Zoho CRM update November 2023

Embracing adaptability, we bring you the Zoho CRM update November 2023. We have tailored this to navigate the evolving landscape of business challenges. Both we at Goldstar and Zoho understand the importance of empowering your team. That’s why we both dedicate ourselves to refining the CRM experience for every facet of your business. From enhancing sales strategies to streamlining administrative tasks and elevating customer interactions, these latest features are designed with your success in mind. Join us as we explore the enhancements aimed at bolstering your efforts and fostering lasting connections.

CRM updates for your customers

We recognise that a CRM isn’t just a tool; it’s a gateway to enhancing both your team’s efficiency and your customers’ satisfaction. With unwavering dedication to customer-centricity, Zoho’s latest enhancements are engineered to ensure your customers lie at the core of your operations. These powerful features empower you to create meaningful connections, foster loyalty, and elevate every aspect of your customer experience.

Path Finder: Navigating customers to success

In today’s dynamic business landscape, customer journeys are rarely linear; they twist, turn, and sometimes encounter unexpected roadblocks. Zoho CRM recognises these challenges and introduces Path Finder, a powerful tool designed to enhance your customer’s journey with precision and insight.

Business benefits of using Path Finder journey enhancement

Holistic Understanding
Path Finder provides a comprehensive visual representation of diverse customer paths, ensuring you understand every journey, no matter how intricate.

Pinpoint Gaps
By comparing planned customer journeys with the real paths tracked by Path Finder, you can effortlessly identify gaps. This insight helps you recognize missed opportunities or potential issues, allowing for strategic enhancements.

Streamlined Processes
Armed with a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, you can optimise touchpoints and create a seamless, tailored experience. This streamlining boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Proactive Problem-Solving
With the ability to foresee potential challenges, you can proactively address issues, ensuring customers navigate their journey effortlessly. This proactive approach fosters trust and positive customer relationships.

Path Finder empowers you to transform fragmented customer journeys into coherent, engaging experiences. By bridging gaps and anticipating customer needs, you’re equipped to elevate satisfaction, boost conversions, and foster enduring client relationships.

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WhatsApp message templates: Streamlined communication, enhanced customer interaction

In the realm of digital communication, WhatsApp stands as a frontrunner, connecting businesses and customers seamlessly. In the spirit of fostering efficient, yet personalised interactions, Zoho CRM introduces WhatsApp Message Templates.

Business benefits of using WhatsApp message templates

Effortless Communication
Simplify your communication process by creating predefined message templates. Whether it’s transactional updates or marketing outreach, having these templates at your fingertips ensures swift responses, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Consistent Branding
Ensure uniformity in your brand communication. WhatsApp Message Templates enable you to maintain a consistent tone and messaging style across customer interactions, reinforcing your brand identity with every conversation.

Quick Responsiveness
Instantly respond to customer inquiries or provide updates using pre-approved message templates. This agility in communication showcases your business’s responsiveness, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customisation and Personalisation
Tailor your templates to specific customer needs. While the structure remains consistent, you can personalise certain elements, adding a touch of individuality to your automated responses.

Compliance and Professionalism
Adhere to industry regulations and maintain a professional image. WhatsApp Message Templates allow you to craft messages that align with legal standards, ensuring your business communication is both ethical and reliable.

By incorporating WhatsApp Message Templates into your customer engagement strategy, you’re embracing a streamlined approach that combines efficiency, consistency, and personalisation. These templates not only save time but also enhance your ability to deliver quick, relevant, and compliant responses, establishing a strong foundation for meaningful customer relationships.

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Customise your Unsubscribe landing page: Respectful farewells, tailored for every customer

In the world of business communication, acknowledging the choice of your customers is paramount, even when they decide to bid adieu to your emails. Zoho CRM introduces a game-changing feature: the ability to customise your unsubscribe landing page. Now, when a customer chooses to unsubscribe, it’s not just a departure; it’s a respectful, personalised farewell.

Business benefits of bespoke Unsubscribe landing pages

Respectful Goodbyes
A customised unsubscribe page conveys respect for your customer’s decision. It transforms a standard, impersonal process into a thoughtful interaction, leaving customers with a positive impression, even as they opt out.

Personalised Messaging
Utilise merge fields to personalise the content. Address customers by their names, express gratitude for their past engagement, and provide options for reconnecting in the future. Personalisation ensures that the farewell message feels tailored to each individual, reinforcing the relationship you’ve built.

