Zia's new OpenAI integration with Zoho Desk

Zia has taken a significant leap forward with a new Zia OpenAI integration with Zoho Desk, revolutionising ticket management and enhancing the overall agent experience. With this powerful integration, Zoho Desk is now equipped to deliver superior performance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The fusion of Zia’s intelligent capabilities and OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology empowers agents with advanced tools and insights, enabling them to streamline ticket management processes and provide exceptional customer support. This integration marks a significant milestone in optimising the capabilities of Zoho Desk, ensuring businesses can deliver prompt, personalised, and efficient service to their customers.

Key advantages of Zia’s new OpenAI integrations

Check out the key advantages that could help power your business in Zoho’s video below:

The integration of Zia with OpenAI has revolutionised Zoho Desk, elevating its efficiency and performance. By offering contextual self-service capabilities, Zia empowers agents to enhance their productivity and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Here are some key aspects of the new OpenAI integrated Zia feature for Zoho Desk.

Improved resolution time

The resolution time (RT) is a critical aspect in closing incoming service tickets. The faster the resolution time, the better. To enable quick responses, Zia empowers users by understanding and condensing lengthy incoming tickets into accurate summaries. This feature saves time and expedites responses, ensuring that customers receive prompt assistance and enhancing overall satisfaction ratings.

Customer ‘Tone’ used in an incoming ticket detection

In the realm of customer service, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for agents to handle incoming tickets. Every day, agents encounter customers with diverse emotions and situations. Zia has the ability to recognise the tone of incoming tickets, enabling service teams to respond with empathy and proactively understand customer needs. This functionality empowers agents to provide personalised and compassionate support, fostering stronger customer relationships and ensuring better satisfaction.

Contextual information fetching from your KnowledgeBase

Zoho Desk’s Knowledge Base is an invaluable resource for customers and service agents, providing access to a wealth of articles and help documents. With a vast amount of information already available in the Knowledge Base, Zia takes it a step further by fetching relevant articles, consolidating their content into concise messages, and presenting them as replies. This intelligent feature ensures that customers receive comprehensive and accurate responses, streamlining the support process and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

At the time of writing this integration was only available for users of the US data centre but we expect the roll out to be global vey soon. To request early access to this feature, please join the waitlist by clicking the link below:


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