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Take control of your business’ finance

We’d love to get to know your business better. Our aim is to ensure Zoho’s comprehensive accounting tool fully complements the way you love to work.

We provide an industry-leading approach – here’s what we can do:     

Discovery workshop – We’ll review your current financial setup with our internal financial consultant and systems team who know Zoho books inside out.

Hassle-free ImplementationFrom data cleansing to migration of your current data and integrations, we can help. We know what it takes to ensure deployment brings technology and finance together successfully. We’re the market leaders in helping you digitally transform your accounts and finance.

Full support – From accounts assistants through to your CTO, we offer full training. Once we’re done, your people will love Zoho Books as much as we do!

We can deliver the full Zoho package – Whether you’re looking to adopt Zoho Books in isolation or seeking wider business transformation, we can help. As Zoho Advanced Partners, our expertise spans Analytics, Accounts, CRM, customer service, marketing and more. 

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Control your finances, manage compliance and gain a brighter view of your business

Zoho’s end-to-end accounting software keeps you on top of all payments, automates key banking & tax procedures and supports 50+ reports for clearer business insight. 

At Goldstar, we’re committed to helping you Work Brighter. Trouble is, with a mountain of invoices to process, cashflows to juggle and the taxman to worry about, it’s something that’s easier said than done. 

It’s the reason why Zoho’s acclaimed business finance tool forms such a valuable part of our product suite. 

Hours spent doing the books can sap the enthusiasm of even the most ambitious business owner. Zoho Books massively reduces the need for data entry, automating a vast range of key tasks, from payment reminders and inventory management, through to report generation. 

Integrating data from right across your business and designed for team access, Zoho Books helps you recapture the freedom to focus on moving your business forward. 

Accounts Management: Don’t let an admin headache become a business-critical problem 

Growth can bring new challenges. An expanding product range and a growing customer base inevitably means more incoming and outgoing transactions. Keeping up with it all can eat into your time and resources. 

Legacy accounting systems can hold you back. Traditional spreadsheets feature little or no automation. There’s a huge reliance on manual entry, with plenty of scope for error. 

Weak accounts procedures can impact your entire business. That unchased customer invoice or unpaid supplier bill might just be a one-off. But repeated discrepancies can have more serious repercussions, including higher than necessary banking charges, late fees and loss of goodwill, along with the potential to give you a skewed view of your true cashflow position. 

Zoho books dashboard

How Zoho Books Can Help Your Business 

Invoice management. Create branded estimates and convert them to invoices in an instant, complete with at-a-glance validation and digital signatures for added security. Set up reminders and automated follow-ups. 

Hassle-free customer service. Set up multiple payment options for customers, including multi-currency pricing. Create recurring invoices for repeat customers, collect and accurately log deposits and advance payments. 

Payable expense management. Track and categorise your expenses and automate recurring payments. Scan and attach bills and receipts to associated transactions for easier document management. 

Inventory management. With your inventory records integrated into Zoho Books, you can keep track of stock levels at all times, set up customised reorder triggers and automate your replenishment orders. 

Banking. Effortless reconciliation, precise cash flow predictions and a live bank feed. 

Project management. Use Books to track your billing and time, add tasks to projects and assign specific tasks to employees. Log time on the go with the Zoho Books app. 

MTD-compliant VAT accounting. Zoho Books calculates the tax you owe, creates VAT reports and tracks reclaimable amounts along with being able to submit your VAT return.

Key documents generated on demand. Run off an up-to-date Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet,  Cash Flow statement and more – any time you need it. 

Making taxes less taxing. Create HMRC-compliant reports in an instant and view your tax liability. 

Identify rogue behaviour. The Zoho Books activity log report gives you full visibility on all transactions. This helps you spot anomalies, prevent fraudulent practices to stay audit-ready. 

A complete picture of your business. 50+ built-in reports, plus the ability to drill down even further into performance through integration with Zoho Analytics

Fully mobile – take your finances anywhere and anyhow with mobile apps for Apple and Andriod

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