Focus your marketing spend from Zoho CRM

With so many potential marketing channels, customer types and potential messages it is essential today to focus your marketing spend. When you understand where, to who and how you should be engaging your goal should be to get the right messages to the right people, via the right channels, at the right time. Zoho CRM’s marketing tools help you understand what content engages with your target audience, using the most resonant messaging, across the most effective channels, to the right people and at the right time.

By collecting and using the right data, your Zoho CRM will be able to track the effectiveness, target your messaging and measure the impact on your revenue. If you know the impact of your efforts you can focus your marketing spend more effectively.

  • Deliver strategic email marketing campaigns
  • Manage your brands presence and persona across multiple channels
  • Analyse the effectiveness of your paid and organic marketing efforts against revenue
  • Incorporate the voice of your customer into your marketing campaigns


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Focus your marketing efforts more effectively

There are many features within Zoho CRM that enable you to focus your marketing efforts more effectively. Let’s start by looking at five simple steps that will make a big difference:

  1. Understand your target audience – what resonates with them, how do they engage with your brand and on which channels?
  2. Analyse the effectiveness of your current messaging and channels – what messages and channels have they responded to in the past?
  3. Identify the most effective messaging, channels and timing of messages – what messages where most effective, which channels have the most impressions and when are messages most impactful?
  4. Compare different messages to see which are most effective – A/B test messages designed for the same outcome with your audience to understand their impact more.
  5. Engage more, get feedback and refine your messaging – see the impact of your efforts, capture the voice of your customers, share their experiences with other prospects and tailor your efforts to what is most effective.

Create more engaging email messaging campaigns

Before we even get to tailoring your marketing messages by learning from the data in your CRM let’s take a look at email marketing. Zoho CRM has hundreds of responsive and aesthetically pleasing templates for your email marketing. The existing templates cover several popular categories, like seasons greetings, newsletters and ecommerce. Plus you can customise the template and even create your own in an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.


To increase engagement you can also add interactive elements like polls, surveys and videos to engage your audience. You can even A/B test different versions of your messages to see which is more engaging with your audience. All your previous messages are stored for access later,  meaning you build a repository of messages you can draw on again in the future at the touch of a button. More importantly once each message is sent you receive metrics on its effectiveness, but more on that later…


Focus your marketing attention based on customer actions

Zoho CRM uses a clever RFM model to help you understand your customers more. This model is based on their purchase recency, frequency and the monetary value of their purchases. You can tailor the criteria under each category based on the needs of your business and focus your marketing attention on specific customer segments.


Using sales data to focus your marketing in this way helps you fine tune your approach when engaging with your customers. For example, seasonal shoppers may respond well to a holiday sale, whereas if you have frequent, high-value customers you might like to offer them a place in an exclusive loyalty programme.

Simplify your social media marketing game

Streamline the management of your omni-channel presence across all social media channels in Zoho CRM. Post, monitor and respond to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and TicTok in one place. Manage your engagement in one calendar, automating across multiple channels, scheduling your messaging for the most impact. Monitor engagement across your channels in real-time and respond directly from Zoho CRM.


You can even highlight new followers, those that engage the most and with Zia’s AI interface recognise positive and negative comments in feeds. Additionally you can set up listening streams to keep up-to-date with all topics on your pages of interest.

Take control of your paid marketing across all channels

Sometimes you need more than natural SEO on your website, paid ads are a great tool when bringing something new to the market and staying at the forefront of customer’s minds as they search for you and your competitors. Get a comprehensive view of all your paid ads across Google and your social channels in Zoho CRM. Analyse the keywords associated with previous sales success and focus your spend in the right place and on the right keywords.


Sync incoming leads from paid advert clicks directly to Zoho CRM for immediate sales followup. Map any additional marketing or account information to give your sales teams context to their engagements. By connecting your PPC advertising spend, Keyword focus, campaign success and sales conversion you can more accurately measure the overall ROI from your paid marketing across all channels.

Identify target audiences more effectively based on purchase patterns

The most effective boost to your marketing content would come in the form of reflecting your understanding of your customer. Zoho CRM can help you understand them better in many ways. The most straightforward would be giving you the ability to perform surveys. Conduct market research, get customer feedback, connect with your customers with customer surveys personalised with information from your CRM. Implement ready-made or customer surveys and email to your leads, or post on your social channels. Generate scores if needed and analyse responses from different customer segments.


Hearing directly from your customer is great but you can also use the data in your CRM to understand their behaviour. Analyse their integrations with your messages, your website and your social posting to get a better understanding of their perception to your brand and their interaction with it. You can improve your overall marketing strategy from their feedback and the data from their interactions.

Target your messages to add your brand’s persona and your customers’ wants

Understanding your distribution is key to email marketing. Why spend time creating a resonate message if you then sent it to the wrong people (who may unsubscribe and can’t be contacted again!) Create and manage mailing lists using a variety of parameters, including customer demographics and topics of interest. This makes sure you are sending to the right people, but also personalised the content to engage directly with the individual.


Use dynamic content in the body of your email, optimise when the message gets sent and customise the sender ID for each recipient. Zoho CRM will let you build complex, automated marketing campaigns that can be triggered by your leads’ interactions and how they engage with your emails, website and sales teams communications.

Measure, then boost the marketing impact on sales

Connect your sales and marketing efforts in Zoho CRM. You can give your sales teams all the tools they need to follow up leads generated from marketing campaigns. Your marketing campaigns will generate valuable data around engagement, what what looked at, when it was viewed and associated products viewed int he same visit. This data can give great insight to sales teams on prospective leads and can even automate sales follow ups in specific cases.Your sales team can see interactions between your business (emails, website visits, offers, social media postings, etc) and prospective clients and build a contextualised sales pitch before contacting them.


You can use Marketing Attribution to understand how well the two functions are working together. Analyse your marketing campaigns and see how they are contributing to your revenue. Track the ROI of each campaign (and paid advertising spend) and identify if your marketing spend is targeted correctly. Ensure your marketing actions are helping your sales team rather than hindering them.

Focus your marketing and build the brand your customers want to do business with

We all like doing business with a brand that is responsive, understands us, our needs, is proactive in troubleshooting and generally listens to us. In order to be that brand you have to make sure your customers can find you and talk to you if needed. Add a link to live chat support in the signature of your marketing campaigns and convert any comment or direct message to a ticket in your help desk. You can even automate the creation of help desk tickets based on specified keywords in these channels.


Ensure your customer feels they can communicate directly with you across all your marketing channels. Automate and manage all this communication in one place. Create a smooth flow of information from your marketing, sales and customer service teams and ensure your customers’ voice is heard and followups are made.

Analyse the effectiveness of your campaign to boost your marketing ROI

Of course Zoho CRM will track sales performance indicators but it can look at a lot more too! It has access to a wide variety of metrics and pre-built reports and dashboards to understand how different aspects of your marketing activities are performing. Track campaign reach, leads generated, paid vs organic marketing efforts and much more. Drill deeper into your data and get qualitative insights, like demographic audience split, content engagement, ideal engagement times on social media, do your sales followups actually convert leads and much, much more…


Track your leads’ website behaviour to focus marketing engagement

Analyse the web traffic generated by your marketing efforts, both from natural SEO and PPC advertising and email campaigns. In Zoho CRM you can look at the behaviour of leads, how and when they are engaging with your website content including their dwell time and bounce rates. From this you can see if your efforts are resulting in valid leads.


You can also create a mailing list of those visitors who leave your site without an interaction or sale. From this you can automate interactions before they leave or engage with them afterwards, perhaps with an offer, to attempt to re-engage with them with your brand.


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