My First Week

Hi I’m Josh, the newest member of Goldstar IT. I thought I’d give you a run-through of my first week. I have joined their fantastic development team as a software developer. This is a role that I never thought I would be in when I graduated in 2019 with a History and Japanese degree.

josh headshot


However, it is one I progressed to and developed a deep interest in while working in other roles. I spent my commute reading articles and downloading almost every coding tutorial app I could find on my phone. Some of my favourites were CodeAcademy, TheOdinProject and 30day Javascript Challenge. I finally enrolled in a full-time web developer boot camp. This gave me a chance to firmly familiarise myself with the basics of full stack development. There was a mix of fabulous highs and devastating lows and at times left me feeling like a keyboard whizz and at others left me questioning if I actually learned how to spell in school.

The First Week

The first week at a new job is usually a mix of nervous excitement the morning before the first meeting followed by getting up to speed on the specific company processes and introducing yourself to colleagues and clients. My first week at Goldstar featured all of this with the key difference of the colleagues I was working with. They gave me every opportunity to practise what I learned practically deploying changes to a test profile. It helped me quickly get up to speed on how they operate and made me feel at home as the newest member of their team.

While I have some experience working as part of a team of developers, Jake and Anthony went above and beyond not just to get me up to speed quickly but also to make me feel like part of the team. They gave me ample opportunity to immediately pitch in and give my thoughts on projects they were working on.

josh wfh desk


Joining a company remotely is something many can relate to in the recent months. It’s a slightly less personal way of meeting your colleague, while at the same time exposing you to their home decoration tastes. Despite being the second employee that Goldstar have onboarded remotely, the process of getting up to speed was incredibly smooth. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive team to start up with.

What I’m Looking Forward To

I have now completed my first week and can’t wait to get stuck in. The thing I am most looking forward to doing at Goldstar is taking a client through a feature I have custom made for them. What drew me to apply initially is the commitment the team offer. They create a solid application that works for a client’s specific requirements. After sitting in on serval meetings with Jake and Anthony, it is something they do fantastically well. They understand what clients need and quickly create it for them. This is something I cannot wait to be able to take part in myself.

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