Zoho CRM - officially the world's favourite CRM!

The world’s favourite CRM. Quite a bold statement. But it’s true.

For Zoho and Goldstar we feel success is a measure of our customers’ happiness with their CRM – well, any product really. That’s why we were pleased to hear Zoho CRM‘s recognition in Paul Greenberg’s ‘CRM Watchlist 2022’ awards. Where Zoho CRM emerged victorious with the highest overall score among strong industry competitors. Scoring higher than the likes of Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and many more.Zoho CRM WinnerThis award reflects Zoho’s continued investment in Research and Development and their dedicated approach to building, not just a world-class CRM, but an entire integrated platform of business solutions focused on delivering excellence and great customer experiences.

What is Zoho CRM?

Let’s start this off with a quick introduction to Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM is one of over 55 business solutions developed by Zoho, designed to transform the way you work by a company focused on your privacy. Their business software has been used for over 25 years by over 80 million users in more than 150 countries with their Zoho CRM being used by over 250, 000 businesses worldwide.

What is the CRM Watchlist?

Veteran CRM industry analyst Paul Greenberg has run the awards since 2002 and it isn’t a straightforward award to win. The overall winner has to show they are impactful in the previous year and has resources, infrastructure and strategic thinking in place to sustain that level of impact over the next three years.

What are Paul Greenberg’s CRM awards? 

What was submitted for review in 2022?

The competition for 2022 was fierce. 60 organisations competed, 19 of those were new contenders and between them 4,189 pages were submitted for evaluation.

With submissions from the likes of Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, SugarCRM and Oracle amongst others the field was highly competitive this year but Zoho stood above them all.

Why did Zoho CRM excel across the board?

Trusted by critics and customers Zoho CRM is driven to deliver outcomes that matter. With a long established CRM presence of over 15 years, Zoho CRM is trusted by over 250,000 companies globally. Since its first release, Zoho CRM has been governed by the needs of Zoho customers, delivering its best-in-class product to fulfil their needs.

Zoho CRM is a single platform to manage your end-to-end customer journey. Through its full-feature set, integrations and custom built apps, Zoho CRM offers businesses everything they need to generate viable leads, build strong relationships, improve their bottom line and leverage advanced analytical tools to refine, optimise and automate all customer facing processes.

What makes Zoho the world’s favourite CRM?

Our high retention rate reflects our customers’ happiness, not just with Zoho solutions but with Goldstar as well. But it doesn’t end there… Zoho CRM is a Watchlist winner due to;

  • An integrated eco-system of over 50 business solution applications
  • Feature-laden CRM solution to address all needs of a modern business
  • Open APIs and extensive apps to allow third-party integrations
  • A network of over 2000 skilled partners across the globe

What makes Zoho CRM unique?

Zoho heavily invest in themselves. They have built and maintain their own infrastructure. As a result, they run their own data centres and since their inception have built a multi-layered tech stack , bringing out the best of their 50+ applications.

If you run your business in the Zoho ecosystem you are not reliant on third party dependancies or external variables. As Zoho build their own solutions the entire suite of solutions is built on a common tech stack, allowing seamless integrations.

This foundation enables the flow of information across your teams to ensure your customer’s best experience. In addition, the robust and flexible nature of the suite, along with intuitive UX helps a Zoho solution deploy 50% faster than the competition.

So, what’s stopping you move across to Zoho CRM?

The solution is award-winning. The company, products development are customer-centric. The applications are full-featured and designed to work together. And above all there is a strong support and partner network to provide the assistance you need.

But we know migrating your processes and data when moving to a new CRM solution is a huge undertaking. With a trusted Zoho Advanced Partner supporting the process you know it’s easily achievable. We do this everyday so you don’t have to, allowing you to focus on running your business rather than managing your business transformation.

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