Does your CRM pass the Modern CRM test?

Are you stuck with an expensive, outdated CRM system? Discover the advantages of a modern CRM that comes with powerful features on a cloud-based platform at an affordable price. Modern CRM’s like Zoho CRM are designed to expand and adapt as your business grows, and they’re incredibly user-friendly. Don’t miss out on the benefits of upgrading to a modern CRM system today!

Modern CRM

48% Of Sales Leaders Say Their CRM System Doesn’t Meet Their Needs.

Forbes – Small Business Strategy

Furthermore, 52% of sales leaders reported that their CRM platform is costing potential revenue opportunities. 50% said they cannot access customer data across marketing, sales and service systems. Nearly 1 in 3 complained that their customer data is incomplete, out of date, or inaccurate. 53% of respondents said that the administrative burdens of their CRM system causes friction for their sales team and 57% said that they have trouble predicting when customers will churn and 48% percent of those surveyed say they don’t know why customers have churned.

The good news is that this is fixable! But we need to look at the barriers to a better CRM solution:

  • High initial & ongoing costs
  • Lack of flexibility or features
  • Missing or inadequate integrations
  • Lack of scalability

We need to look to the new breed of CRM solutions, in fact we need to go one further. We need to review the practice of forcing a CRM to fit a business and it’s current tech stack! Your business is unique, so should your business systems solution.

We at Goldstar are great supporters of Zoho. It’s unique approach to a holistic set of business solutions mean it is made to fit your business – not the other way round. It integrates with over 55 other Zoho solutions and has thousands of integrations with popular business applications available to build you a tech stack that actually works!

Why people love Zoho CRM – a true modern CRM

Modern CRM systems are much more than a database of contacts. It helps businesses manage their interactions with customers and potential customers while managing a businesses data in a single place – a single source of truth for all departments.

More often than not it will be cloud-based allowing ease of connectivity and flexibility. Acting as a hub for a businesses connectivity, today’s CRM helps break down departmental silos. As a single source of truth, accessible from everywhere, it makes it ideal to manage tools for organising and tracking customer information, communication channels, and sales and marketing activities. A modern CRM can also provide insights and analytics to help businesses make data-driven decisions and improve their customer relationships.

The key modern CRM features of Zoho CRM

Leverage the essential features of Zoho CRM to cultivate enduring customer relationships and launch your business to the next level.

Modern CRM’s Lead Management

Efficiently monitor, oversee, and evaluate leads with the ability to promptly route them through automated workflows.

Opportunity Management in modern CRMs

Take control over your pipeline of opportunities to enhance your sales velocity.


Built-in Business Intelligence

Observe the growth of your business in real-time with engaging reports and dashboards.

Complete Workflow Automation

Maximise your team’s productivity by harnessing the capabilities of Zoho to automate monotonous and repetitive tasks.

Configurable Profiles and Page Layouts

Manage the fields that are visible to different user types, customise their display order, and determine their mandatory status with ease.

Validation Rules for modern CRMs

Keep your data clean!

Ensure accuracy and preserve best practices while entering data and carrying out automated processes.

Modern CRMs integrate with your whole tech stack

Devote more time to overseeing your business rather than managing your software. Zoho CRM is designed to seamlessly integrate with the entire Zoho ecosystem and your everyday apps and services. Unearth tools that you already rely on or explore fresh solutions to elevate your business performance

Zoho CRM – the modern CRM for your future

The biggest spending area in enterprise software appears to be modern CRM technology, indicating it’s significance for business success. To ensure the prosperity of your business, a forward-thinking approach is crucial. In this context, CRM serves as an ideal framework for your strategy.

If you want to enhance your communication, gain deeper insights, and ensure data security and privacy, then Zoho CRM should be your preferred choice for your business. We’ve already helped many business get the tools they need for success, tools like Zoho CRM. If your CRM is feeling a little old, or hindering rather than helping your business then let’s have a chat!

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