Contextual Ticket linking for Zoho Desk

In a recent Zoho Product update we announced a new ticketing experience in Zoho Desk, Contextual Ticket Linking. This is a game-changing feature, also known as Parent-Child ticketing. This empowers you to effortlessly track ticket progress and provide timely, consistent responses to customer inquiries.

Whether managing complex issues requiring input from multiple teams or addressing recurring concerns across numerous customers, Zoho’s parent-child ticket system streamlines your workflow for simple communication. Imagine a scenario where your product experiences an unexpected outage. With multiple customers reaching out for updates, maintaining a unified voice and ensuring consistent communication becomes paramount. Zoho’s innovative solution enables you to create a primary ticket, or parent ticket, and easily link secondary tickets, or child tickets, ensuring a coordinated approach to addressing customer concerns.

Key features of Zoho Desk’s Contextual Ticketing

  • Create or select child tickets to link with a parent ticket
  • Clone tickets with all associated content and link them to parent tickets
  • Establish parent-child relationships to streamline communication and resolution

Business benefits of Parent and Child Ticketing in Zoho Desk

  • Ensure consistent and efficient ticket resolutions through parent-child associations
  • Enable concurrent task management by assigning child tickets to different teams
  • Easily track and manage multiple customer issues reported through linked tickets

Important Points to Note:

  • Each ticket can only be linked to one parent, with a maximum of 200 child tickets per parent
  • Changes to child ticket attributes do not affect parent tickets, and vice versa
  • Closing a parent ticket does not automatically close associated child tickets, unless configured otherwise
  • Child tickets cannot serve as parent tickets

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