Enhanced Brand Image
A well-crafted, personalised unsubscribe experience enhances your brand image. It demonstrates your commitment to customer preferences and portrays your business as customer-focused and empathetic, even during farewells.

Opportunity for Re-engagement
Use the confirmation page to extend an open invitation. Provide details about your other communication channels, exclusive offers, or loyalty programs. This creates an opportunity for customers to reconsider their decision, fostering the possibility of re-engagement in the future.

Data-Driven Insights
Customise the landing page based on customer segments. Gather data on customer preferences, reasons for unsubscribing, and re-engagement patterns. Analysing this data provides valuable insights for refining your communication strategies and tailoring future campaigns.

Incorporating a customised unsubscribe landing page into your communication strategy not only respects customer choices but also elevates your brand’s integrity and customer-centric approach. It transforms an inevitable departure into a thoughtful interaction, ensuring that every customer interaction, even the farewell, leaves a lasting, positive impression.

CRM updates for your sales team

Your sales team forms the heartbeat of your business, engaging with customers, following up on leads, and sealing deals every single day. We understand the vital role they play, which is why the latest enhancements in Zoho CRM are meticulously crafted to simplify their tasks and enhance their lives. Let’s delve into what Zoho have curated exclusively for your dedicated sales force.

Elevated Home Pages and Dashboards: Tailored insights, enhanced efficiency

In the dynamic realm of business, a well-structured home page is akin to a compass, guiding your team towards their daily objectives. Recognising the pivotal role of home pages, Zoho CRM introduces transformative enhancements designed to empower your teams with tailored insights and amplified efficiency.

Profile-based Home Page sharing: Precision insights, personalised focus

Beyond the conventional role-based sharing, Zoho CRM now offers profile-based home page sharing. This feature ensures that users receive insights precisely aligned with their profiles, enhancing the relevance and immediacy of the information presented. By customising home page components based on individual profiles, your team gains a comprehensive understanding of their activities, promoting focused decision-making and targeted efforts.

Access multiple Home Pages: Versatility amplified, workflow streamlined

Embracing versatility, users are no longer confined to a single home page. Zoho CRM now enables access to up to 10 distinct home pages: five tailored to roles and an additional five aligned with specific profiles. This expanded capability equips your team members with diverse perspectives, allowing them to seamlessly transition between roles and responsibilities. Whether addressing customer interactions, sales strategies, or analytical insights, the ability to switch between specialised home pages ensures that each task is approached with precision and context.

Dashboard support in copy customisation: Streamlined analytics, seamless replication

Efficiency meets customisation with the integration of dashboard support in copy customisation. Now, you can replicate intricate analytics configurations from source accounts to target accounts seamlessly. While certain restrictions apply, this feature ensures that your dashboards retain their complexity and depth across multiple accounts. By harmonising analytics setups, your teams can delve into data-driven decision-making, gaining valuable insights that drive informed strategies.

Incorporating these enhancements elevates your team’s CRM experience, offering tailored insights, streamlined workflows, and data-driven precision. With personalised home pages and seamless analytics replication, Zoho CRM empowers your teams to navigate complexities with clarity, enabling them to focus on what truly matters: cultivating meaningful customer relationships and driving business growth.

Learn how to create CRM Dashboards here

Elevating efficiency with Lookup filters: A tailored CRM experience

In the bustling world of CRM, every second counts. Picture this scenario: you’re on the hunt for a specific account, a needle in the haystack of your Accounts module. In the past, clicking on a lookup field meant bracing for an avalanche of records, each click leading you deeper into the labyrinth of data. Hours wasted scrolling, avoiding inactive accounts, and trying to find the right match.

Now, envision a seamless experience, where your CRM understands your needs intuitively. That’s the power of Lookup Filters. No more sifting through endless records. Instead, your admins set specific conditions: accounts by region, products in stock, or active subscriptions. The lookup field transforms into a precision tool, displaying only the records that matter.

Business benefits of Lookup filters

The business benefits are crystal clear: efficiency soars. Your sales team navigates CRM data swiftly, with precision and focus. Time once spent in endless searches is reclaimed, now utilised for meaningful customer interactions and strategic decisions. With Lookup Filters, your CRM becomes a finely tuned instrument, ensuring every interaction is purposeful, every click leads to productivity, and every moment contributes to your business growth. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to a CRM experience designed for unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

Discover more about advance filters here

Threshold for Assignments: Empowering sales teams with optimal workloads

In the realm of sales, balance is key. Imagine your dedicated sales reps, passionately engaging with customers, nurturing leads, and showcasing your business’s value. Overloading them with more leads than they can effectively handle risks diluting the quality of these interactions.

