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Our reason for partnering with this market leading cloud platform is simple. It’s because for you (and your people on the ground) Zoho CRM offers A Brighter Way to Work. 

It’s also because More Data along with Shiny New Tech should never ever be the end goal. What you want is the ability to reach out to prospects at exactly the right time, across the right channel and with the right approach. And what you really want is to sell smarter, better, faster. This is the Zoho promise. 

As a Zoho Authoirsed Partner, we see that promise at work. For your business, it’s our job to make it a reality. 

Providing quality IT systems that meet your real business needs, we help your business work more brightly. Dedicated to helping your business become more effective, efficient and informed, we work openly and collaboratively with you – having some serious fun along the way – as we know that enjoying what you do always gives the best results!

Zoho CRM – Customer Relationship Management

A fully integrated offering. We don’t just install CRM. Offering parallel expertise in business intelligence and resource planning, we can deliver a complete environment: one that meets your specific needs and that enables better decision making – right across your organisation. Data-wise, wherever you want to go, we take you.  

Implementation: You’re in safe hands. From cleansing through to initial sandboxing and beyond, we ensure you can deploy with confidence – and with the minimum of disruption. Configuration will be just the way you want it.

Zoho Analytics – Reporting and BI

Business data typically lies scattered in multiple formats and locations – from your CRM and social media platforms through to standalone spreadsheets and beyond. Getting answers you can trust to critical questions can be a huge challenge.

This is where Zoho Analytics can help.  It brings together and blends all your vital data from multiple sources.  Through easy-to-use reporting and visualisation tools, it transforms that data in to reports, charts and dashboards that your people on the ground can put to work.  Zoho delivers the answers you can trust!

Zoho Desk – Customer Service

Unified multi-channel communication. Collate all tickets and communications from all channels, including email, social, live chat, web forms and telecoms. Respond from a single interface. 

A.I.-powered self-service. Customers can speak to Zia, Zoho’s unique, context-driven, AI-powered assistant and get instant answers from your knowledge base. 

Branded help centre. Create your very own brand portal that mimics the look and feel of your website. 

Agent prioritisation. Automatically organise customer service tickets based on priority, due time, purchase status or CRM status. 

Boost your team’s productivity. Design entire workflows for sales and support processes with ease, thanks to Zoho’s drag-and-drop Blueprint Creator. Use the Advanced Response Editor to rapidly create answers for customer queries and automate simply replies to simple questions. 

Track performance. Monitor time spent by agents on customer tickets and tasks.

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