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  • Why Zoho Desk is the king of integrated customer support

    We, at Goldstar, know customer service is paramount when it comes to building trust, confidence and retention with our clients. Nothing comes close for boosting reputation, word of mouth marketing, and of course, making sure your customers are happy with your service at every step. There are plenty of systems on the market that help...
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  • My First Week

    Hi I’m Josh, the newest member of Goldstar IT. I thought I’d give you a run-through of my first week. I have joined their fantastic development team as a software developer. This is a role that I never thought I would be in when I graduated in 2019 with a History and Japanese degree.  ...
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  • Marketing Services at Goldstar

    At Goldstar, we see the value in our marketing. We understand the importance and decided to invest more in our Marketing during Covid-19 and lockdown. We would now like to offer these services out to help you and your business achieve your marketing goals. How we use Marketing at Goldstar Having rebranded at the beginning...
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  • Have you set targets or strategised for 2021?

    Have you set targets or strategised for 2021? Following on from my blog back in August I want to share with you what we’re planning in 2021. Like many, 2020 has been an interesting year for me. From getting engaged back in February, buying a house during lockdown, expecting a new addition to the family...
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  • A Bit About Me

    Hi, I’m Anthony. I thought I’d tell you all a bit about me and how I came to be an employee at Goldstar IT. So after a few months of blogs I think it’s time to properly introduce myself and tell you all about me. I am the System Designer here at Goldstar IT. I...
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