Enter Zoho CRM’s new feature: Threshold for Assignments. Now, you have precise control. You can define maximum limits on record assignments for each rep, ensuring they have the bandwidth to cultivate meaningful relationships.

Business benefits of using Threshold for Assignments

Set Limits on Record Assignment
By establishing specific quotas, you prevent overwhelming workloads. Reps can dedicate focused attention to every lead and customer, nurturing relationships with depth and quality.

Control Backlogs
No more drowning in backlogs. Define limits ensuring new assignments only occur when existing backlogs align with your defined thresholds. This ensures ongoing efficiency and maintains a manageable workload.

Automatic Reallocation
Excess records beyond the set threshold won’t languish. Automations kick in, redistributing these records across your team strategically. This periodic reshuffling guarantees every lead finds its rightful advocate, maximising your team’s effectiveness.

The benefits are transformative. Sales teams operate at their peak, delivering exceptional customer experiences. With balanced workloads, reps invest more energy into understanding customer needs, tailoring pitches, and closing deals. Productivity soars, relationships deepen, and your business thrives. Zoho CRM’s Threshold for Assignments isn’t just about managing tasks; it’s a strategic tool ensuring your sales force operates at the pinnacle of their potential, resulting in satisfied customers and sustainable growth.

Elevating Conversations: Insightful Call Management

In the dynamic landscape of sales, every call holds a treasure trove of insights. Whether it’s prospecting, follow-ups, or pivotal client discussions, your sales team is constantly engaged in impactful conversations. Now, imagine harnessing the power of these conversations directly within your CRM.

Introducing Zoho CRM’s Voice Recording Fields in the Calls module, designed to revolutionise how you manage, analyse, and learn from every call. This innovative feature allows you to seamlessly integrate call recordings into your CRM environment. Sales managers and reps gain instant access to these recordings, transforming each call into a valuable learning opportunity.

Accessible Audio Insights: Imagine having a dedicated space within your CRM where call recordings are stored as interactive audio players. With a simple click, you can revisit conversations, gaining nuanced understanding and valuable context.

Performance Analysis: Sales managers can leverage these recordings to analyse communication styles, sales techniques, and customer responses. It’s not just about listening; it’s about comprehending nuances, identifying strengths, and refining approaches.

Enhanced Security: Security is paramount. With Zoho CRM, you have the power to control who accesses these recordings, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with ease.

This transformative addition isn’t just about managing calls; it’s about elevating them. Every conversation becomes an opportunity to refine strategies, enhance customer interactions, and empower your sales team. Zoho CRM’s Voice Recording Fields redefine how you perceive and leverage calls, transforming them from routine tasks into strategic learning experiences. With this feature, your sales team doesn’t just talk; they learn, adapt, and excel.

Empowering personalised communication: Enhanced Mail Merge capabilities

Communication is the cornerstone of every successful business relationship. With Zoho CRM’s Mail Merge feature, the art of communication just got a power boost. Imagine crafting personalised quotes, contracts, and agreements seamlessly, aligning your documents perfectly with your CRM data.

Business benefits of using enhanced Mail Merge capabilities

Expanded Possibilities: With the latest enhancements in Mail Merge, the scope of personalised communication has reached new heights.

Diverse Module Support
Now, Mail Merge extends its capabilities to the Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Invoices modules. Tailor-make documents directly from these critical CRM sections, ensuring every interaction reflects your unique business identity.

Secure Content Distribution
Import PDF files directly into your merge templates. This ensures that your content, terms, and agreements remain steadfast and unaltered when shared with your customers. Lock in your important information, guaranteeing consistency and clarity.

Visual Appeal with Images
Incorporate images effortlessly. Use image fields in merged templates to easily pull images from CRM records. Whether it’s product visuals, company logos, or personalised graphics, integrate them into your documents. Adjust and format as needed, creating visually appealing, brand-aligned communications.

In essence, Mail Merge isn’t just about merging fields; it’s about merging capabilities. Your communication strategy gains depth, flexibility, and a touch of visual finesse. Personalisation isn’t just a feature; it’s a commitment to crafting documents that resonate with your customers. Zoho CRM’s enhanced Mail Merge transforms every document into a unique, tailored experience, reinforcing your brand’s identity with every word and image.

