ChatGPT integration enhances Zoho Analytics functionality

Zoho Analytics has been equipped with advanced AI capabilities for quite some time. These capabilities include automated report and dashboard generation, auto-modelling, forecasting, automated insight generation, and natural language querying. Today, we are taking these AI capabilities to the next level by incorporating the cutting-edge generative AI technology that has taken the world by storm – OpenAI’s ChatGPT (GPT-3.5 model). So, lets look at how the ChatGPT integration enhances Zoho Analytics functionality.

The integration of ChatGPT (GPT-3.5 model) into Zoho Analytics brings several exciting advancements. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Enhanced Conversational Analytics: With ChatGPT, Zoho Analytics now offers a more conversational and interactive experience. Users can have dynamic, natural language conversations with the system to explore data, ask questions, and receive instant insights.
  2. Intelligent Data Exploration: ChatGPT enables users to dive deeper into their data by asking complex questions and receiving detailed responses. The AI model can understand and analyze natural language queries, helping users gain valuable insights and uncover hidden patterns.
  3. Automated Report Generation: Zoho Analytics, powered by ChatGPT, can automatically generate comprehensive reports based on user queries. The system leverages the generative AI capabilities to deliver accurate and detailed reports, saving users significant time and effort.
  4. Predictive Analytics: ChatGPT’s AI capabilities enhance Zoho Analytics’ forecasting capabilities. Users can leverage the model to generate accurate predictions and forecasts based on historical data, enabling better decision-making and planning.
  5. Smarter Dashboards: With ChatGPT, Zoho Analytics’ dashboards become more intelligent. The system can generate automated insights and suggestions, helping users identify trends, anomalies, and actionable insights directly from their dashboards.

Let’s look at some practical applications for showing how the ChatGPT integration enhances Zoho Analytics functionality:

Practical applications of how the ChatGPT integration enhances Zoho Analytics

Import public datasets

Zia, powered by ChatGPT, introduces a convenient way to access public datasets for comparative analysis, benchmarking, baselining, or complementing your internal business data analysis in Zoho Analytics.

With Zia’s assistance, you can simply ask for specific public datasets, and it will provide you with relevant options. Once you’ve selected a dataset of interest, Zia seamlessly integrates it into Zoho Analytics, allowing you to perform comprehensive analysis alongside your internal data.

This functionality significantly simplifies the process of finding and incorporating external data sources into your analytical workflows. Whether you need demographic information, industry statistics, market trends, or any other relevant public data, Zia can quickly fetch it for you, eliminating the need for manual search and data extraction.

By leveraging Zia’s capabilities, you can enrich your data analysis in Zoho Analytics with a broader context and make well-informed decisions based on a combination of internal and public data sources.

ChatGPT integration enhances Zoho Analytics functionality to import public datasets

Generate formulas

Traditionally, KPIs (key performance indicators) are generated by combining various columns using formulas. However, Zia introduces a more intuitive approach. Now, you can create these formulas simply by typing them out in natural language. Zia takes care of the rest, automating the process for you.

Instead of dealing with complex formula syntax and calculations, you can express your requirements in plain language. Zia understands your intent and translates your instructions into the appropriate formulas, eliminating the need for manual formula creation.

This streamlined approach empowers users with varying levels of technical expertise to effortlessly generate KPIs within Zoho Analytics. Whether you are a business analyst, a data scientist, or a non-technical user, you can now derive meaningful insights by expressing your KPI requirements naturally, and Zia will handle the formula creation on your behalf.

ChatGPT integration enhances Zoho Analytics functionality to generate formulas

Create SQL queries

SQL querying is an integral aspect of data analysis, but combining multiple tables based on complex conditions can often be challenging. However, with Zia, powered by ChatGPT, this process becomes much simpler. Now, you can effortlessly generate SQL queries by typing them out in natural language, and Zia will automatically provide you with the SQL query equivalent.

Instead of grappling with the intricacies of SQL syntax and the complexities of joining tables, you can express your query requirements in plain, everyday language. Zia comprehends your instructions and translates them into the corresponding SQL query, enabling you to seamlessly retrieve the data you need.

This natural language interface empowers users of various technical backgrounds to perform complex data analysis tasks within Zoho Analytics. Whether you’re a seasoned data analyst or a non-technical user, you can now express your query criteria naturally, and Zia will take care of transforming it into an accurate SQL query, saving you time and effort.

Suggest synonyms

In every industry and region, specific terminologies are used. For instance, sales can be referred to as revenue, deals as opportunities or potentials, and political divisions of land may vary as province, county, prefecture, canton, state, and so on. In such situations, Zia is now equipped to assist you in generating a list of synonyms.

With Zia’s support, you can easily identify and establish a set of synonymous terms relevant to your industry or region. This functionality enables you to navigate and understand different terminologies, promoting effective communication and data analysis within your specific context.

By leveraging Zia’s ability to suggest synonyms, you can bridge the gap between diverse naming conventions, facilitating smoother collaboration and ensuring accurate interpretation of data across different industries and regions.

Overall, the integration of ChatGPT into Zoho Analytics empowers users with more advanced, interactive, and intelligent analytics capabilities, enabling them to make data-driven decisions with ease and efficiency.

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Note: Currently, this feature is available in the US DC and in the Zoho Analytics Premium and Enterprise plans.

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