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  • The rules of data – Required Fields

    Over the past few months, I have been writing a blog series about how you can keep your data clean and usable. This month, things will be a little different. I wont be writing about implementing new processes and using more tools to improve data quality. Instead, I will focus on required fields the importance...
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  • Removing Fields from CRM

    Removing Fields from CRM Zoho is making a significant change to the way that Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics talk to each other. This change means that in the future, we will all need to be more careful when removing fields from the CRM. To explain the change Zoho is making, and how it will...
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  • The rules of data – Don’t duplicate!

    Intro  An essential part of any system is the data. It doesn’t matter what app you use, processes you follow, or automations you build, if your data is bad the system won’t work. So the first thing we need to address then is what is ‘Bad Data’? At its most straightforward bad data is anything...
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  • What is a CRM and how can it help your business?

    Let’s start at the beginning. A CRM is designed to hold the information about several contacts you have within the business. Think of your contacts within your phone, this is similar to a CRM as you might have the birthday, email or other information saved against that contact. The result of this enables you can...
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