AI revolutionising your CRM experience: Zoho’s AI evolution

In the realm of AI-driven CRM experiences, Zoho is not just keeping pace; it’s setting the standard. With Zia, our advanced AI assistant, we’re transforming every interaction and decision-making process in Zoho CRM. Here’s a glimpse into the AI evolution reshaping your CRM landscape:

Intelligent assignments

Zia is now your strategic partner in assignment decisions. Whether records are manually created or integrated, Zia suggests the perfect users for assignment, ensuring tasks are distributed effectively.

Lead Prioritisation simplified

Zia intelligently scores incoming leads, empowering your sales team to focus on high-value prospects. Prioritisation becomes effortless, leading to more impactful outreach and follow-ups.

Proactive record recommendations

Zia’s recommendations extend beyond the new records. Existing records now receive personalised suggestions, enriching your historical data with relevant insights.

Segmentation expertise

Zia’s segmentation prowess categorises your recommendations, unveiling common factors. This segmentation expertise equips you to approach opportunities strategically, enhancing your sales efforts.

Context-driven insights

Leveraging your historical interactions, Zia guides you with the next best action, providing context and rationale behind each suggestion. Informed decisions become the cornerstone of your CRM strategy.

Optimal contact timing

Zia analyses failed activities, dissecting the best time to contact your leads. These insights empower you to schedule activities when your prospects are most receptive, boosting engagement rates.

Engaging email subject lines

Crafting compelling emails is simplified with Zia’s suggestions for intriguing subject lines. Grab your readers’ attention from the start, ensuring your messages resonate effectively.

Webform A/B testing mastery

Zia elevates webform testing by providing A/B testing suggestions. From low-performing webforms to dynamic traffic allocation and confidence scoring, Zia maximises the effectiveness of your tests, ensuring you make data-driven decisions.

With Zia’s multifaceted AI capabilities, your CRM experience transcends automation; it becomes intuitive, insightful, and uniquely tailored to your business needs. Zoho CRM’s AI evolution is not just a feature; it’s a paradigm shift, where every action is guided by data, context, and intelligent insights. Prepare to revolutionise your CRM journey with the power of AI—because your success deserves nothing less.

Elevate efficiency with Automated Note Workflows: Empowering your CRM

In the realm of CRM automation, every detail counts. Zoho CRM’s latest enhancement takes this philosophy to heart by introducing note-based workflows, transforming the way you engage with your customer data. Here’s how this powerful addition revolutionises your workflow automation:

Dynamic note triggers
Now, your notes become catalysts for automated actions. Whether a note is added, edited, or deleted, you can trigger workflows based on specific keywords or phrases within the note’s title or content.

Contextual automation
Imagine effortlessly scheduling a meeting when your notes mention ‘demos’, or swiftly notifying your manager when a customer requests a discount. These contextual automations streamline your workflow, saving precious time and ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

Customised responses
Tailor your CRM’s responses based on the nuances of your interactions. Each note becomes a cue for Zoho CRM to initiate specific actions, ensuring personalised and timely follow-ups that resonate with your customer’s needs.

Empower sales reps
Your sales representatives can now focus on building relationships and closing deals while routine tasks are handled seamlessly. With automated note workflows, manual interventions decrease, allowing your team to shine in their client interactions.

Endless possibilities
The versatility of note-based workflows opens the door to a multitude of applications. From capturing crucial customer preferences to responding swiftly to their inquiries, the possibilities are limited only by your business requirements and creativity.

This innovation doesn’t just streamline your processes; it adds a layer of intelligence to your CRM interactions. With Zoho CRM’s note-based workflows, your CRM becomes more than a database—it becomes an intuitive assistant, enhancing your customer engagements and empowering your team. Elevate your CRM experience, one note at a time, and discover a new era of efficiency and personalised customer service. Your CRM, your rules, and now, your automated notes.

Maximise success with Zoho CRM’s Strategy Influencer: Your blueprint to strategic excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, insights are key to staying ahead. Zoho CRM’s groundbreaking feature, Strategy Influencer, offers a comprehensive analytical toolkit designed to transform your organisation’s data into actionable strategies. Here’s how Strategy Influencer empowers you to achieve your targets and enhance overall business performance:

Target contributors

Gain deep insights into the multitude of factors shaping your current targets. By understanding every element contributing to your achievements, you can harness this knowledge to optimise your future strategies.

