Enhance customer experience with Zoho CRM

Enhance customer experience with quality customer service and you set yourself apart from any competition. Great customer service converts satisfied customers to loyal brand supporters. Loyal brand supporters are often the persuasive voice that converts a lead to a sale. Zoho CRM helps you build powerful customer service processes that can build an efficient service department that will offer your customers a great experience and turn them into powerful advocates.

  • Improve your service teams’ productivity with automated and connected tools.
  • Provide contextual customer support from across the business and through multiple channels.
  • Tailor your help desk structure and services to suit your business.
  • Develop a comprehensive customer self-service centre.

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Enhance customer experience in five easy steps

  1. Empower your customers to resolve issue themselves, without tying up resources.
  2. Engage with your customers more easily – using the channel they prefer.
  3. Understand their journey with your brand and reflect it in your interactions.
  4. Embrace understanding where you are doing well – and not so well!
  5. Capture great feedback and convert these customers to advocates.

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Strengthen your customer offerings with tailored self-service options

Customise your help centre to suit each of your brands. Set up different default articles, service channels, notifications and more for each one. Extend your brand into communities where customers can interact with each other, and your service agents.


Add chat bots to your channels along with self service features allow your customers a communication and service method that best suits their needs, in the channel they prefer, when they need it. These features help guarantee every customer receives the attention they need and your agents can be more readily available for those that need specialised or additional support.


Enhance customer experience with improved agent efficiency

Provide your teams the tools they need to resolve issues quickly and with an insight into your customers’ wider interactions with your business. Boost agent success and productivity with tools for interacting across any communication channel and with any department, and enhanced with the ability to pull specialists into your case from across your business.


Organise tickets in multiple ways with work modes. Prioritise agent queues, craft detailed responses with a rich text editor and give your agents the ability collaborate with your other resources from your business to solve issues when they arise. Embrace AI features, like automated ticket tags custoemr sentiment analysis and smart replies. With these AI benefits your teams can understand more about the issues, the customer and be prepared to deal with problems with less effort.

Meet your SLAs, without the hassle

Today clients have a far higher expectation of customer service from your brand. You need to have ways of meeting or exceeding this expectation across all channels in an efficient and helpful way. Define clear a SLA policy for your business departments and channels. Define rules to handle escalations, perhaps that is forwarding overdue tickets to a relevant manager, or pulling in engineers to a live service call to troubleshoot in real-time.


Keep track of all your customer tickets in one place

When you look to enhance customer experience today you have to think multi-channel. With engagement coming from email, telephone, live chat, social media and webforms there is a lot to keep track of. Customers will expect to reach out on whatever platform THEY prefer and you have to be ready for it. Manage all your channels from one place with Zoho CRM.


Sort, prioritise and engage directly with your customers, and get any support you need from other teams without jumping between windows. See your customers’ full history so you can get a better understanding of their needs and get a clearer picture behind any issues they are facing. And when you have resolved an issue your agents can capture that satisfaction by sending out automated surveys to capture customer feedback.


Connect with customers to solve their issues in real-time

Today, we want our issues to be dealt with now.  We want real-time solutions being offered, we don’t want to send a message and wait 3 days for a response in the form of another question. So why not enhance your customer service with a live chat widget on your website to allowing agent connection in real-time. Your customers can engage via a chat tool that automatically triggers and can ask customers questions if it looks like they need help. And if you do miss any chats these can be automatically converted to tickets for follow-up.


Free up your team by setting up answer bots to handle standard responses. Employ AI powered chatbots, powered by your knowledge base to solve more tricky issues and provide customer routing to live agents for the most complex issues, or your most valued customers. With features like screen share, audio and video calls, and remote assistance your team will have the tools they need to efficiently deal with any issue that arises.


Tailor your help desk to reflect your service structure

We know every business is different, thats why we love the fact Zoho CRM can customise your help desk to reflect how your service structure works. You can provide different departments different help desks based on products, subscriptions levels, regions, in fact, any parameter your business needs. Create user friendly layouts to manage how different departments collect and process data. Zoho CRM allows you to assign teams, specific SLAs and more to each help desk, analysing the performance of each department separately.



Understand and enhance customer experience from your help desk performance

Understanding how your customer service teams are performing will help you improve the customer experience. Not only can you track time and resolution rates you can generate multiple metrics to see your team’s performance levels. Identify those that excel in their role and the teams that are doing well from detailed reports. Identify best practices and areas of improvement and get a summary of customer feedback to know what actions enhance customer experience. Don’t just focus on resolution numbers, get a full qualitative and quantitive perspective of your customer service operations from intuitive, tailored reports and dashboards.



When you enhance customer experience you also support sales growth

Customer support teams are not there just to resolve issues – with Zoho CRM they help you close out deals and make more sales. Your service agents can handle support requests raised by sales representatives on their prospects behalf. But there is more, they can identify and prioritise those tickets that are connected to customers in various stages of the sales funnel by accessing sales data. And with a single point of data in the business in the form of your Zoho CRM, they can access and update accounts with relevant information from their interactions.


Live chat agents can also connect directly with the sales team or create a follow up for them to action. When they identify a new business opportunity they can even create a new deal for the sales team to close.


Connect support teams and marketing for more powerful campaigns

You have multiple channels for your brand to be found, and you need to be ready to help them when they do. Simplify the process and convert social media comments or posts to support tickets using Zoho CRM. Set up live chat support within direct message inboxes across multiple channels. Your live chat agents can even view which email campaign a customer visits your site from to understand the context and better engage with them.


Give your service agents a better overview of the marketing your customers are responding to, prioritising interactions when relevant and giving them a better idea of the context of the conversation. You can even set up automated responses based on the marketing they are responding to, directing engagement through the sales funnel and engaging at the right time with the right messaging.


Contact us today to find out more about how Zoho CRM supports your customer service processes and can enhance customer experience and convert your customers to brand advocates. Find out what Zoho CRM can do for other parts of your business here.

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