Zoho Inventory Winter update 2022

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management software designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their stock levels, track purchases, and fulfill customer orders. It already integrates seamlessly with Zoho Books but it is always being improved upon and the Zoho Inventory Winter update 2022 is no exception.

Advanced multi-currency handling

Elite and Ultimate plan users of Zoho Inventory can now create transactions for their customers in any currency. Let’s think about AuStar Kitchens and how this helps them.

Herb Johnson is a Sales Lead for UK-based AUStar Kitchens. He is supplying a lot of kitchens and fittings to a kitchen supplier in Ireland, and having to invoice them in Euros. Previously, for every invoice he has to find the current exchange rate and apply it to the transaction. This takes time, slows the process and increases the chance of errors creeping in.

Now with advance multi-currency handling, Herb can create a transaction with a different currency for a customer and Zoho Inventory will automatically fetch the current exchange rate and apply it to his transaction, reducing the chance of error and simplifying his process.

Zoho Inventory fetches the exchange rates automatically for the foreign currency in real-time while Herb creates transactions. These exchange rates are fetched from Zoho’s third-party service provider Open Exchange Rates against the base currency of AuStar Kitchens. However, Herb can still enter the rates manually, disabling the exchange rate feeds first, and enter the exchange rates manually.


More statuses for shipments

Zoho Inventory now has more statuses available in the shipments module to help you track your shipments efficiently. Let’s check back with AuStar Kitchens and see what they can now add.

Herb’s doing a great job and has a lot heading out to his new customer in Ireland. Maggie works in Logistics, keeping track of all the shipments. With Zoho Analytics new statuses for shipments she can tell her customers exactly where anything is at a touch of a button.

Now, shipment statuses are split into two status groups: Shipped and Delivered. Each status group will have multiple statuses that will inform the customer about the precise status of their shipment.

To apply a status to a shipment, go to the Shipments module, select a shipment, click the dropdown next to Mark as Delivered, and select Update Shipment Status.


Track shipments from the Client Portal

Not only can Maggie give more detailed information from Zoho Inventory, but her customers can track packages from their portal using the tracking link. If they wanted they could even view a timeline off all statuses of a shipment since its creation.


Improvements to UPS integration

Whilst we are looking at shipping let’s take a look at this improvement to UPS integration. When you use UPS they will provide certain forms for customs clearance purposes. With this update, Zoho Inventory will auto-attach these forms with the respective shipment as a document when you generate shipping labels for it.

Updates to Zoho Inventory’s Android app

  • Record the credits you’ve received from your vendors
  • View associated transactions in a customer’s details page
  • Use the custom fields that were created in the web app in Inventory Adjustments, Transfer Orders, and Picklists
  • Print or download inventory adjustments, bundles, and transfer orders as PDFs
  • Attach files to inventory adjustments and transfer orders
  • Execute Sales Order Cycle
  • Improved user experience and fixed bugs

Zoho Inventory is adding new features all the time. Check back with us for updates or better yet, get in touch and we can make sure you are getting the best from your Zoho Inventory solution.

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