Anomaly finder

Uncover irregularities in your attained and anticipated targets. Identify the time periods affected by these anomalies and delve into their impact. This feature equips you with the ability to respond promptly and effectively, ensuring your business stays on track.

Gap Analyser

Bridge the divide between predicted and actual values. Strategy Influencer provides a detailed analysis of the reasons behind these disparities. Armed with this understanding, you can fine-tune your approaches, aligning your actions more closely with your goals.


Stay ahead of the game by tracking predicted and achieved targets associated with your most influential picklist and lookup field values. Evaluate their impacts across diverse timeframes. This foresight enables proactive decision-making, helping you capitalise on emerging opportunities.


Receive expert guidance on achieving predicted targets and rectifying missed ones. Strategy Influencer doesn’t just diagnose challenges—it offers practical solutions. Equip yourself with the knowledge to not only meet but exceed your targets consistently.

Strategy Influencer isn’t just another analytics tool; it’s your strategic ally. It empowers you to dissect complexities, make informed decisions, and chart a course toward unparalleled success. Embrace the future of strategic planning with Zoho CRM’s Strategy Influencer—where data-driven insights fuel your journey to excellence. Your strategies, redefined. Your success, reimagined.

Empowering sales success: Elevate your performance analysis with Zoho CRM’s forecasting tools

Sales, at its heart, is a journey of achievements and ambitions. For your sales team, the thrill of inching closer to targets is unparalleled. At Zoho CRM, we understand this dynamic, and our enhanced forecasting tools are designed to fuel your team’s drive and boost their confidence. Let’s delve into the arsenal of features that empower your sales reps to not only meet but exceed their goals:

Performance trends
Visualise your current achievements in comparison to your targets. Gain valuable insights into your future performance trajectory. With this foresight, you can strategise effectively, ensuring your efforts are aligned with your objectives.

Achievement comparison
Track your daily, weekly, and monthly growth with ease. This feature allows sales reps to celebrate their successes, fostering a sense of accomplishment. By understanding their progress, they can identify strengths and areas for improvement, enabling continuous growth.

Cross-forecast comparisons
Dive deep into your performance evolution across various forecasting periods. Understand how your achievements, targets, and open deals have evolved over time. This comparative analysis equips your team with historical context, enabling them to adapt strategies based on past trends.

User performance page
Empower your sales reps with a dedicated space to monitor their individual performances for specific forecasting periods. This comprehensive breakdown includes various forecasting metrics and performance data. By having all relevant information at their fingertips, your team can make data-driven decisions, enhancing their efficiency and efficacy.

Zoho CRM’s forecasting tools aren’t just metrics; they’re your sales team’s trusted companions. They provide clarity, encourage healthy competition, and foster a culture of achievement within your organisation. With these tools in hand, your sales reps can navigate their journeys with confidence, secure in the knowledge that their efforts are backed by powerful insights. Elevate your sales game—embrace Zoho CRM’s forecasting tools today. Success, redefined. Targets, exceeded.

Tailored forecasting: Elevate your sales strategy with custom forecasting categories in Zoho CRM

In the dynamic realm of sales, every deal is unique, and so is the path it takes towards closure. Recognising this diversity, Zoho CRM introduces a revolutionary feature: Custom Forecasting Categories. We understand that your business operates with its own distinct nuances, and these custom categories empower you to align your forecasting precisely with your individual processes.

Tailor-made categories

Not all deals fit the traditional molds of ‘Pipeline,’ ‘Best Case,’ or ‘Committed.’ Your business might have deals in distinctive stages that demand specialised attention. With the freedom to create two custom categories, you can now define and track deals that don’t conform to standard classifications. This flexibility ensures that your forecasting reflects the intricacies of your sales journey.

Vibrant visual representation

Visual cues play a pivotal role in comprehending your data swiftly. With the ability to assign unique colours to your custom categories, you enhance the visual representation of your forecasts. These vibrant colours serve as instant markers, allowing your team to grasp the nuances of each deal category effortlessly.

Comprehensive integration

These custom categories seamlessly integrate across crucial touchpoints. Whether you’re creating forecasts, generating target achievement reports, analysing forecast performance, or assessing user activities, these categories and their associated colors are consistently reflected. This integration ensures a unified experience across the CRM landscape.

