Build your business with Zoho Commerce

Zoho Commerce contains all the tools you need to build a website, accept orders, track inventory, process payments, manage shipping, market your brand, and analyse your data.

  • Build an e-Commerce website
  • Manage your store
  • Market your store online
  • Extend the capability of your online store
  • Get the benefits of analytics for your store and your business

Are you looking for an online store with stock management?

Discover – Review your business and what you are looking to sell online with our internal experts that love working with businesses looking to transform their sales online.

Hassle-free ImplementationHelp with data cleansing, setup of the store, inventory system and payment portal, we know what it takes to ensure deployment is successfully bringing technology and e-commerce together. Our team has lots of experience helping businesses with stock management, drop shipping, online stores and those pesky abandoned carts.

We’ll help you with setting up any automation so you can concentrate on that next product for your store and helping your customers.

Training where you need it – Creating an online store is easy but managing it ongoing can be difficult. We’re here to train all users on the system and how to make those last minute tweaks to a new product and service you want to add. Making the most out of the technology you have at your finger tips.

Full support –  From creating the product listing to taking payment and delivering that order we’re here to support you all the way.

We can deliver the full Zoho package. Whether you are looking to adopt Zoho Commerce only or are seeking wider business transformation, we can help. As Zoho Partners, our expertise spans Analytics (Reporting), Accounts, CRM, customer service, marketing and more. 

Why Zoho Commerce and not Shopify?

Although Zoho commerce is a relatively new kid on the block. The integrations that you get are great.

Out of the box you can integrate CRM, Payments, Marketing, Delivery and stock management. This along with the ability to publish your store on ebay, shopify, etsy and soon Amazon UK. This is we feel the best product you have the ability to seen one view.

Within Zoho Commerce you can do the following and much more

  • Products, SKUs pricing
  • Orders and payments
  • Delivery with integration with shipment channels like Dpd, DHL, FedEx, Parcelforce, Ups, Yodel and many more
  • Managing stock with purchase orders and drop shopping
  • Ability to connect your store to sell on Etsy, Ebay and Shopify and manage all your online stores in one place to set individual pricing
Zoho Commerce product page

 What does Zoho Commerce have to offer?

There are still so many businesses that don’t have a website let alone an online store.

So why even use Zoho Commerce? Well we’ve answered some questions that customers have asked before.

  1. Can the ecommerce site be mobile? Of course it’s mobile responsive
  2. Can a product be hidden? Yes absolutely. You can choose what is shown
  3. What payments does Zoho Commerce offer? Payments can be made through stripe to allow google/apple pay and other wallets. You can enable paypal for instant payments. You can also allow for BACS and transfers
  4. Is it easy to add products? All you’ll need is an spreadsheet of your products and we can give you a template to work from
  5. Does it connect to other services? Yes you can connect commerce to 
  6. Can I allow for customer reviews on my products? of course this is already built into the system for you and can be moderated
  7. Will it connect to my current website? Yes we can help you to setup the domain to be a seamless transition from your website. Be sure to checkout our shop
  8. Can you track orders, delivery and refunds for customers? Of course and very easily within with admin panel. Let us know if you’d like a demo
  9. We’d like to survey our customers after a sale is this possible? yes you can do this with an integration with Zoho Survey or auto sending them an email depending on your preferences
  10. We have more than one warehouse is this possible? Yes you can have up to 10 warehouses

Please contact us if you’d like to know more about the Zoho suite of business solutions, and why they are a good fit for your business. 

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