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  • Top 10 company pivots you might not know about

    When a company pivots it makes a business shift in a new direction. It is a key strategic move, and as the name suggests, represents a dramatic change in focus of at least one aspect of the company.     If a company successfully pivots it might mean its first focus will be forgotten forever. This...
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  • What can I do now Google Analytics is being switched off?

    On March 17th 2022, Google confirmed what we had all been expecting – changes to Analytics, but no one had anticipated they would announce they are switching off Universal Analytics on 1st July 2023. Many businesses had been waiting to decide if they would commit to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), but this certainly will force...
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  • My First Week

    Hi I’m Josh, the newest member of Goldstar IT. I thought I’d give you a run-through of my first week. I have joined their fantastic development team as a software developer. This is a role that I never thought I would be in when I graduated in 2019 with a History and Japanese degree.  ...
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  • Marketing Services at Goldstar

    At Goldstar, we see the value in our marketing. We understand the importance and decided to invest more in our Marketing during Covid-19 and lockdown. We would now like to offer these services out to help you and your business achieve your marketing goals. How we use Marketing at Goldstar Having rebranded at the beginning...
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