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Introducing Zoho: what all business technology should feel like

Don’t you just love it when you meet someone who instantly gets what you’re trying to do? Whether it’s a potential new recruit, an investor or a service provider, sometimes you just know that it’s going to be the start of a special relationship.

We felt the same about Zoho. It wasn’t so much the glowing reviews, the slew of awards and the huge user base that drew us to this software provider (although obviously, these are nice things to have). It was because Zoho helps us to deliver exactly the things are customers are looking for.

From enterprises to start-ups, our customers want to know more about their businesses. If there’s an opportunity out there, they want to know about it. They want a better understanding of their customers – along with the ability to roll out the type of personalised, super-relevant marketing that keeps those customers coming back for more.

They also want to Work Brighter. Manual data entry, repetition of routine tasks, searching for information in disparate locations: this is the type of ‘anti-fun’ stuff that saps your energy and eats into limited resources. Through targeted automation and streamlined workflows, Zoho frees up your teams to focus on what’s really important.

Affordable, easy to use and fully integrated, covering CRM, business intelligence, finance and more, Zoho offers everything you need to work more brightly.

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