Do you need help with CRM data migration?

When it comes to CRM data migration, some say that ‘teething troubles’ are only to be expected. We disagree. Goldstar ensures you get the most out of Zoho’s top-rated CRM platform. Stress-free data migration is a key part of our service. We are more than happy to help with CRM data migration to help you get the most from your system.


With some of our customers, data needs to be moved over from legacy CRM systems. For others, the starting point is a scattered group of datasets.

Whatever your current set-up, the end-goal is always the same: a swift, efficient migration process. More importantly with a minimum of business disruption. Goldstar knows what it takes to get you there.

Zoho CRM Migration Wizard

Zoho’s Migration Wizard is designed to ensure successful migration to your new CRM. It comprises a custom-made setup to migrate from Salesforce, existing Zoho CRM accounts, Zoho Contact Manager, Pipedrive, Highrise, Insightly and any other CRM. It is packed with features to help with CRM data migration. Import files are automatically mapped to Zoho CRM modules and columns are mapped to Zoho CRM fields.

As Zoho Advanced Partners, Goldstar are experts in preventing the pitfalls that can arise as part of the migration process – including file formatting and folder structure issues. The end result should be a comprehensive, accurate migration with minimal need for manual correction.

Putting your migration project in safe hands

Here at Goldstar, we’re committed to making your systems work for you – and this includes making data migration one less thing to worry about. Here’s what that means:

Expert data preparation. We carry out careful analysis of how your data is currently formatted and organised to ensure full compatibility with your new system.

Data cleansing. This includes removal of duplicate and redundant data, removal of forbidden characters and appropriate formatting of forms and subforms.

Customisation. For your CRM to deliver maximum value, your data hierarchy should mirror your preferred ways of working. It should allow you to access exactly the information you need relating to customer relationships in a way that makes sense to end users. We work with you to ensure that Zoho CRM is customised to meet your requirements – including removal of redundant fields and adding additional ones if necessary.

Testing and backup. This minimises the likelihood of problems. More specifically it ensures that if an issue does arise during the migration process, you can always get your data back.

Still need help with CRM data migration?

Every business has different needs and challenges with CRM and data, even more when it comes to migrating data. Sometimes it is easy, well structured data flowing from clearly defined fields to new clearly defined fields. But, we know it’s more common to get in a mess as fields are not always clear or you don’t know the new system yet. It’s much easier to get in touch with us at the start and as Advanced Zoho Partners we can simplify the process. So, get in touch and discuss your needs and find out how we can help!

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