Zoho Books update June 2024

Welcome to the Zoho Books update for June 2024. This latest release brings a couple of advanced features and enhancements designed to elevate your accounting operations and empower your financial management strategies. From enhanced automation capabilities to enriched reporting functionalities, Zoho Books continues to lead the way in innovation to meet the evolving needs of businesses worldwide.

Join us as we explore the exciting new updates that promise to streamline your financial workflows and drive productivity. Let’s dive into what Zoho Books has to offer in June 2024!

Track and Filter Your Notifications

Introducing the “Track and Filter Your Notifications” feature in Zoho Books. Now, you have the ability to manage and filter notifications more effectively within your Zoho Books environment. This includes tracking unread notifications and filtering those triggered by workflow rules and third-party APIs. With these enhanced capabilities, you can maintain better organisation of your notifications, ensuring that important updates are never overlooked.

Business benefits of Tracking and Filtering Your Notifications

This update provides significant business benefits by enhancing operational efficiency and productivity. By filtering notifications based on your preferences and workflow rules, you can streamline communication and prioritise critical tasks promptly. This proactive approach ensures that you stay informed about important events, such as overdue payments, inventory updates, or new client interactions. By reducing clutter and focusing on relevant notifications, Zoho Books empowers you to maintain smoother workflows and make informed decisions efficiently.

Klarna Payment Method for Stripe 

We’re excited to introduce Klarna as a new payment method available in Zoho Books through Stripe. Klarna enhances payment flexibility for your customers by enabling immediate payments or installment options, fostering greater convenience and control over their purchasing experience. This integration empowers businesses to cater to diverse customer preferences, supporting seamless transactions that align with modern payment trends.

Business benefits of Klarna Payment Method for Stripe 

Implementing Klarna in Zoho Inventory opens doors to expanded customer payment options, enhancing overall shopping experiences and satisfaction. By offering flexible payment solutions like immediate payments and installment plans, businesses can attract more customers and increase sales conversions. This integration not only improves customer convenience but also strengthens customer loyalty through enhanced payment flexibility, ultimately driving business growth and revenue.

To enable Klarna: Navigate to Settings > Online Payments > Payment Gateways, and click Edit Settings under Stripe. Then, select the Edit icon next to Payment Methods, and choose Klarna from the list of payment methods.

As you explore the latest enhancements introduced in Zoho Books update for June 2024, we encourage you to envision how these advancements can streamline and elevate your accounting operations. From enhanced notification management to refined automation tools, each feature is designed to optimise efficiency and empower smarter financial management decisions.

If you’re curious about how these updates can transform your business processes or need personalised guidance on implementing them effectively, book a meeting with our experts. Our team is here to help you harness the full potential of Zoho Books tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements.

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