New Goldstar SaaS partnership with Agicap!

As an Advanced Zoho Partner, Goldstar are committed to helping small and medium size organisations put in place the right strategies, processes and technologies to transform the success of their business for faster, better and smarter growth. As part of this we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Agicap!

Agicap’s SaaS cash flow management tool created for businesses has already attracted more than 7,000 customers across France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the US and the United Kingdom. Their Banking Communication capabilities unlock full Zoho possibilities. On top of that, Agicap offers complementary solutions for Daily Cash Management, Liquidity Planning, Business Spend Management, and Cash Collection.

What does Agicap offer?

Agicap provides an all-in-one solution comprising 3 modules: Agicap Cash Flow, Agicap CashCollect and Agicap Payment. This solution is based on their leading data integration technology, able to integrate and process data from all banks and all major business software in Europe in real time. Financial workflows are automated on the platform, to allow reliable, accurate and time saving cash flow management.

Agicap also handles critical operations with direct impact on a business’ cash flows: from the same platform finance teams are able to manage, process and optimise their accounts payable and accounts receivable, with simplified payment processes and automated workflows.


Business benefits of adopting Agicap:

  • Painless integration with Zoho Books.
  • Reliable, accurate, automated and time saving cash flow management and forecasting analysis.
  • Manage, process and optimise accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  • ‘What-If” scenario analysis with Agicap and Zoho data
  • Expert support from Goldstar to get the most from both Agicap and Zoho solutions!

Discover more at our joint webinar

What can you expect from our introduction seminar? We aim to discover how Goldstar IT, an Advanced Zoho partner, and Agicap, a modular treasury management solution, can help small and medium-sized organizations achieve faster, better, and smarter growth. 

You will discover how Agicap’s Banking Communication capabilities can unlock the full potential of Zoho, and learn about their complementary solutions for Daily Cash Management, Liquidity Planning, Business Spend Management, and Cash Collection;

  • Streamline your cash management processes
  • Enhance financial visibility and control
  • Drive growth and profitability

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