Empowering decision-making

By tailoring your forecasting categories, you empower your team to make informed decisions. Every unique deal stage is now accurately represented, offering deeper insights into your sales pipeline. This precision equips your team with the knowledge needed to strategise effectively, prioritise opportunities, and enhance conversion rates.

In a world where one size doesn’t fit all, Zoho CRM’s Custom Forecasting Categories pave the way for personalised and insightful forecasting. Embrace this feature, tailor your forecasts to match your business intricacies, and navigate your sales journey with precision and confidence. Your sales strategy, your rules. Unleash the power of customised forecasting with Zoho CRM.

Discover Zoho CRM Forecasting here

CRM updates for your admin team

Last but certainly not least, we turn our focus to the unsung heroes of your organization: the CRM administrators. Behind the scenes, they work tirelessly to maintain the intricate web of your CRM deployment. Recognising their crucial role, Zoho have introduced a host of tools designed to simplify CRM account management. Let’s uncover the solutions tailored exclusively for your valued administrators!

Streamline your CRM: Introducing enhanced Deduplication in Zoho CRM

In the world of CRM, duplicate data is akin to unwanted noise, disrupting the harmony of your customer management. Just as you’d prefer crisp bills over duplicated laundry finds, your CRM deserves the same clarity. Zoho have supercharged their deduplication system in Zoho CRM to ensure your data remains pristine and your operations seamless.

Tailored search parameters

Precision is key when eliminating duplicates. Zoho’s enhanced system allows you to fine-tune your searches by customising search parameters. Add or remove fields to your search criteria, enabling you to pinpoint duplicates with surgical accuracy. This customisation ensures that your efforts are focused precisely where they’re needed.

Extended Deduplication support

Gone are the days of limited deduplication scope. Now, you can expand your cleansing efforts beyond the standard modules. Our updated system supports not only Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Vendors but also seamlessly integrates with the Deals module and all your custom modules. This comprehensive coverage ensures that no corner of your CRM remains cluttered, letting your team work with data that’s unclouded and reliable.

Effortless data harmony

Imagine a CRM where every piece of information is unique and accurate. With these enhancements, achieving this harmonious state becomes effortless. By efficiently identifying and merging duplicates across various modules, your CRM transforms into a hub of clarity, empowering your team to make decisions based on trustworthy data.

Simplified operation

Complexity is the enemy of efficiency. By simplifying the deduplication process and extending support to more modules, we’ve made sure your operations remain streamlined. Say goodbye to the tedious task of sifting through duplicates manually; instead, embrace the ease of automated deduplication tailored to your specific needs.

In the realm of efficient CRM management, clarity is paramount. With our enhanced deduplication system, we’re ensuring that your CRM experience is as crisp and uncluttered as fresh banknotes. Dive into a world where duplicates are swiftly identified and effortlessly eradicated, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters: building genuine customer relationships. Experience the power of a cleaner, more efficient CRM with Zoho.

Empower collaborative ownership: Enhanced User Field controls in Zoho CRM

Collaboration lies at the heart of successful ventures. In the realm of CRM, shared ownership of records enhances teamwork and fosters productive relationships. Recognising this, Zoho CRM introduced user fields, allowing businesses to extend co-ownership of records. However, every collaboration needs structure, especially when it comes to data access and permissions.

Business benefits of introducing Accessible Collaboration

In response to your needs, we’ve elevated our user field functionality. Now, not only can you share ownership, but you can also control accessibility. Admins hold the reins, deciding the level of access co-owners possess. Three distinct permission levels have been unveiled:

Full access
For those who need to delve deep, modify, and curate records collaboratively. Full access ensures comprehensive control, allowing co-owners to actively engage with the shared records, making necessary changes to nurture leads and manage deals effectively.

Read/write access
Strike a balance between collaboration and data integrity. With read/write access, co-owners can peruse records and contribute valuable insights. While they can’t alter foundational data, they have the flexibility to enhance records by adding their expertise, ensuring collaborative input while safeguarding essential information.

Read-only access
Sometimes, insights matter more than edits. Read-only access enables co-owners to absorb the information within records without altering their core structure. Ideal for scenarios where shared knowledge enhances decision-making without the need for extensive modifications.

