What's your CRM strategy?

Today, your CRM is far more than a Customer Relationship Management solution. It is the primary tech for a whole host of other functionality. Your CRM is the single source of data truth for your business, it can be used for so much more, but one thing is still vital to know… What’s your CRM strategy?

Out of the prospects we interact with, 80% do not have a clearly defined CRM strategy for their business. Something we emphasise is the importance of not overlooking a CRM strategy. A good CRM strategy is a crucial element in achieving overall success for their business.

How is your business impacted without a CRM strategy?

Let’s take a look at a few areas which may be directly impacted if your CRM strategy is not clear.

Inaccurate Data

If a business lacks a CRM strategy, it may encounter challenges in preserving precise customer data. This can, in turn, result in mistakes, lost prospects, and suboptimal decision-making.

Inefficient Communication

The absence of a CRM strategy in a business can impede the coordination of communication efforts among departments. The resulting silos can cause redundant tasks and ineffective resource utilisation.

Lost Opportunities

Businesses that do not have a CRM strategy may fail to seize potential sales opportunities because of their inability to manage leads and monitor customer interactions efficiently.

Lack of Metrics

The absence of a CRM strategy in businesses can result in the absence of a means to gauge the efficacy of their customer interactions. In addition it can impede the identification of improvement areas and the making of data-driven decisions.

Poor Customer Experience

In the absence of a CRM strategy, businesses may find it challenging to deliver a personalised customer experience. Poor CX can result in dissatisfied customers, negative word-of-mouth, and lost business.

Inability to scale

As a business expands, managing customer interactions can become increasingly challenging in the absence of a CRM strategy. Without a centralised system to handle customer data and interactions, businesses may find it difficult to meet demand and sustain the same level of customer service.

What should the focus be for your CRM strategy?

In the current business landscape, where customer satisfaction is imperative for success, the absence of a CRM strategy can put businesses at a significant disadvantage. A well-crafted CRM strategy can aid businesses in establishing robust relationships with their customers, enhancing efficiency, and augmenting revenue. With a CRM solution, businesses can enhance their capability to handle customer interactions and attain superior results. The result? Business growth and attained goals.

Your CRM strategy needs to reflect your business goals, its size, its current tech stack, your industry and market maturity. You should focus on the key elements for your business growth and ensure your CRM solution is ready for today, as well as fit for the future. CRM has moved on a long way from a spreadsheet – you might be surprised what it can now do!

Zoho CRM, the perfect tool to implement your CRM strategy

Goldstar is in the perfect position to assist you in defining your CRM strategy and implementing it with Zoho business solutions. Zoho CRM is a powerful, cloud-based CRM solution that acts as a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, and customer support activities together. Furthermore it can streamline your process, policy, and people in one platform.

Furthermore, Goldstar, as trusted Zoho consultants in the UK, possess expertise in the full range of Zoho products and have extensive experience in various industries, allowing us to deeply understand business processes. Put this all together and we are ready to help you launch your business and your CRM to the next level.

If you’d like to know more please get in touch and we can help you find the right strategy for your CRM today and make sure it is ready for your future too!

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