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Ready to transform your business with Zoho? Goldstar’s Zoho services are designed to help you take full advantage of these powerful software products.

Goldstar’s Zoho services

We like to work with our clients in an agile way. What does this mean you say?? Well this is essentially working to your budget, aspirations and targets as a business.
All consultations, deployments, training and support can be delivered on-site or remotely (or a combination of the two). Many of our customers are looking for Zoho services in London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex and Hampshire. But as a Zoho Partner, we’re ready and able to help your business work more brightly – wherever you are.

We do this in 6 clear stages:

  1. Discovery workshop
  2. Implementation, Configuration and Development
  3. Testing and migration of data
  4. Training
  5. Release and Launch
  6. Support

Most businesses we work with receive after-care support and continuous improvements. These are key to keep your Zoho solution up to date with your business ambitions.

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Discovery – Understanding your business

Effective business transformation starts by asking the right questions. That’s why we like to start with a discovery workshop. It’s a fact-finding mission where we get to know your processes, people and technical set-up. To do this we often utilise a product called Skore, This then allows you to collaborate ongoing with the processes as you grow and change as a business in the future.

Covering key areas such as finance, sales, customer behaviour and organisational productivity, we can help you narrow down the metrics to track and the data sources to draw on. We can also help you to create your very own, hyper-relevant reporting system for truly effective performance management.

Within the workshop, we’ll ask you many questions that cover you

From this, we’re able to give you the following:

  • A process map summary, detailing your workflows and providing recommendations
  • An overview of your requirements and our recommendations for the software required to meet them
  • Costings, including licence estimates, migration, installation/configuration, custom development and training
  • Suggestions for ongoing support and costs
  • Future phases that you may want to consider

Implementation, Configuration and Development

Our expert engineers are on hand to ensure a hassle-free implementation, including configuration and custom development to match your preferred way of working and existing software stack.
We also know that enjoying what you do always produces the best results. That’s why we work transparently and collaboratively with you, helping you maximise Zoho’s potential – and hopefully having some serious fun along the way!

Implementation and configuration

What you get out of your new software depends on what you put in. Our services include data mapping, to ensure all relevant data is identified and migrated into your new system. We can also help you with pre-implementation data cleansing, merging of duplicates and removal of irrelevant information.

Working with your in-house team, we ensure that all Zoho products are configured to your desired specifications, including role-based settings, privileges and access rules.
Our Zoho implementation services include careful planning to ensure the smoothest possible migration and switch over, minimising the likelihood of business disruption.
A dedicated project manager provides a constant source of contact. At all times, we’re available either in-person, across the phone, video-con or via email

Custom development

No one enjoys having to juggle multiple tools or enter the same information into more than one system. The end goal should be an integrated, streamlined set of tools and processes that your people actually enjoy using, and that allows them to focus on what’s really important.
Our Zoho custom development service helps you achieve this. Helping to link disparate tools and automate frequently encountered tasks, typical development projects include the following:

  • Integration with Quickbooks
  • Automated data formatting to enable business-specific KPIs to be tracked
  • Creation of estimates and easy conversion to actual invoices
  • Resource tracking, bookings and service delivery management
  • Enabling easier managerial oversight and swifter sign-off
  • Time tracking, along with the ability to convert billable hours into actual invoices
  • For your in-house technical team, integration with your development platform of choice

Testing and Migration of Data

With all, you must always test, test and test again. This is why we have 3 stages to complete our rigorous testing.

  1. Development check against what we created and that it works
  2. Another team member will test to make sure it’s not broken anything else and it fit for purpose
  3. We ask you to test before we release the work

By doing this we ensure that as catch as many bugs as possible before release.

We also like to get some of your power users to start using the system as soon as possible. This allows your users to see if there is anything that isn’t quite right before release.

Data is the life blood of the systems we build for you. No data means no customers, payments and no need for a system.

We’ll help you migrate from any existing system you have in place whether that’s excel spreadsheets, an old CRM or even a custom database. From us we’ll give you honest advice and ask you the right questions to help you determine if you need all, some or none of the data.

Training for Zoho services

For your teams to get the most out of Zoho, the right kind of onboarding is essential. The needs of day-to-day users, data managers and IT administrators are all very different. It’s why our training is always relevant, practical – and never dull.

With no snooze-inducing slide deck insight, our training is designed for real people, to make sure you’re up and running with your new software in no time. Beyond all this, we’re here with all the support you need.

Each training session is designed for the audience that we have and can be either online or in-person.
The training involves hand-on examples within the system they’ll be using once the Zoho products are live.

Release and launch

Once your system is ready all that’s left to do is launch it to your users internally. If there are any components that are customer-facing then these will be launched in agreement with yourselves. Often it’s best to wait a couple of weeks so your users can get used to the system.

Ad-hoc Zoho services support

Zoho services are designed to grow with your business. As your product range, service offerings and business goals change, we’re on hand to ensure your software continues to meet your needs.
This includes updates to workflows and configuration changes, training for new starters, advice on optimisation, and help with getting to grips on new Zoho features when updates appear.

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