Why Zoho Desk is the king of integrated customer support

We, at Goldstar, know customer support is paramount when it comes to building trust, confidence and retention with our clients. Nothing comes close for boosting reputation, word of mouth marketing, and of course, making sure your customers are happy with your service at every step.

There are plenty of systems on the market that help businesses manage their customer service delivery, but do they all do the same job? Josh Howitt, one of Goldstar’s Zoho Desk developers put the following list together of why Zoho’s integrated solution is one of the best you’ll find. Together, we will look at how it makes life easier for agents, managers, engineers, and of course, your customers.

Guess what? It’s all automated and completely customisable!

Don’t worry, we won’t dig too deep into the tech side of things. We’re not here to bamboozle anyone with tech terms, code functions, and how it all works together. But we do want to mention how much functionality is included as standard. Some of Desk’s best features are the simplest, while others are incredibly clever and take a little exploration to get the best out of them.

Using Zoho’s web apps, extensions, custom functions, and embeddable self-service components, there’s a unique experience available for every team.

You can bring experts into the customer support chat, keeping them invisible to the customer

As a Zoho Desk developer, I love that you can bring in the engineers, technicians or accountants, to privately discuss the customer’s issue—directly in the interface—without the customer seeing a single word. Using the ‘comment privately’ feature keeps your business-side discussions confidential but within the channel for future reference whenever required. That means no more passing customers from pillar to post or lengthy waits for call-backs.

Zoho Desk keeps your customer data private—protecting sensitive information and customer accounts

For organisations dealing with customers most sensitive data, Desk keeps all online communication safe and secure. It uses two-step authentication, SOC 2 certification, and data centres with bulletproof security.

Use your Service Level Agreements to bolster customer support

Implementing customer support systems for every kind of business, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are a standard when it comes to meeting targets and monitoring performance. Managers only have to keep their eye out for Zoho’s red highlights. These will notifying them that their SLAs haven’t been met within support tickets.

Desk also shows which agents are available and which aren’t, detecting ‘agent collision’ where two or more agents have the same tickets open simultaneously.

Build your own custom reports

Managers, teams, and even individual agents will be interested in performance, practices, and the vast amount of data available from within Desk. Using its data, strengths and weaknesses are highlighted and procedures monitored. Ultimately, powering better systems to boost all angles of performance.

You choose how you customise and configure the reports that highlight everything you need to see. Including within each module, in tabular, summary or matrix views.

Zoho Desk integrates seamlessly with Zoho and third-party apps

It’s powerful enough to work as a standalone application, but it doesn’t have to end there. After building a thorough understanding of how your business works through our unique Discovery Workshop. Goldstar understands the complexities of your business. The beauty of the Zoho system is that it’s the sum of many parts and as a result of our Discovery Workshop, we, at Goldstar, know what your business needs. There are over forty standard tools on Zoho that combine their functions seamlessly. With Goldstar’s Zoho Desk developers creating apps and modules specifically for Desk, there are many, many more add-ons serving all kinds of purposes available from the Zoho Marketplace.

It’s not just the specially developed apps that integrate with Desk, however. You’ll find an abundance of your favourite applications ready to go. If you use Slack, Zoom, Cliq, YouTube, Vimeo or WooCommerce, we can integrate them, and so many more, into your setup.

Desk has a built-in knowledge base—for customers and agents

Many of your customers won’t want to wait for someone to come to their rescue and are happy to hunt out the solutions themselves. To give you that facility, Desk helps you build your unique business knowledge base. This becomes a set of rules, instructions, and documents that benefit both your customers and agents, pinpointing problems and solutions in a few clicks.

Think of it as an in-depth FAQ, saving your agents from answering the same old questions over and over.

Define your workflow with Blueprints for maximum performance

Desk’s Blueprints refines process workflows by defining each stage of the operation (these stages are called transitions in Desk). For every transition, Desk can suggest or automate requests and actions, schedule emails or tasks. It’s also a great place to see where a ticket is placed within the operation.

Workflows add even more automation to Desk. They can assign tickets to specific agents, send emails, and update processes. The less manual operations involved, the more time and money you can save. While Desk’s standard automation may not always be suitable for your particular process, it also includes a variety of macros that provide additional functionality and additional automated options.

Web-based and cloud-hosted, installation and operation is simple—wherever you are

Desk is on-demand wherever you are; that’s the beauty of a cloud-based system. There’s less to worry about with software issues because it’s all web-based. Whether you’re sat at a desk or working via mobile, Desk allows you to engage with your customers, partners, and project workers whenever you need to, from wherever you are.

Zoho Desk is jam-packed with features that boost productivity

The Zoho suite is focused to provide effective solutions designed to make your life easier. It will take on many tasks you don’t need to manually manage anymore. Freeing up time and allowing you to be more efficient.

It’s completely customisable—from portal layouts to in-dashboard reports

Goldstar IT understands your business is unique. You won’t do things the same way your competitors do, and certainly not how another industry operation does. So, we ensure your Zoho dashboards speak to you.

You shouldn’t have to jump from screen to screen or tab to tab to find the information you need or to action a particular request. Your dashboard customisable—so you can pick the apps and elements you access the most. Plus, its compact and cleverly designed UI, everything is right where you need it—all on one page.

Connect with your customers from multiple touchpoints

Desk isn’t just another web-chat plugin. It creates customer support tickets via email, phone, website, social media, and of course, directly from your help centre. It also heralds a community forum platform, so, if they’d prefer, your customers can find solutions within other user discussions.

If you’re constantly on the go but still need to access Desk to stay up to date with the latest movement on particular projects and accounts. There are two Zoho Desk apps (Android and iOS), bringing access to all your tickets, contacts, tasks and more, all from the palm of your hand.

And if that wasn’t enough, Desk uses an AI-powered voice assistant—Zia. Customers can chat directly with Zia. When trained to carry out your processes, Zia manages all kinds of actions—even processing orders. As a Zoho Desk developer, I love using the latest tech, and Zia is a significant step forward.

And finally, it integrates perfectly with Zoho CRM

Of course, it does. Zoho CRM is designed to keep everything you do beautifully linked and in one easy to access location. Despite its vast range of tools, it still feels like one piece of intuitive and ingenious bit of kit.

It goes without saying that Desk is one more beautifully slotted-in piece of the Zoho business operating system. It seamlessly brings your customer service contacts and operations into the loop with marketing and sales, finance, HR, and logistics.

That’s why Zoho Desk developers love it. There’s so much to it, and yet so simple to install, set up, and operate. Whether you choose to use it as a standalone application or another branch of your business management system, Desk is powerful enough to get the job done yet simple enough for anyone to understand.

Get in touch with us today to see how, in the trusted hands of Goldstar, Zoho Desk can help your customer support reign supreme. Making sure your customers are happy with your customer service at every step.

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