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Helping you unlock the full potential of social media

With Zoho’s much-loved social media management tool at your fingertips, we want you to focus on what’s really important: delighting and inspiring your audience, expanding your reach, growing your brand – and having fun along the way. 

Here’s what we can do to help: 

Hassle-free implementation – From integrating all your social channels onto the Zoho Social media platform, through to helping you set up user permissions, we’ll help ensure a swift, pain-free deployment. 

Support that makes sense – By making it easier to create, check edit and schedule posts, Zoho Social opens up the possibility of getting more of your people involved in social content creation. To help you with this, we offer full training, tailored to the needs and knowledge of different types of user. 

We can deliver the full Zoho package – We’re Zoho Partners with expertise spanning CRM, data analytics, email campaign management, customer service and more. However you want to transform your business and integrate with other applications, we can give you the full picture. 

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The power of social media tools

Zoho Social brings you the easiest way to schedule content, monitor what matters, and measure your progress. To make a powerful impact across all platforms, the building blocks are right here… 

Social media can be a lot harder to manage than it looks. Goldstar gets it. It’s why Zoho Social forms such a valuable part of our product range.

For a start, you probably have multiple social platforms that all need to be fed with a steady stream of content. Meanwhile, your customers expect a swift response to their comments – day or night. 

Budget-wise, there are big decisions to be made on where to focus your ad spend. And to top it all off, your C-suite is questioning whether the focus on social is really ‘worth it’. 

Zoho Social is an all-in-one platform designed to streamline social media management and keep you in control of your social presence. Covering content scheduling, social listening, insightful analytics and more, it empowers you to make the most of social, and is packed with features you and your team will love. 

Why Use Zoho Social? 

Create & Publish 

Content creation. Craft engaging posts that tell your brand’s story. With Zoho Social, you can schedule them across multiple channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Scheduling. Create a publishing queue that works best for your team, to maintain a consistent schedule and avoid overlaps. Schedule repeat slots for your most important posts. 

At-a-glance planning. Visualise and plan your posting pipeline from a single calendar. Use drag-and-drop to hone your schedule. Craft posts for any date in the future and preview them with a single click.

Built for team posting. Get multiple team members on the same calendar. Edit to make direct changes to scheduled posts, or hit Discuss to share suggestions with the author.

Discover the best times to publish. With the SmartQ feature, you can optimise your schedule by identifying the times when your followers are most likely to be active. 

Platform-specific customisation. Customise messages, images and the overall tone of your content to suit different channels.

One-click sharing. Use zShare to share articles, websites and blogs as you discover them. Shorten links automatically with Zoho’s built-in URL shortener, or connect your Bitly account.

Easier targeting. Reach cohort groups of followers by selecting their time zone or location. 

Collaboration. Create specific roles for colleagues with channel-specific access permissions, tag your team and launch discussions via the Dashboard.


Listening Dashboard. A single, customisable hub to monitor keywords and hashtags, to discover what people are saying about your brand across all platforms and to discover new leads. 

Real-time brand intelligence. Follow a live stream of updates, incorporating all channels, to learn how your audience is interacting with your brand. 

Join the conversation. Discover influencers and conversations that matter to your brand from a single screen. Search and listen for keywords, create and manage curated lists of people, places and brands, zoom into specific profiles. 

Review Management. Monitor Google My Business listings and respond in-line to comments. 

Private messaging. Manage all direct messages from Facebook and Twitter in a single interface within the Dashboard. 


Comprehensive analytics. Discover more about the people engaging with you, including detailed demographics. Track engagement levels and identify your top performing content. Analyse sources of traffic, click distribution and compare positive vs. negative feedback. 

Performance management. Measure how your content is contributing to your brand’s social reach. Compare organic vs. paid impressions and track page shares. 

Customised reporting. Create tailored reports incorporating the analytics that matter to your brand from a huge range of metrics. Maximise the impact of your reports with colourful graphs and charts. Automate reports to be generated at a frequency of your choosing, complete with automatic delivery to team members and business stakeholders. 

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