Goldstar’s Launch Process

First and foremost, Goldstar understand the importance of your business. We know that even the simplest decisions can have a significant impact on how your business runs. Recognising whether a recommended change is making an improvement or has the potential to cause harm. 

Goldstar reflect this in how we work with your company, engaging with you in an agile way. We work to understanding your budget, operational aspirations, and targets as a business. Through this we realise the implications of our recommendations on each part of your organisation. We learn your structure, goals, technology, data, process, and culture. In doing so, we can offer the best advice and support for your journey, whatever your industry. We work with Zoho business solutions as a core product base and can integrate other solutions to best deliver the right mix for your business.

How does Goldstar launch your business to be smarter, more efficient and competitive? We follow seven clear stages; 

Discovery – Understanding your business

Effective business transformation starts by asking the right questions. That’s why we like to start with a discovery workshop.

It’s a fact-finding mission where we get to know your processes and process management, people and technical set-up.

Solution Design - Crafting your best system

To the drawing board to put together your new system. Based upon the results of our Discovery Workshop and using our experience we work with you to build the very best solution for your needs.

Implementation, Configuration and Development

Our expert engineers work transparently and collaboratively with you, helping you maximise Zoho’s potential to ensure a hassle-free implementation. Together we configure and develop custom solutions to match your preferred way of working and existing software stack.

Testing and Migration of Data

With all, you must always test, test and test again. We also like to get some of your power users to start using the system as soon as possible. This allows your users to see if there is anything that isn’t quite right before release.

We’ll help you migrate your data from any existing system you have in place whether that’s excel spreadsheets, an old CRM or even a custom database. From us we’ll give you honest advice and ask you the right questions to help you determine if you need all, some or none of the data.

Training - Getting to know your solution

For your teams to get the most out of Zoho, the right kind of onboarding is essential. The needs of day-to-day users, data managers and IT administrators are all very different. It’s why our training is always relevant, practical – and never dull.

Our training is designed for real people, to make sure you’re up and running with your new software in no time.

Release and launch

Once your system is ready all that’s left to do is launch it to your users internally. If there are any components that are customer-facing then these will be launched in agreement with yourselves. Often it’s best to wait a couple of weeks so your users can get used to the system.

Support - Adhoc or service plan

Zoho services are designed to grow with your business. As your product range, service offerings and business goals change, we’re on hand to ensure your software continues to meet your needs.

Whatever your business, whenever you are ready, Goldstar is set to "help launch your business to the next level"

Ready to get your mission underway with Goldstar?

All consultations, deployments, training, and support can be delivered on-site or remotely (or a combination of the two) to best serve your needs. Many of our customers were looking for support in London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, and Hampshire but we’re ready and able to help your business make its digital transformation – wherever you are based. 

We have already helped many businesses, across all industries with their digital transformation and integrating business-ready solutions across your company. Our expertise in technology, data, process and culture help us navigate deploying new business solutions and help you launch your business to the next level.

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