What are Zoho Product Suites?

Once you have started to work with a Zoho solution it’s quite common you want to integrate more solutions to your tech stack, but where do you start? Zoho already offer a complete stack solution in the form of Zoho One, which offers the widest selection of solutions with the most attractive monthly fee. However Zoho also understand that you might have already built your business around an alternative product and are only looking for a part of your business to be supported by Zoho solutions. If that’s the case you need to check out Zoho Product suites.

Isn’t Zoho just a CRM tool?

Zoho is far more than a CRM tool – it is a complete business solution encompassing 55+ applications, with bundles of solutions targeting different parts of your business; Sales, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and IT Infrastructure. Each bundle included the common key solutions and a host of addional applications that bring the full range of benefits to an area of your business.

And the best bit… because Zoho is keenly focused on delivering business simplicity, you can be sure to find integrations in the Zoho Marketplace to support using your existing solutions in harmony with Zoho. Plus, you also have the back-up of a Zoho Partner, with experienced Zoho Developers on hand to be able to plug any gaps with custom code solutions using Zoho’s Deluge platform.

Let’s take a closer look at the Zoho Product Suites on offer and compare them to the ubiquitous Zoho One, to see what will plug the gap in your techstack and help you launch your business to the next level.

Zoho’s various product suites

Zoho CRM Plus – Sales, Marketing and Customer Service management

A cohesive platform that provides a shared repository for your sales, marketing, and customer service teams to collaborate and work on customer interactions and gain the data visibility they need across departments to deliver unified customer experiences.

  • Zoho CRMComprehensive CRM platform for customer-facing teams.
  • SalesIQLive-chat app to engage and convert website visitors.
  • Zoho DeskHelpdesk software to deliver great customer support.
  • Zoho Projects – project management
  • Zoho CampaignsCreate, send, and track targeted email campaigns that drive sales.
  • Zoho Analytics Modern self-service BI and analytics platform.
  • Zoho SocialAll-in-one social media management software.
  • Zoho SurveyDesign surveys to reach and interact with your audience.
  • Zoho FormsBuild online forms for every business need.
  • Zoho BookingsAppointment scheduling app for consultations with customers.
  • Zoho SignDigital signature app for businesses.
  • Zoho Assist Remote support and unattended remote access software.
  • Zoho LensInteractive remote assistance software with augmented reality.
  • Zoho FSMEnd-to-end field service management platform for service businesses.
  • Zoho VoiceCloud Contact Center Software for businesses.

Zoho Finance Plus – Business Finance

A unified platform for all your back office needs. From invoicing to order management to accounting, Zoho Finance Plus has all the tools you need to streamline all of your back office operations.

  • Zoho BooksPowerful financial platform for growing businesses.
  • Zoho Invoice100% Free invoicing solution.
  • Zoho InventoryPowerful stock management and inventory control software.
  • Zoho BillingEnd-to-end billing solution for your business.
  • Zoho ExpenseEffortless expense reporting platform.
  • Zoho CheckoutCollect payments online with custom branded pages.
  • Zoho PracticePractice management software for accounting firms.
  • Zoho Sign – Digital signature app for businesses.

Zoho Marketing Plus – Unified marketing platform

Built for teams of all sizes, Zoho Marketing Plus unifies all your marketing activities on one platform. Engage your audience across multiple channels, increase the ROI of your marketing spend, and optimise your team productivity.

  • Zoho CampaignsCreate, send, and track targeted email campaigns that drive sales.
  • Zoho SocialAll-in-one social media management software.
  • Zoho Marketing AutomationAll-in-one marketing automation software.
  • Zoho FormsBuild online forms for every business need.
  • Zoho WebinarWebinar platform for webcasting online webinars.
  • Zoho SurveyDesign surveys to reach and interact with your audience.
  • Zoho BackstageEnd-to-end event management software.
  • Zoho PageSense – Website conversion optimisation and personalisation platform.
  • Zoho SitesOnline website builder with extensive customisation options.
  • Zoho CommerceeCommerce platform to manage and market your online store.
  • Zoho LandingPageSmart landing page builder to increase conversion rates.
  • Zoho SalesIQLive-chat app to engage and convert website visitors.
  • Zoho Sign – Digital signature app for businesses.
  • Zoho ThriveComplete loyalty and affiliate management platform.
  • Zoho VoiceCloud Contact Center Software for businesses.

Zoho Workplace

Work is evolving, so are workspaces. Workplace unifies and centralises your team’s workspace, simplifies file storage, and streamlines team communication.

  • Zoho MailMail-Secure email service for teams of all sizes.
  • Zoho CliqStay in touch with teams no matter where you are.
  • Zoho Connect Team collaboration software that brings people together.
  • Zoho WriterWord processor for focused writing and discussions.
  • Zoho SheetSpreadsheet software for collaborative teams.
  • Zoho ShowCreate, edit, and share slides with a sleek presentation app.
  • Zoho WorkDriveOnline file management for teams.
  • Zoho MeetingOnline meeting software for all your video conferencing & webinar needs.
  • Zoho NotebookBeautiful home for all your notes.
  • Zoho BookingsAppointment scheduling app for consultations with customers.
  • TeamInboxShared inboxes for teams.
  • Zoho SignDigital signature app for businesses.
  • Zoho Office SuitePowerful collaborative work platform for teams.
  • Zoho Office Integrator Built in document editors for web apps.
  • Zoho CalendarOnline business calendar to manage events and schedule appointments.
  • Zoho LearnKnowledge and learning management platform.
  • Zoho Voice – Cloud-based telephony software for businesses.

