The benefits of working with a Zoho Partner

At Goldstar we like to make Digital Transformation fun for our clients. But we do take our position as a trusted, Advanced Zoho Partner very seriously.

We realise for many Zoho products become essential cogs in your business machine. You would turn to a Zoho Partner when a new cog is needed to allow the machine to do something new. We can make sure the machine is working at is best as seamlessly, painlessly and quickly as possible.


We know a lot of businesses choose Zoho solutions themselves. Set up their systems, manage their integrations, data imports and even undertake their data processing and analysis themselves. Zoho make it easy for you to get started, so why consider a Zoho Partner?

What is a Zoho Partner?

A Zoho Partner is a company you can turn to and will help get the most from any Zoho solution. Whatever the size, industry, turnover or complexity of your needs we offer guidance and advice. A Zoho Partner will manage your solution design, build, implementation and data imports and integrations.  Zoho Partners offer training and are on hand to get your system up and running. Furthermore, we offer support through the process and as your system grows and evolves with your business.

No system is completed in one shot – it is an on-going process. With the support of a dedicated Zoho Partner you ensure your system continues to perform as your business needs or your team changes. Additionally, we can integrate other applications into your solution, switching on more Zoho solutions or even taking data from third party systems and making it work with your Zoho solutions.

Why should I work with one?

Zoho offers 50+ business applications. But every customer is unique and has their own business requirements. It’s natural to want your solutions to be the perfect fit for your business. As a result you might need help from a product expert or partner to help set them up successfully. Most business software needs to be adapted to specific business needs to give customers the greatest value. Zoho product implementations might include customisation, product configuration, migration from existing systems to Zoho, integration with third party apps, workflow automation, custom module development, user training, and other related services.

What does a Zoho Partner offer your digital transformation?

We offer you security. The security you get from experience, knowledge and being experts. We enable the maximum return on your investment – not just in price, but time and effort. As Zoho Partners we work with Zoho products everyday. We are certified Zoho experts and spend everyday building Zoho business systems solutions – it really is our day job. We can focus on making these tools exactly what you need so you can focus on your business.

The way we see it is why waste time, money and effort asking one of your staff to try to get up to speed to deliver a vital system design, implementation and release – while at the same time they are trying to do their main job. Leave it to the experts, let them learn from your team and deliver what’s needed now and for the future, without the hassle! We know first-hand what it takes to get a deployment right. Plus, we know how frustrating it is to live with botched integrations and implementations that simply are not fit for purpose. Why go through the pain – when you can ask the experts.

Goldstar – your trusted UK Zoho Partner

As an Advanced Zoho Partner all our employees are trained on Zoho products, becoming certified as required and deeply experienced in their use across multiple industries. We demonstrate daily our commitment to Zoho solutions. Showing our depth of knowledge along with the skills and understanding required to ensure your system is not only successful but launches your business to future success.

As Zoho Partners we have visibility of new solutions, product enhancements along with integrations and developments. This, along with having access to early beta testing releases, means we can ensure your solutions stay at the forefront of technology. Working with us means you are getting the most from your system, data, integrations and automations.

Our experience doesn’t stop at Zoho solutions. We feel a trusted Zoho Partner should know more than just the software. We have experience installing many solutions, including CRM systems, accounting solutions and large scale ERP systems. Our experience includes software and hardware solutions so we know how things work and know the questions to ask to make sure we get it right for your business.

The combination of our Zoho Partner understanding, our product knowledge and business systems experience puts us in a strong position to help your business reach its goals. Not only do we deliver the tools you need, we feedback to Zoho for product development and future integrations to benefit you.

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