Working In Lockdown

Hi, I’m Esme and I am the new Marketing Executive and I thought I’d take the chance to introduce myself. I will also tell you how working in lockdown has been for me. I am the newest member of Goldstar and have come on board to work within the Marketing Department.

Having started my job during lockdown, I was worried about getting to know people and finding my place in the team. We have a morning meeting as a whole team which has been great. It’s really good way to set the day up and know what you’re doing as well as how the rest of the team are getting on.

You miss out on communication by not being in the office because when you break for a cup of tea, that’s when you talk about your weekend or something you did yesterday etc. Now when I have downtime at work, I end up going for the chocolate in the fridge or watching the kettle boil which takes a really long time! Paul has arranged a number of games evenings where we all grab a drink, or two, and play some quizzes. It was a great way to get to know the team on a more personal basis and not talk about work.

The Set-Up

Working from a 1 bedroom flat meant I had limited space. However, Goldstar equipped me with all the tools I needed and I now have a nice comfy desk set-up that’s just right for me. You forget how amazing a second screen is when you’re only working from a laptop!

Desk set-up


The Products And Tools

As we are Zoho Partners, it only seems right to use the products ourselves. We have been using Cliq, a team communication tool for our morning meetings and to communicate throughout the day. It’s easy to use and means if you’re messaging about something, you can just click call and video call them to talk more in depth without having to set up a meeting. just like you would if you were sitting opposite each other in the office. There are some new features recently added to Cliq that allows us to mark if we’re on a tea break or lunch. We can also mark if don’t want to be disturbed or are available to talk. This helps us all to know where the team are and what we’re all up to.

The other tool I use a lot is Zoho Social. It’s a great social media planner tool and I can schedule posts for the week coming. You can select which platforms to post out and can add images and set a date and time. The customisation and personalisation work very well. It’s easy to sync the different social channels you might use too. This also frees up more time for me to learn other channels of marketing and my personal development in general.

By using these tools, I have found it easier to get a better understanding of the Zoho Product Suite. This has helped me massively in my job.

What I have gained

I have been working at Goldstar for just over 2 months now. Having learnt so much already, I can’t wait to get stuck in even more. The rest of the team have been reviewing their work from home systems so feel free to give them a read too.

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