In Manufacturing, fluctuating costs, squeezed profits and project delays have always been part of the landscape. Success demands the ability to read the numbers – and to keep client relationships on track.

Goldstar gives Manufacturers the tools they need to tackle these challenges. Process automation in key areas helps you make the most of limited resources. We equip you to take data from all corners of your business and turn it into valuable insight.

We can also make managing your pipeline a lot easier, while giving you the intel you need for ongoing service level improvements.

As Zoho Advanced Partners, our areas of expertise include CRM, data analytics, resource planning, finance automation, project management and more. By getting to know your business – and with this world-leading toolkit at our fingertips –, we have everything you need to equip your Manufacturing firm for success.

CRM for Manufacturing

From estimating through to job completion, Zoho CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can bring a whole new level of visibility, responsiveness and insight to your business.

Use a custom scoring system to focus on those contracts where the prospects of a successful bid are highest. Check at-a-glance on the tendering progress. Automate reminders and routine communications. Get real-time information on the state of your pipeline for accurate cash flow forecasts. Track and follow up on communications with key stakeholders (clients, suppliers, professional support) on a single job tag.

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Manufacturing BI & Analytics

Zoho Analytics gives you the ability to harness vast amounts of data from individual projects or product lines – and put that data to work.

At Product-level, this insight can act as an early-warning system on potential delays of stock or increases in demand. Applied at the tendering stage, analytics can help you with more accurate costings. For operations as a whole, reports from across your organisation can help you identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement – from hidden causes of overrun to under-utilised assets.

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Manufacturing Project Management Software

Zoho has a dedicated project management tool that offers your managers easier planning, streamlined communications and enhanced transparency capabilities. All of this makes it suitable for delivery on even the most complex custom made products.

Break down jobs into milestones, tasks and subtasks with clearly defined owners and timings. Store all key documents in a central hub and manage all stakeholder communications in a single place. Maintain a view of what’s happening across multiple sites with ease.

Zoho Projects is included as part of Zoho One: a suite of more than 40 integrated business and productivity apps. These can help streamline the management of multiple areas of your  manufacturing business, including client relations, finance and HR.

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