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If selling smarter, better and faster is a top business priority, it’s our job to help you meet it with a sales CRM.

As a Zoho Advanced Partner, Goldstar offers an end-to-end CRM consultancy service to businesses throughout the UK. Our service and experience spans a wide range of sectors, including Manufacturing , IT Consultancy and Professional Services.


Supercharge your sales performance with Goldstar

We make Zoho’s world-leading CRM software work for your business. Reach out to prospects at exactly the right moment, streamline your sales processes and free up your people to close the deals that matter.

From scoping and migration through to full training for your sales teams, Goldstar’s experienced consultants ensure each element of your CRM project is in safe hands.

Why do we need sales CRM software?

Sales department figures, productivity levels and forecasting capabilities can all receive a significant boost with the right CRM platform in place. Key benefits to your business include the following:

Sales pipeline management. Set your own scoring rules to prioritise leads, capture leads from your landing pages with ease. Automate lead scoring to identify the most promising prospects.

A single view across all channels. Connect in real time with customers and leads across a single interface – whatever channel your customers choose to use.

AI-driven search. Zia, Zoho’s unique conversational AI sales assistant can bring up any information you need from your CRM database in an instant.

Automated workflows. Routine tasks can be completed automatically, enabling your sales team focus on closing more deals, faster.

Designed for collaboration. Set up a central repository so reps have exactly the information they need to close a deal at any time. Create projects, link participants and monitor progress to closure.

Performance measurement. Use real time reporting to track key metrics such as sales trends, sales campaign effectiveness and team performance. Create custom reports and dashboards to always have a view of where you stand.

Goldstar: Ensuring CRM works for your business

Zoho Advanced Partners. As well as CRM, our experience spans all aspects of Zoho’s powerful business software suite, including customer service, business intelligence and accounts management. Whatever degree of automation you need,  and whatever business questions you need to answer, we can ensure you are fully equipped for transformation.

Expert implementation. For migration of structured and unstructured data and smooth integration with your existing business applications, we can take the strain! Our developers relish the opportunity of getting to know you and your business. Our mission is a hassle-free implementation and we have the expertise to deliver it.

Full support. There’s no denying that Zoho CRM is easy to navigate a basic level – but we want you to go beyond this. From one-on-one training through to bespoke dashboard customisation, whatever you need to fully capitalise on Zoho’s extensive feature package, we’re here to help you make the most of it.

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