Maintain data integrity, foster collaboration
By offering these nuanced accessibility controls, Zoho CRM ensures that collaborative efforts remain harmonious. Your team can collaborate seamlessly on pivotal deals and prospects, secure in the knowledge that data integrity is preserved. No longer bound by rigid permissions, your collaborative ventures can flourish, making each shared endeavor a step towards your collective success. Experience the power of collaborative ownership with Zoho CRM’s enhanced user field controls. Elevate your teamwork, nurture your leads, and propel your business forward.

Simple data consistency: Introducing Global Sets in Zoho CRM

In the dynamic world of CRM management, consistency is key. Imagine a scenario where the industry label on a lead matches precisely with the industry selection in your opportunity module. A seamless flow of information like this is a dream come true for CRM administrators and sales teams alike.

Streamlining with Global Sets

Enter Zoho CRM’s revolutionary solution: Global Sets. Gone are the days of painstakingly replicating picklists across diverse modules. Now, CRM administrators can breathe a sigh of relief and wave goodbye to redundant efforts. With Global Sets, you create a single, master set of picklist values that harmonise perfectly with various modules.

Unleashing administrative efficiency

Admins, picture the time saved, the complexity eliminated, and the errors avoided. Instead of duplicating the same picklist across multiple modules, now you can establish a global set effortlessly. By associating this set with various modules, you ensure uniformity in data across the CRM landscape. From lead sources to industries and countries, every crucial piece of information aligns seamlessly, enhancing your CRM’s accuracy and efficiency.

Empowering sales with accuracy

For your sales team, this translates into more than just streamlined data. It’s about having confidence in the information they use daily. Accurate and consistent picklists mean no more confusion, no more mismatched data points. It’s about making informed decisions swiftly, relying on a CRM that delivers precise, uniform data throughout the sales journey.

Seize the future of CRM

Global Sets herald a new era in CRM management. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about crafting a CRM environment where accuracy is effortless and consistency is inherent. Your CRM data is no longer fragmented—it’s harmonised, optimised, and ready to fuel your business growth. Step into this new era, embrace the power of Global Sets, and witness your CRM transform into a beacon of streamlined, reliable data.

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Shape your digital identity: Introducing Custom Domain Mapping in Zoho CRM

In the realm of business, crafting a strong brand identity is akin to painting a masterpiece—each stroke, every colour, and the smallest detail contribute to the overall perception. However, imagine admiring a painting, only to find a jarring, out-of-place element disrupting the harmony. This inconsistency, especially in the digital sphere, can dilute the essence of your brand.

Enter Custom Domain Mapping
At Zoho CRM, we understand the art of brand consistency. We’re thrilled to introduce a revolutionary feature: Custom Domain Mapping. Picture this as a brushstroke in your brand’s masterpiece. It’s the difference between a painting and a masterpiece—a seamless experience where every interaction resonates with your brand identity.

Your brand, your domain
Custom Domain Mapping allows your business to seamlessly integrate Zoho CRM into your brand universe. No longer confined to generic URLs like crm.zoho.com, your CRM platform can now reside under your unique domain. Imagine accessing your CRM through an intuitive link like sales.yourcompany.com. This isn’t just a URL; it’s a digital embodiment of your brand—a virtual handshake that reaffirms your identity at every click.

Why Custom Domain Mapping matters in Zoho CRM

This feature isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s about the fusion of function and identity. With Custom Domain Mapping, your customers navigate an environment that is distinctly yours. No disruptive third-party names, no inconsistencies—just a harmonious, branded experience. It’s about reinforcing trust, enhancing credibility, and ensuring that every interaction aligns seamlessly with your brand story.

Embrace consistency
In an era where digital interactions define relationships, Custom Domain Mapping isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a transformation. It’s about embracing a CRM experience where function dances in harmony with your brand’s melody. Say goodbye to generic interactions; say hello to a CRM platform where your brand identity shines through. Welcome to a new chapter—a digital realm where your brand feels at home, and your customers feel the authenticity of your presence. Custom Domain Mapping is more than just a feature; it’s your brand’s digital masterpiece.

Empowering your CRM ecosystem: Introducing enhanced admin tools

In the intricate tapestry of your business, every thread, no matter how small, plays a crucial role. Imagine if some threads became entangled, affecting the overall fabric. This analogy holds true for your CRM system—each configuration, every role, profile, and web form must align seamlessly for optimal functionality. Admins are the weavers, ensuring this digital tapestry remains flawless. That’s where our enhanced Admin Tools come into play.

