Zoho's cloud based software on the go

Zoho’s cloud based software allows us to work on the go, anywhere. The whole world is adapting to a new way of working right now. This move has highlighted why using cloud-based software is crucial to allowing us to work from home. The variety of Zoho apps allow you to easily work on the go.

Here at Goldstar IT, we have been using the Zoho suite of apps for many years now. So when we were all forced out of the office, we were able to continue working with almost no interruption as our entire software suite was already designed to be used anywhere.

The ‘used anywhere’ in that last sentence is important as it doesn’t just mean you can work anywhere you have a computer. It also means you can, in the case of almost all of the Zoho products, work from your phone or tablet using their mobile apps.

Zoho CRM mobile app

Today I want to give you a quick run-through of the Zoho cloud-based software mobile apps I find useful.

Zoho Mobile Apps

Zoho CRM: Do you find clients almost always call as soon as you step away from your computer? Me too! Luckily, the Zoho CRM app gives you access to all of the most critical data from your CRM. This means that when that client does call, you can quickly access all of the data you need to stay sounding professional even when you are secretly making a cup of tea.

Zoho Books: The Books app is excellent as it allows you to complete all of your everyday tasks, including creating invoices, recording payments, and tracking expenses right from your phone. You can even access all of your Books reports including your P&L and Balance Sheet so you always know exactly what is happening with your business.

Zoho Analytics: Every business owner has their own set of reports they use to monitor their business. The Zoho Analytics app allows you to view these reports quickly and easily from your phone. The app also includes the ability to filter reports so you can dig into the data and find what you are looking for.

Zoho Social: This one is great for the marketing team. The Zoho Social app allows users to manage multiple brand social accounts all within one app. You can schedule posts, view analytics, and manage conversations across all of your accounts.

There are loads more Zoho apps that when used together, allow you to manage and run your whole business without ever waiting for your laptop to turn on.

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