Zoho Marketing Hub is the all-in-one automation software that helps you manage all your marketing activities, from pipeline management and customer behaviour tracking through to campaign planning, all in one place.

Here at Goldstar, we know better than most just how hard it can be for marketers to stay on top of their brief. With leads to qualify, ever more campaigns & channels to track and decisions to justify, it’s a heavy load to carry.

By equipping you with Zoho Marketing Hub, we’re here to make the load a lot lighter. As well as offering you a single portal for lead management, the Hub gives you a better understanding of your customers, complete with in-depth reports on performance and growth.

Combining automation with analysis, the Zoho Marketing Hub makes it easier to juggle your commitments, letting you focus your time on what really matters: smarter decisions, happier customers and more sales.

Sales & Marketing: It’s Time for Smart, Joined- Up Action

Achieving sales and marketing alignment can help businesses become 67% better at closing deals (Source).

Companies with tightly aligned sales and marketing departments achieve 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth (Source).

With a seamless link between marketing and sales, companies tend to win more deals in less time. The handover of prospective buyers from marketing to sales teams is a smooth one. This enables sales people to hit the ground running with each lead, increasing the chances of swift and successful deal closure.

Despite recognising the value that can be gained from breaking down sales & marketing silos, a quarter of companies say their teams are either “misaligned” or “rarely aligned”. If you’re lacking the tools and processes to bring your people together, we have the answer…

How Zoho Marketing Hub Can Help Your Business

Lead capture, transformed with Zoho Marketing Hub. Add sign-up forms and pop-ups to your website, landing pages, ecommerce platform and social media posts. Build automated, unique journeys for your leads. Design your own flow using the drag-and-drop builder or use one of the pre-designed journey templates.
End-to-end lead tracking. Use the Touchpoints function to see how leads engage with your web pages and segment your audience according to behaviour/interests. Understand where leads come from, how many touches it takes to convert and more. Use touchpoint analysis to identify your best/worst performing sources to optimise your campaign.

Multichannel communication management with Zoho Marketing Hub. Reach out to your leads via email, SMS & social all from within the Hub. Keep all lead data in one place, allowing you to follow up with leads, any way you like. Create and send drip emails, send relevant, personalised texts, post status/direct social messages, track responses and measure your reach.

Improved campaign planning with Zoho Marketing Hub. For promotions on email, social media or print, set and track budgets and objectives. Assign an expected profit return and compare this to actual returns for that activity.

Evaluate and refer with ease with Zoho Marketing Hub. Evaluate and identify prospective buyers for referral to the sales team. Automatically filter out non-viable prospects and flag up leads suitable for referral on the basis of their engagement levels. Sales agents get full visibility on communications/behaviour relating to the lead to date, meaning less time wasted on getting up to speed with lead profiles.

Generate insights on demand with Zoho Marketing Hub. Visualise the performance of your entire marketing funnel with compelling reports, graphs and journey traces. Analyse lead behaviour, drill down to opens, clicks, un-subscribers and locations on email and track each lead based on the touchpoint track they’ve taken.

Goldstar: Putting you in full control of your sales & marketing campaigns

By getting to know you and your people, our job is to make sure you get the most out of Zoho’s powerful marketing automation software. For faster growth, happier teams and a brighter view of your business, here’s what we can do…

Hassle-free implementation. Our experts are with you every step of the way with pre-installation consultation, data cleansing and planning. The goal is a pain-free implementation – and we have the proven experience to deliver.

Full support. Our philosophy is to help you work brighter: something that we never lose sight of when showing you how to put your new Marketing Hub to work. We offer full training delivered in such a way that your people will love the Zoho Marketing Hub as much as we do. This includes 24-hour support and troubleshooting on demand.

We can deliver the full Zoho package. We are Zoho Advanced Partners with expertise spanning CRM, data analytics and customer service technology. For business transformation, better decision making and stronger customer relationships, we can give you the full picture.

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