A closer look at Zoho CRM enhanced admin tools
Earlier this year, we introduced Admin Tools—a boon for CRM administrators. It empowered them to declutter, removing redundant configurations like templates, reports, custom views, and workflows in bulk. This functionality simplified their workload, ensuring the CRM system operated at its peak efficiency.

What’s New
Building on this success, we’ve enhanced Admin Tools further. Now, administrators possess the ability to not only identify but also filter and delete roles, profiles, and web forms in bulk. This newfound capability ensures a streamlined CRM environment, eliminating unnecessary complexities that could hinder your sales team’s performance.

The impact of enhanced admin tools in your Zoho CRM
Imagine your CRM as a finely tuned instrument, each role, profile, and web form resonating in perfect harmony. With Enhanced Admin Tools, administrators can orchestrate this harmony effortlessly. They can remove outdated, redundant elements in one sweeping motion, ensuring that your sales team operates within an environment optimized for success.

Why enhanced Admin tools matter to your Zoho CRM

In the fast-paced world of sales, efficiency is paramount. A clutter-free CRM allows your sales representatives to focus on what truly matters—building relationships and closing deals. Enhanced Admin Tools aren’t just an upgrade; they’re a catalyst for streamlined operations, ensuring that every interaction within your CRM is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Empower Your CRM Journey
At Zoho CRM, we believe in empowering every aspect of your CRM journey. Enhanced Admin Tools are a testament to this commitment. As your business evolves, so does our technology. These tools ensure that your CRM system remains agile, adaptable, and ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Seamless, Efficient, Empowered
Enhanced Admin Tools—a testament to our dedication to empowering your CRM ecosystem. It’s not just about features; it’s about shaping experiences, ensuring that every thread in your digital tapestry weaves seamlessly. Welcome to a streamlined CRM experience—where efficiency meets empowerment, and your business thrives.

Native Integration Support in Sandbox

In the dynamic realm of CRM solutions, every update is a stride toward seamless operations and enhanced user experience. Our latest enhancement, the introduction of Native Integration Support in Sandbox, marks a significant leap in ensuring the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of your CRM integrations.

Risk-free innovation

Imagine a playground where your integration ideas can be tested, refined, and perfected without the fear of disruptions. That’s precisely what Native Integration Support in Sandbox offers. For businesses, this translates into a risk-free environment to innovate, experiment, and align integrations precisely with organisational needs. No more hesitations about trying out new integrations or tweaking existing ones; the Sandbox now acts as your secure experimentation space.

Precision deployment

In the competitive landscape, precision is paramount. With the ability to thoroughly test Zoho Survey and Zoho Social integrations within the Sandbox, businesses gain the power to deploy integrations with confidence. Imagine seamlessly aligning customer surveys or social media interactions with your CRM processes. The result? Enhanced customer insights, targeted marketing, and streamlined engagement strategies. Precision deployment is not just a benefit—it’s a competitive advantage.

Cost-efficiency through error prevention

Integration errors can be costly, both in terms of time and resources. With the Sandbox as your testing ground, businesses can proactively prevent integration errors before they impact the live CRM environment. The financial implications of avoiding costly integration disruptions are substantial. By mitigating errors and ensuring seamless integrations, your business saves not only money but also the invaluable commodity of time.

Strategic decision-making

Informed decisions are the bedrock of strategic growth. With robust testing capabilities, businesses gain insights into the behavior, performance, and impact of integrations. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make strategic decisions rooted in real-time observations. Whether it’s optimising customer interactions or enhancing data flow across departments, strategic decisions become a natural outcome of precise testing and analysis.

In summary, Native Integration Support in Sandbox is not just an update; it’s a catalyst for transformative CRM experiences. It’s about empowering businesses to innovate fearlessly, deploy confidently, save efficiently, strategise wisely, and enhance experiences exponentially. Welcome to a new era of CRM integration excellence, where every update translates into tangible business benefits.

Zoho CRM updates November 2023 wrap up

That concludes our overview of the latest CRM updates. Whether you’ve been exploring these features since their early access or you’re encountering them for the first time, we encourage you to get in touch and discuss how these new options could change the way you are using Zoho CRM.

While there are more exciting features brewing behind the scenes, they are still on the horizon. Until our next update, that’s the latest Zoho CRM updates November 2023, but do follow us on LinkedIn for further news and product updates and how to get the most from your Zoho solutions.

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