Anyone can install a CRM. It’s what happens next that counts…  

From professional and legal services to manufacturing, IT and many more, we enable a wide range of organisations to install a customer relationship management solution. But it doesn’t stop there, we put best-in-class CRM to work for you. Here’s how we, as Advanced Zoho Partners, help launch your business to the next level:  


Understand your business situation before you install a CRM

As an Advanced Zoho Partner we work with you to learn your business inside out so we can tailor your Zoho CRM to your specific needs. You’ll be working with professionals who truly understand data, technology, process and business.

A fully integrated offering across all business solutions

We don’t just install CRMs. By offering parallel expertise in business intelligence, finance and resource planning, we can deliver a complete environment that meets your specific needs. Business solutions that enable better decision making – right across your organisation. And when it comes to data, wherever you want to go, we’ll go with you.

When we install a CRM we give you excellence in implementation

You’re in safe hands. From data cleansing through to initial configuration and beyond, we’ll ensure you have the right process mapped throughout your Zoho CRM to have a single view of the lead, customer or supplier. We’ll advise you on the best automation solutions and are always looking at more inventive ways to do things more efficiently.

Outstanding customer support from a team that cares

We believe there’s no such thing as a “silly question”. Too often, we hear of business owners tooled up with all-singing, all-dancing CRM apps who simply aren’t getting the most out of them. With full support and training geared to the needs and abilities of end-users, we’ll ensure that you always get the most out of your technology and data.  

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Deeper insights. Smoother communications. Stronger relationships.
Clinch the deals that matter when you install a CRM from Zoho 

We know what best-in-class CRM solutions should be doing. More importantly, we see the difference it makes when it’s put to work by real people. People like…  

The sales rep who needs the full picture and most up-to-date customer information on a prospect before reaching out.  

The marketing manager seeking to build compelling, personalised messages, employing marketing automations at the right time to the right people.  

The finance lead who’s keen to do more with less and get a full picture of the business without relying on chasing other team members or having to manually add data.  

The business owner looking for reliable sales revenue forecasting and see quickly the status of the business without trawling individual user accounts.  

Our reason for partnering with this market leading cloud platform from Zoho is simple. It’s because for you (and your people on the ground) Zoho CRM helps launch your business to the next level. 

It’s also because more data along with shiny new tech should never should never ever be the end goal. What you want is the ability to reach out to prospects at exactly the right time, across the right channel and with the right approach. And what you really want is to sell smarter, better, faster. This is the Zoho CRM promise.

As a Zoho Advanced Partner, we see that promise at work. For your business, it’s our job to make it a reality.  

Why install a CRM from Zoho?  

More than 80 million global users and counting

Numbers aren’t everything. But these kind of figures should start to illustrate the reach and reputation of this platform. From market-leading uptime performance, through to a stance on data privacy and protection that exceeds industry standards, with Zoho you’re in safe hands.  

All your channels – all in one place

Get email alerts from deals and contacts that are most relevant to you (including email read/received notifications). Reply instantly, add follow-ups and make notes. Synchronise and manage all social media profiles and conversations and chime in with live chat. Includes single-click telephone dialling. Do all of this without leaving the CRM software platform to get the full context on every communication.

Zia A.I.: All your questions, answered – instantly

Introducing Zoho’s standout feature: a conversational AI assistant that has all the answers, even when you’re on the move. From a detailed breakdown of this month’s new leads to a contact number for a prospect, ask Zia and get precisely the info you need. Chat with Zia via your mobile app or from the bottom of your screen. Use Zia to place an order or change a status. Drawing on all your data and driven by AI, Zia can even be taught to perform tasks based on company-specific terminology for a truly customised user experience.

Reporting that shines a light

Track the metrics that really matter with 40 standard reports – plus the ability to create your own from scratch. Create compelling visualisations, use drag & drop to organise and share in an instant. Create customised dashboards to monitor key activity stats for truly insightful decision making.  

Automation: install a CRM and gain time to focus on what’s really important

Slash your to-do lists by putting Zoho’s automation to work. For the likes of routine follow-ups, Zoho triggers actions when conditions (pre-specified by you) are met.  

So, when it comes time to install a CRM system, we know how important it is to make the right decision. More importantly we know how important it is to find a partner you can work with to get the very best from your CRM software and help launch your business to the next level.

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