9 reasons to switch to Zoho Books, today!

As accounting solution providers for over a decade with Zoho Books and business solution providers for 26 years the Zoho team know how significant any software choice is.

When it comes to your accounting solution you want something that is clear and simple to use. It must be secure and robust, integrate with other applications, automate repeated processes accurately and be compliant with standards for digital filing.

So, is a switch to Zoho Books viable?

Switch to Zoho Books

Zoho Books is not just a powerful cloud accounting platform. It is both HMRC and MTD compliant and provides complete end-to-end accounting. Zoho Books and its integration with the wider Zoho solutions suite ensures security throughout. In fact, it manages all your financial operations anytime, anywhere. 

But with so many products on the market how can you tell if a switch to Zoho Books is right for your business? 

Well, the best judge is you… But before you choose an alternative let’s look at some common concerns regarding accounting solutions and how Zoho Books addresses these. 


1 Fear of learning a new application 

All of Zoho’s business applications have interfaces that are interactive, easy-to-use and require no prior experience. You won’t have to devote a lot of time to familiarising yourself with the application. When you switch to Zoho Books, you’ll be up and running in no time. Goldstar can provide dedicated training sessions for both the system and the finance requirements either online or in-person. 

2 Migration of data into the solution 

Zoho Books is designed for safe import of data allowing you to get started straight away. As Advanced Zoho Partners, Goldstar’s expert team are very experienced at system migration and have dedicated AAT experts who will work with you to ensure the safe migration, adoption and implementation of best practice standards for Zoho Books. 

3 Cloud convenience and collaboration 

Zoho Books gives you the convenience of carrying your cloud-based accounting solution with you wherever you go. It collaborates seamlessly across departments, ensuring you stay connected to your contacts anytime, anywhere. Additionally, take advantage of one single source of data directly from your Zoho CRM, customer support through Zoho Desk and data analysis from Zoho Analytics that can all be included in a single Zoho subscription. 

4 Zoho Books – cost-to-functionality ratio 

First of all, Zoho Books has a straightforward pricing plan, with no hidden costs. There is a totally free option for businesses with revenue less than £35K per year then Standard packages from £10 per month. Additionally, depending on your size of business, number of licenses required and other Zoho packages you can take advantage of one single Zoho One price that will cover your finance, marketing, sales and operations teams needs.  


5 A switch to Zoho Books makes you HMRC and MTD tax compliant 

Know your VAT liability and prepare your audit reports and VAT returns in accordance with HMRC guidelines. MTD requires businesses to maintain digital records of their income and expenses, and Zoho Books uses the cloud to simplify this equation. From keeping tabs on your expenses to generating business reports, manage your bookkeeping from anywhere. 

6 Manage Banking and accounting platforms. Side-by-side 

In the Banking module, you can add your Bank, Credit Card and your PayPal accounts to Zoho Books. Once you add an account, you can import its feeds (automatically or manually) into Zoho Books. After doing this, you will be able to match the transactions in Zoho Books with your bank transactions. 

7 Finding a trusted financial advisor for my business 

Get expert advice from a Zoho Books Advisor. Manage your small business finances on the cloud with Zoho Books. Get expert advice from a Zoho Books consulting partner. Zoho publishes a list of Accountants, Bookkeepers and Financial Advisors where you can find Goldstar’s Vicki along with other experts. They can help you run your business finances and have real-time access to your Zoho Book to give useful advice when you need it. 

8 Data privacy and Zoho books 

This is the biggest factor for most cloud-based accountancy package users – is my data safe? With Zoho it is. They, and we, believe that your data belongs to you and you alone. Zoho Books, as with all Zoho solutions, safeguards your data with IP restrictions, two-factor authentication, SSL, and more. Your data will only be accessible by users you authorise, and even then, it is tracked in multi-level accessibility and activity logs.  

9 So is a switch to Zoho a viable alternative to QuickBooks, Xero, Sage and others?

Yes. This cloud accounting solution is not only a viable alternative but is becoming the product of choice for many. Not just because it integrates with existing Zoho business solutions but because it delivers all the core accounting features and tax compliance for less than its competitors. The user experience and easy-to-use functionality sets it apart from other solutions. Its unique features like client and vendor portals, transaction approvals, advanced automation and customisation really set it apart. 


We hope this article addresses any concerns you have regarding making a switch and rest assured a switch to Zoho Books is a perfect match for your business accountancy needs. And Goldstar are the perfect choice to assist in your system migration. Our team are on hand to help integrate and migrate your Zoho Books solution and our financial expert Vicki, is AAT qualified, highly experienced with QuickBooks and Xero and is one of the first Zoho Books accredited experts in the UK. 

If you’d like to learn more about Zoho Books click here for a product breakdown, or contact us to find out more. 

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