Zoho People Plus – Unified Human Resources platform

With Zoho People Plus you can deliver exceptional digital HR experiences to your employees while managing the entire employee life cycle on a single integrated platform. From building great teams to empowering them and keeping them engaged, we’ve got it covered.

  • Zoho PeopleOrganise, automate and simplify your HR processes.
  • Zoho RecruitIntuitive recruiting platform built to provide hiring solutions.
  • Zoho Expense – Online expense reporting platform that simplifies expense accounting.
  • Zoho WorkerlyManage temporary staffing with an employee scheduling solution.
  • Zoho BackToWorkEnsure employee safety at workplace.
  • Zoho ShiftsEmployee scheduling and time tracking app.
  • Zoho SignDigital signature app for businesses.

Zoho IT Management – IT operations software

Give your IT the cloud advantage

Advanced IT management solutions to manage, audit, and secure your hybrid environment while sustaining your remote workforce’s optimal productivity.

  • ServiceDesk Plus – IT help desk management software
  • Mobile Device Manager Plus – Enterprise mobility management software
  • Site24x7 – Website and server management software
  • Alarms One – All-in-one alert management software
  • Zoho Assist – Instant remote support software
  • Zoho Vault – Password management solution
  • Log 360 Cloud – Cloud-based Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution

Need more that is in one Product Suite? Zoho has the answer…

By far the most powerful Zoho Product Suite is the OG – Zoho One. Considered by many as The Operating System for Business, you can run your entire business on Zoho with the unified cloud software. Designed to help you break down silos between departments and increase organisational efficiency witht he greatest ROI!


Zoho One is not just a suite; it’s an entire ecosystem designed to offer a simple, integrated experience across diverse business functions. From managing customer relationships to handling finances, streamlining support, and analysing data, Zoho One weaves a tapestry of interconnected solutions that empowers your business.

Zoho’s integration capabilities

Zoho’s integration capabilities are at the forefront of its commitment to providing a seamless and interconnected experience for users. With a wide array of pre-built connectors and APIs, Zoho enables businesses to integrate various applications within the Zoho ecosystem effortlessly. This ensures a harmonious flow of data across different tools, allowing users to access comprehensive insights and make informed decisions. The integration capabilities empower organisations to create a tailored and unified environment that caters to their specific needs.

Finding solutions in the Zoho Marketplace

The Zoho Marketplace serves as a vibrant hub where users can discover a plethora of extensions, apps, and integrations built by Zoho and third-party developers. It’s a one-stop destination for businesses looking to enhance and extend the functionalities of their Zoho applications. Whether seeking industry-specific solutions, productivity-enhancing tools, or specialized integrations, Zoho Marketplace provides a diverse and growing catalog of offerings. This marketplace ecosystem fosters innovation, allowing businesses to continually adapt and optimize their Zoho experience.

Integrations from beyond the Zoho Marketplace

Zoho Developers and bespoke integrations in Deluge

For businesses with unique requirements, Zoho’s developer community offers the flexibility to create bespoke integrations and customized solutions. Zoho’s scripting language, Deluge, provides a powerful yet user-friendly platform for developers to craft intricate workflows, automations, and integrations tailored to specific business needs. Zoho Developers bring a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring that businesses can optimize their Zoho ecosystem by easily connecting different applications and creating a unified digital landscape. This emphasis on customisation empowers businesses to leverage the full potential of the Zoho suite in alignment with their distinct operational demands.

The strength of the Zoho ecosystem lies in its integration capabilities. These applications work in harmony, ensuring data flows simply across your organisation. Say goodbye to silos, and embrace a unified environment where information is always current, leading to enhanced collaboration and operational efficiency.

Zoho – A (business) world of opportunities

As we journey through the Zoho Ecosystem together, check out our Resources Page for insights, best practices, and success stories that illuminate the vast opportunities within reach. Let’s harness the power of Zoho to elevate your business to new heights.

Unlocking your business future with one of Zoho’s Product Suites

For over 25 years Zoho has developed solutions to support businesses across all aspects of their operations. These solutions have emerged as a comprehensive suite of products designed to streamline operations, foster collaboration, and elevate overall efficiency. The inherent strength of Zoho lies not only in its individual applications but in the synergies created when these tools seamlessly integrate.

Zoho’s commitment to customisation shines through its robust integration capabilities. Businesses can weave together a tailored ecosystem, connecting applications effortlessly and ensuring a harmonious exchange of data. This interconnectedness not only boosts operational efficiency but also empowers users with holistic insights for strategic decision-making.

The Zoho Marketplace further amplifies this flexibility by offering a diverse array of extensions and integrations. Whether sourced from Zoho or third-party developers, these additions enhance the functionality of Zoho applications, providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in their respective industries.

Zoho caters for businesses that need something more unique too…

For those with unique requirements, Zoho Developers stand ready to create bespoke integrations using Deluge scripting. This powerful yet accessible language enables businesses to craft tailored workflows, ensuring that Zoho applications align perfectly with their operational nuances. This emphasis on customization and flexibility reflects Zoho’s commitment to empowering businesses to adapt and innovate.

Zoho Partners play a pivotal role in this journey, serving as trusted advisors who guide businesses in maximizing the potential of Zoho solutions. Our expertise ensures a smooth integration process and helps businesses unlock the full value of their investment.

Ultimately, investing in the Zoho suite is an investment in increased ROI, operational excellence, and future-ready adaptability. By embracing Zoho’s interconnected ecosystem, businesses position themselves to not only meet the challenges of today but to anticipate and conquer the challenges of tomorrow. The result is a digital landscape where efficiency, collaboration, and innovation converge, propelling organisations towards unparalleled success.

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