Why do businesses use Zoho consultants?

Zoho consultants provide a vital link between Zoho technology and your business processes. We help you get the best solutions for your data, process and your business. Goldstar_Zoho ConsultantsZoho business solutions offer some of the most customisable cloud solutions available.  They can improve almost any part of your business regardless of your sector or size. With over 55 Zoho solutions available and a variety of packages at many price points it is essential to select the right tools for your business. Whether you are implementing a new or replacement solution or just comparing the market.  

Zoho solutions offer the opportunity to level the playing field with your competitors with solutions at a fraction of the cost of other SaaS businesses. The big question is “With so much choice, what do I really need to optimise my business? Then comes the question, “Who can help me make the right choice?”. Zoho consultants are the answer and can help launch streamlined business processes and potentially much bigger profits. 

Can Zoho consultants make a difference? 

The benefits Zoho solutions bring are vast. However, without expert implementation they could stop your progress rather than speed it up. Zoho solutions are easy to use but are by no means out-of-the-box ready. Your solution is as unique as your business. Which is why it makes perfect sense to rely on trusted experts to guide your implementation and integration. 

Goldstar Consultancy are trusted Zoho Advanced Partners ready to get you working with the easy-to-use solutions and guide you with any steeper learning curves. Working with the right partner, helping to train your team and integrating these solutions into your workday is essential. 

Which Zoho applications do I need?

Many businesses look at the whole Zoho suite and are looking for a Zoho consultant to guide the choice of the right mix of solutions for their business. Some choose their solutions, then realise they don’t have the skills to implement and integrate them with their legacy tools. Others realise their processes don’t support new technology or their culture doesn’t currently align itself with a dependence on data.

Zoho users love the modular nature of the apps and want to add innovative solutions as their business evolves. In all instances a trusted Zoho consultant makes the process smoother, more efficient and ensures a successful digital transformation. 

Being Zoho consultants, Goldstar can ensure your unique business starts with a tailored solution on day one. Companies can spend hundreds of hours trying to get something right. A Zoho consultant can do the same job in a fraction of the time. Goldstar’s approach begins with your process. This ensures every step of your journey is towards a specific solution to improve your business. We advise on when to add apps and modules and how to manage your data for optimal benefits. This means you get the most from your investment in both time and money. 

Case Study: Zoho consultants bring more to every project 

Let’s look at an all too familiar scenario we experience and see what value a Zoho consultant, brings to the table.  

A company discovered Goldstar on the Zoho Partner Programme and approached us. They were interested in moving to Zoho from their existing CRM supplier (a globally recognised, well-established force in the market). Their pricing was increasing, and they felt it was the right time to look elsewhere. 

Why undertake a Goldstar Discover Workshop? 

As an Advanced Zoho Partner, Goldstar have implemented many Zoho CRM solutions in the past. We understand the importance in fully understanding the needs and aspirations of our customers before we begin our solution design. We met with the company and jointly undertook our Discovery Workshop. Learning their processes and technologies, understanding their data and their culture and getting a full picture of their needs now and for their growth. 

What resulted was being able to recommend a variety of Zoho products that not only replaced the existing CRM, but also costly third-party integrations and additional SaaS products. Previously the company had been paying their CRM subscription and supplementing it with added costs and challenges. One of which was integrating a vital process to easily manage the creation, editing, and signing of documents. Being Zoho consultants, we recognised these tasks could be performed by Zoho Writer with Zoho Sign simplifying the integration of the extra functionality with Zoho CRM. 

We also recognised that from a cost perspective Zoho One was a far better plan for the company. It was already less expensive that Zoho CRM and Zoho Writer alone. Both options were far less expensive than their previous costs for CRM and document creation and incurred lower support fees and integration costs as the solutions were both in the Zoho product suite. 

But it didn’t end there… 

What other benefits does a Zoho One subscription bring? 

We also learned from our Discovery Workshop that the company were already using another SaaS product to deliver powerful Business Intelligence (BI). This was critical to their business processes, and they had garnered much success from implementing strategy from this.  

Again, through our knowledge and experience as Zoho consultants we knew that Zoho Analytics was able to totally replace their existing BI solution. As it was another Zoho solution, the integrations were already there, it provides a reliable and simplified route between data that was being captured and the analytics needed to make data-driven decisions. Better yet it was included as part of the Zoho One package at no added cost! 

Goldstar was able to integrate all the needs of the company, reducing the costs to one bill every month. In addition, simplifying integrations and improving functionality from using only Zoho solutions. This meant, going forwards, business growth and adding more resources was made far easier. 

What was the result of implementing Zoho solutions? 

The changes recommended as a result of our Discovery Workshop and our knowledge and expertise as trusted Zoho consultants led to huge time and motion reductions across the business. By implementing native Zoho solutions they saw the financial savings they wanted. In addition, using native Zoho solutions rather than trying to integrate multiple third-party applications is far quicker. Offering a financial savings and a simpler route for further business systems growth. 

We started this article with the question “Why businesses use Zoho consultants?” and you can see from the case study that Zoho products are powerful business tools that can make a difference to your business. Team those with the knowledge of Zoho consultants and you end up with powerful tools implemented in a way that will deliver powerful results. And when you choose Goldstar as your trusted Zoho Partner, you know you have the support, knowledge and experience to help you launch your business to the next level. 

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