can be complex for SMBs without a unified customer service platform, but there are solutions!

How we’ve helped other businesses

“Goldstar has been a great partner, assisting our company with several enhancements that have made a big impact on how we use the Zoho CRM. They have not only assisted us with how we bring info into the system, cleaning up and streamlining the process, but they have also created custom modules, rules and workflows within the CRM itself that are specific to our company’s needs.

The tools they have helped us put in place, and the support they have provided so we can better use the CRM has been invaluable. I highly recommend the Goldstar team!”


“We had outgrown our previous ERP system and were looking for a solution that could grow and adapt with our business. Goldstar’s approach has been brilliant, from completely understanding our business needs, through to testing, training and launch. I am very pleased to say that now we are up and running, we can still rely on Goldstar to provide second to none support.

10 out of 10 and would highly recommend Goldstar to any company wishing to implement innovative and intuitive systems”


“Working with Paul and the team was a dream. They’re a group of extremely talented, knowledgeable and personable individuals. Every call we had we were laughing and enjoying the process, no matter how many times they said “API’s” or “work flows”.

We’ve got a small knowledge in this stuff within the team but no where near what we needed to get Zoho One set-up in a way that really worked for us. I’m so appreciative of the Goldstar team, it’s going to put my business to the next level.”

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How can you solve customer service challenges with Zoho solutions?

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