How To... Update Zoho CRM directly from Outlook

We hear from most of our digital transformation clients that they are hoping to increase efficiencies, simplify processes and improve data accuracy. Zoho CRM is loved for its well known integration capabilities and how it puts the user first in its design. As a result we are bringing you a series of simple ‘How To…” videos. Quick, simple videos to help you get the most from your Zoho CRM solution. Here we look at How to update Zoho CRM directly from Outlook.

In this video series, we look at ways we can update Zoho CRM directly from Outlook. This means you can more easily follow-up on opportunities & other people can pick up this communication if the need arises. More importantly you don’t need to leave Outlook and switch to another application to preserve the information. Plus, you never need to type it in a second time and risk changing the information by accident.

Download an ‘Add in’ to your Outlook application…

Logging in and adding a new lead to Zoho CRM directly in Outlook’s plugin in Zoho CRM for email…

Add an opportunity and associate the email in Zoho CRM for email to quickly and easily update Zoho CRM directly from Outlook.

Our “How To…” videos are designed to help you find more efficient ways to tackle everyday processes. This series will help you incorporate more information directly into your CRM. It reduces excessive steps, increases accuracy and provides valuable details for you and other members of your business.

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