Zoho Analytics update May 2024

Introducing the Zoho Analytics update for May 2024! Elevate your analytics game with our latest enhancements designed to boost data visualization, collaboration, and decision-making. Let’s explore the exciting new features that promise to take your analytics experience to the next level!

Sunburst Chart

Exciting news! Zoho Analytics introduces the Sunburst Chart, empowering you to delve into hierarchical data with ease.

Sample Sunburst Chart – Region wise sales by purchase type

Business benefits of the new Sunburst Chart

Uncover insightful trends and patterns effortlessly with the new intuitive Sunburst Chart, offering clarity through its sleek circular design. Visualise complex data like never before and make informed decisions with confidence.

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Conversion Bar Chart

Enhance your conversion tracking process with the new Conversion Bar Chart in Zoho Analytics. Gain valuable insights into campaign performance and conversion metrics effortlessly.

Business benefits of Workspace Level Currency Formatting

With this intuitive tool, you can monitor and analyse conversion data across various campaigns, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

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Auto Suggestions on report creation

Boost your reporting efficiency with the latest Zoho Analytics update featuring Zia Suggestions. Empower your data analysis process by effortlessly receiving tailored chart recommendations during report creation.

Business benefits of Workspace Level Currency Formatting

With Zia’s auto-generated reports, you can quickly explore insightful insights and streamline your decision-making process with ease.

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Top/Bottom N within Filters

Maximise your data analysis precision with our latest enhancement to Top/Bottom N filtering in Zoho Analytics.

Business benefits of using Top/Bottom N within Filters

Now, you can effortlessly rank data within multiple groups or categories, enabling more granular insights into your business metrics. Whether you’re identifying top-performing countries within specific regions or uncovering key trends within segmented data sets, this enhancement empowers you to make informed decisions with ease.

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Import from Elasticsearch

Unlock the full potential of your search log data with easy integration between Elasticsearch and Zoho Analytics. By importing your Elasticsearch data, you gain access to powerful analytics tools that enable in-depth analysis, dynamic report generation, and actionable insights. Uncover valuable trends, patterns, and correlations within your search log data to optimize your search functionality, enhance user experience, and drive business growth.

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Inline Embed Component in Dashboard

Discover the latest enhancement in Zoho Analytics: the inline embed component within the Dashboard Designer page.

This new feature allows for effortless integration, modification, and removal of embed codes directly within your dashboards. Easily embed external content and customise your dashboards to create a more interactive and engaging user experience.

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New set of APIs

A comprehensive set of new APIs (2.4.0) are now available in various categories to enhance your experience in our Zoho Analytics update for May 2024.

User Management API

Data Modeling API

Metadata API

C# SDK Moves to .NET 6.0

Zoho upgraded their C# SDK from .NET Framework 4.5 to .NET 6.0, transitioning from the legacy framework. Enjoy improved performance and compatibility as Zoho now aligns with .NET’s latest improvements.

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As you explore these exciting updates in Zoho Analytics update for May 2024, we invite you to consider how they can revolutionise your data analysis and reporting processes. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of these updates and how they can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific needs, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Book a meeting with us to discuss how you can leverage these enhancements to drive better insights and decision-making in your business. We look forward to helping you unlock the full potential of Zoho Analytics for your organisation.

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