How To… simplify creating Zoho Connections

Connections enable you to connect to many third-party or other Zoho services using OAuth 2.0 authorisation. It abstracts the entire OAuth 2.0 authorisation flow and keeps your code simple, clean, and crisp. In other words it reinvents the clunky API authentication process and makes it far simpler to maintain and manage your API connection. Join us as we simplify creating Zoho Connections in our most recent ‘How To’ video.

Once you’ve configured a connection and linked it to your corresponding third-party account, you can easily access third-party APIs in your code by mentioning the Connection’s link name, without having to worry about configuration data storage and access token regeneration.

Check out our video below as I take you through the steps to simplify creating Zoho Connections;

  • Discover ‘My Connections’
  • ‘Sourcing’ settings
  • Viewing existing connections in “My Connections”
  • Learning about ‘Scopes’ In Zoho CRM
  • ‘Connection’ creation

Hopefully you found this video on simplify creating Zoho Connections useful. Our “How To…” videos are designed to help you find more efficient ways to tackle everyday processes. This series will help you simplify your Zoho experience. The videos are designed to reduce excessive steps, increases accuracy and provides valuable details for you and other members of your business.

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