10 New Year's business data resolutions

As we step into a new year, it’s time many businesses consider revolutionising the way they handle their business data. Goldstar brings you 10 actionable New Year’s business data resolutions that don’t require everything to change but still will streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and help launch your business to the next level.

1. Automate your reporting

Bid farewell to the tedious hours spent wrangling CSVs and spreadsheets, manually pulling data from numerous disparate sources. Embrace automation to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports and dashboards effortlessly.

2. Confident automation with clean data

Automate your processes and marketing campaigns with confidence. Clean and reliable data forms the foundation for successful AI and automation activities. It means you can trust what you are seeing and make better decisions. Audit the data you are collecting and make sure it’s worthwhile – at the same time put in place procedures for capturing better quality data.

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3. Unify data for unified decisions

End data disagreements by consolidating all your data into a single, cleaned, and matched view. Achieve a unified truth across your organisation, facilitating aligned action. Your CRM is the perfect place for this, it’s your single source of truth for your business. What can be better than that? Well if you adopt Zoho and especially Zoho One, your CRM can be fully integrated with every aspect of your business, from Sales and Marketing to Finance, Customer Service and Reporting!

4. Understand your budgets better

Automate personalised dashboards so everyone can easily access what they need to know, while keeping the ability to dive into granular reporting at any time. Embrace the ability to access data to identify what truly drives ROI and optimise spending for maximum efficiency.

5. Get more from your data analysts

Free your data scientists from the shackles of data preparation. According to Forbes, they spend 80% of their time on this task. Allow them to focus on analysis by automating data prep or better yet review and adopt tight data management rules. With the adoption of Business AI for simplified analytics processing you can get the insights you need faster and more accurately, leaving the in-depth data analysis to the experts!

6. Empower teams with self-service analytics

Data analysis are highly valued by any business, not only are they data and process experts they understand the way our business works. Trouble is if they are highly valued their skills will also be in great demand. Accelerate decision-making by empowering your team with self-service analytics. Say goodbye to data analysis bottlenecks in 2024 with business AI and adopt tools that allow you to analyse your own data making it easier to rely on reliable, data-driven, decision-making for every department.

7. Value-Driven Insights

What drives profit? What reduces risk? Identify these factors to the teams that can make a difference. Track their performance and optimise efficiency around them. At the same time you can identify the drains on your business and put processes in place to minimise or eradicate them! Invest in the parts of your business that work, track performance and optimise the value of your offering.

8. Embrace dynamic pricing decisions

Is one of your New Year’s business data resolutions to inform dynamic pricing decisions to maximise profits during key selling windows?

Imagine being able to track inventory, anticipate customer needs, monitor team availability, send dynamic marketing offers and take advantage of market conditions?

With Zoho solutions onboard you can now ensure that your pricing and stock decisions are data-driven for swift and informed action.

9. Modern data/tech stack magic

Was there some chat in last year about the need to invest in a ‘Data Warehouse’? It’s a bit of a buzzword that seems to be going round and it scares many businesses as there is no budget, time or resources to get it off the ground.

A data warehouse is a large, centralised repository of data that is designed to support business intelligence (BI) activities and reporting. It is a specialised type of database that is optimised for the analysis and reporting of large volumes of data.

The good news – if you are a Zoho adopter and have the support of an Advanced Zoho Partner you can possibly side-step this requirement! Your Zoho ecosystem, with Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics in place, is essentially set for this already. It’s built-in tools and technologies give all the benefits of a foundational data warehouse and analysis tools, without the added headaches and expense.

10. Personalisation through comprehensive data capture

You know so much about your customer, but the information is usually held in many separate places meaning you don’t really have a true picture of your relationship. Instead of having data in disparate systems enhance customer understanding by linking these diverse data sets and incorporating Open Data. Go beyond basic segmentation and make 2024 the year of personalised customer experiences.

These business data resolutions address challenges faced by businesses in 2023. If you’re ready to kickstart 2024 with transformative data practices, we’re here to help. Reach out to us at to schedule a discovery call. Let’s make 2024 a year of data-driven success!

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