Zoho Desk's Instant Messaging update

Zoho Desk simplifies your customer service operations. Its features enhance the productivity of your agents, and enables you to provide exceptional and enduring customer experiences. One of its key strengths is how it harnesses multiple communication channels to deliver a unified, user-focused approach. Let’s take a look at Zoho Desk’s Instant Messaging update.

Multi-number support by WhatsApp

If you’ve been utilising WhatsApp to connect with your customers, you probably know that each WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) requires a verified phone number dedicated solely to that channel in the current WhatsApp Business Platform.

However, we have good news! As a result of Zoho Desk’s Instant Messaging update, the WhatsApp Business Platform now supports multiple numbers for a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA).

Note: Multibot support is also available for the configured Telegram channels.

Use template messages to reach out to customers even after the 24-hour messaging window

After configuring the WhatsApp Business Platform, you can begin crafting message templates to initiate conversations with your customers. These templates, known as Highly Structured Messages (HSMs), have been pre-approved by WhatsApp and allow you to communicate proactively with your customers. Using them you can send outbound messages through our Integrated WhatsApp Channel.

IM Custom Actions Gallery

Zoho Desk streamlines and automates the customer support process with a variety of functionalities. Zoho Desk’s Instant Messaging update includes one such feature – the custom actions gallery, which enables you to incorporate additional workflow actions. You can now easily add alerts, tasks, field updates, skills, and custom functions, to your workflow rules. Simply choose or define the necessary actions and input the values to implement the action in your desired workflow rule.

Zoho have recently introduced custom actions that can be linked to workflow rules on the IM Module.

Utilise the Instant Messaging module to send notifications to customers via the IM channels that have been configured.


Respond to IM tickets through the integrated channels by utilising the Instant Messaging module to send automated replies.

Enable Auto-Response for your business

Employing automatic response messages ensures that your customers receive timely and accurate information. Furthermore it demonstrates that you are available to assist them at all hours. This personalised approach to resolving their queries enhances the customer experience and reinforces the value of their business to your brand.

Why is auto-response important for your business?

Prompt and efficient responses have always been highly valued by customers, and businesses that deliver on this front enjoy greater customer retention and the ability to attract new leads. With the ability to enable auto-responses, businesses can further enhance their users’ experiences and promptly address their queries, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

One simple preferences setting to convert conversations to tickets in IM

It is now possible to modify your preferences for each of the instant messaging channels that have been established in your help desk. Furthermore, you can also set a timeframe for creating a new ticket in response to messages received during an ongoing chat.

Note: If the timer selection remains ‘None‘ by default, this will stop the conversion of conversations into tickets.

Now manually create tickets for messages in the IM Module

Whether it is a single significant message or multiple messages within a business conversation, a ticket can be generated to document the interaction. This ticket is accessible to both agents and customers, consolidating their communication into a single, easy-to-manage thread. This feature allows both parties to reference the ticket as needed for future reference.

Quick deletion of a configured messaging channel

If you no longer wish to send or receive messages on a particular messaging channel, you have the option to delete it.

  • Deleting a channel results in conversations associated with that channel being listed; however, agents will no longer have the ability to respond to or receive messages from that channel.
  • Conversations associated with the deleted channel will have limited functionalities, as chat transfer and chat blocking will no longer be available.
  • Channel will also be removed from the list.
  • After deletion, the channel will no longer appear under tickets or agents’ preferences.

Personalise your messaging experience

Display modes help to reduce eye strain by adapting the messaging inbox to different lighting conditions. You can customise the interface of the messaging console by selecting either the light or dark skin, based on your personal preference.

Night Mode

The night mode is more user-friendly in sparse light conditions.

Pure Night Mode

This option is a variation of Night Mode that utilises an even darker background, while still ensuring sufficient contrast with text and other graphical user interface (GUI) elements.

Instant Messaging now on Mobile App

Carry your support desk where ever you go!

Zoho’s platform, IM, provides a consolidated solution for managing all your business communications in one place. We’ve made it possible for our customers to effortlessly incorporate their preferred messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, WeChat, and soon, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

If any of these features in our Zoho Desk’s Instant Messaging update sound of interest, try them out and let us know what you think. If you have any queries, get in touch. As Zoho Desk experts and Advanced Zoho Partners we will help you get underway with all Zoho Desk features.

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