9 Advantages of working with a trusted Zoho Consultant

In a previous article we have discussed why you should use a Zoho Consultant like Goldstar. Zoho Consultants become increasingly important as your business grows and your business systems grow.Goldstar_Zoho-ConsultantAs your business becomes more dependent on data, Goldstar is on hand to simplify the complexities and be there to help as you get to the point where support is needed. Let’s look at a few of the key elements to consider when you are weighing up the need for a Zoho Consultant. 

1. A Zoho Consultant will understand your processes 

Goldstar are not just Zoho Consultants, we understand business too. Our first step is to fully understand your processes before we even begin coming up with digital solutions. We learn how you work and advise on a digital transformation that builds as your business grows. 

2. Choosing the right Zoho applications 

Some businesses jump right in with every conceivable Zoho solution from day one. Others don’t realise their full sales potential because they don’t have the right apps at the right time. Zoho offers over 50 applications and 1000’s of integrations of 3rd party solutions – there’s no way you would know what to focus on and when. A Zoho Consultant, like Goldstar, will know when to switch on different applications for optimised support and growth. We are a trusted partner to help direct focus and make sure your business systems evolution is there to support your business growth pipeline. 

3. Utilise all the Zoho features and functionality available 

Zoho solutions are evolving all the time. Add in the thousands of integrations and Creator apps and it’s hard to keep up with what is possible for your business. As a Zoho Consultant, Goldstar is here to find what is beneficial for you and your business. We keep the options clear and functional. Knowing what works with the range of Zoho solutions is a key factor to why using a Zoho Consultant is key. 

4. A Zoho Consultant can reduce risk, mistakes and unexpected barriers 

Although Zoho solutions are user friendly this can encourage some users to try to do too much, too soon, without the necessary knowledge. Zoho Consultants are key experts to manage this process – we have the knowledge and skills to manage this and make sure your team has the knowledge they need to get the most from the software – without getting out of their depth! 

5. Migrations and integrations 

Zoho solutions are flexible and that’s why more and more businesses are choosing Zoho as their chosen business systems software. To get the most from them they have to be integrated with your processes and existing solutions. Migrations and integrations are one of the biggest headaches in this process. Moreover, they are infrequent for each business but can set you off on the wrong foot if not handled well. So why not trust those that do it every day? 

Goldstar have the experience in making these integrations happen every day. We make the challenging, simple and manage these challenges more effectively and efficiently. Even the most basic integration can bring up minor nuisances – we make sure they disappear and don’t become major headaches! 

6. Data management, use and application 

Data is one of the most valuable commodities your business has. Its correct use will give you the competitive advantage in any demanding market. Goldstar will help you understand your data, what and when to collect it, how to store it, and most importantly how to use it to its potential. We can separate the wheat from the chaff and make sure you are only focusing on what’s relevant and needed. 

As a trusted Zoho Consultant, we know how to take advantage of Zoho’s Business Intelligence and advanced analytics and teach you how to monitor your performance. We can help you analyse your historic data and improve efficiencies. Giving you the power to unlock deeper insight into your KPIs, business processes, profits and losses. 

7. Get the support you need when you need it 

Zoho solutions are almost unbeatable on price. Other products see companies facing £100s or even £1000s per month of support contracts to keep their systems running. Instead Zoho have basic customer support and rely on their authorised Zoho Partners and Consultants to provide great, world-class support. With Goldstar support you will know your account manager by name and likely the developers assigned to your business too!  

8. Zoho Trusted Partner – we’re accredited experts 

Don’t just take our word for it – check with Zoho themselves. They make is easy to verify a consultants credentials in just a few click. Before you choose your consultant visit this page and compare authorised consultants, verify provider credentials and read customer testimonials. 

9. A Zoho consultant saves you time and money 

We work with Zoho solutions every day. We know how to integrate, aggregate, automate and execute new applications without time consuming and resource draining research and testing. As a Zoho Consultant we take the strain out of challenging integrations, setting up advanced analytics and even writing custom code to get the most from your Zoho APIs. 

Goldstar take the burden from your teams, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Our experience of best practices helps streamline your processes, reducing cost and time spent on tasks that can be automated. 

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