Zoho Books update June 2023

Exciting news awaits as Zoho continue to deliver a stream of new updates and enhancements to the powerful Zoho Books platform. In our ongoing commitment to elevate your business operations, we are thrilled to unveil another set of feature-rich enhancements designed to amplify your productivity. Join us as we delve into the enticing array of enhancements making their debut this Zoho Books update June 2023:

Stripe Financial Connections

Exciting news is on the horizon as Zoho bring you the latest update from Stripe, empowering your business with a brand-new instant bank verification process through Financial Connections. This integration opens doors to enhanced functionalities, allowing you to effortlessly verify bank accounts and confirm ownership. Let’s dive into the details and discover the business benefits that await you:

  1. Streamlined Bank Verification: Say goodbye to time-consuming verification processes. With Stripe’s instant bank verification through Financial Connections, you can seamlessly validate bank accounts with ease and efficiency. By ensuring the authenticity and ownership of customer accounts, you enhance trust, reduce errors, and enable smoother financial transactions.
  2. Enhanced Payment Security: The integration of Financial Connections adds an extra layer of security to your Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. By verifying bank accounts during the payment process, you can mitigate the risk of fraudulent transactions and ensure that funds are transferred to legitimate and verified accounts. Safeguard your business and customer interests with this robust security measure.
  3. Transition from Plaid: As part of this update, Zoho will be discontinuing support for new Plaid integrations. However, if you are currently utilising Plaid, you can continue using it without any disruption. We understand the importance of seamless transitions, and Zoho promise to ensure that your existing Plaid integrations remain unaffected.
  4. Enhanced Customer Experience: Enable a frictionless payment experience for your customers by leveraging the power of Stripe Financial Connections. Once enabled, your customers can effortlessly verify their bank accounts directly through their customer portal while making ACH payments. Simplify the payment process, reduce barriers, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Stripe has come up with their very own instant bank verification process through Financial Connections. With this integration, you’ll be able to verify bank accounts and confirm account ownership. With this update, Zoho are discontinuing support for new Plaid integrations. However, you can continue using Plaid if you’ve been using it already. If you switch to Stripe Financial Connections, then you’ll not be able to continue using Plaid anymore.

Once you’ve enabled Stripe Financial Connections, your customers will be able to verify their bank account while making ACH payments through their customer portal. Learn More.

To integrate: Go to Settings > Online Payments > Customer Payments > Click Edit Settings against Stripe.


Custom Report Generator

Here’s another update that puts you in complete control of your financial reports. Now, you have the power to customise Account Group rows, Text rows, and Formula rows in your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports. Let’s explore the details and uncover the business benefits that await you:

  1. Custom Text Rows: Enhance the clarity and organisation of your reports by adding custom Text rows. These Text rows serve as headings for each account group, allowing you to create a more intuitive structure. Additionally, you can utilise Text rows to provide detailed notes for new account groups, ensuring transparency and comprehensive reporting.
  2. Formula Rows: Unlock advanced calculation capabilities with Formula rows. Seamlessly perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division within your reports. Leverage these formula-driven calculations to gain valuable insights, analyse trends, and make informed financial decisions.
  3. Drag and Drop Functionality: Experience enhanced report customisation with the intuitive drag and drop functionality. Easily reorder Account Groups at the same level, providing you with the flexibility to arrange your reports according to your business needs. Streamline the presentation and analysis of your financial data effortlessly.
  4. Accounts Preview: Curious to see the final outcome of your customisations? With the Accounts Preview feature, you can now visualise how your accounts will appear after saving the custom report. Ensure accuracy and make adjustments as needed to create a polished and insightful representation of your financial information.
  5. Save and Reuse: Once you have customised your report to your preference, save it as a custom report. This allows you to preserve your settings and effortlessly access the tailored report whenever needed. Eliminate repetitive manual adjustments and save time by reusing your customised reports.

By empowering you to customise your reports with this Zoho Books update June 2023 , you can enjoy an intuitive financial reporting experience. Tailor your reports to match your business requirements, improve clarity, and gain deeper insights into your financial performance.

We encourage you to explore these new customisation features and harness their potential to optimise your reporting capabilities. Should you require any assistance or guidance, our team of dedicated Zoho experts is always here to support you along the way.

This feature is available in the Premium, Elite, and Ultimate plans of Zoho Books.


We know you will find these updates in Books update June 2023 useful, especially the Custom Report Generator! Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming your way as Zoho continue to innovate and enhance Zoho Books for your success.

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