Zoho Analytics update January 2024

Welcome to our Zoho Analytics update January 2024 blog! As Zoho Advanced Partners, we’re excited to bring you the latest enhancements that cater to the unique needs of SMB owners and Zoho experts. In this edition, we’ll dive into the valuable updates designed to elevate your Zoho Analytics experience.

Unlocking Deeper Insights with Advanced Analytics for Typeform

The Zoho Analytics update January 2024 introduces an enhanced reporting and analytical framework tailored for the data collected through Typeform. Elevate your analytical capabilities by seamlessly integrating Typeform data into Zoho Analytics, where you can delve into profound insights from survey responses, customer feedback, and form submissions.

Business benefits for integrating Zoho Analytics to Typeform

Empower your business decision-making with a centralised, robust analytics environment, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your data for strategic growth and enhanced customer engagement. By leveraging these advanced analytics, organisations can make informed decisions, enhance customer engagement, and strategically drive growth.

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Seamless data import from Atlas Data Federation and Amazon Lightsail to supercharge your analytics

In an effort to enhance your analytics experience, Zoho Analytics now allows you to effortlessly import data from cloud databases like Atlas Data Federation, Amazon Lightsail – MySQL, and Amazon Lightsail – PostgreSQL.

Business benefit of data import from Atlas Data Federation and Amazon Lightsail

This expansion in data import capabilities equips businesses with the means to seamlessly integrate information from diverse sources, fostering a unified analytics environment. Elevate your decision-making processes by harnessing the power of comprehensive data analytics, now with broader compatibility for cloud databases. Uncover hidden insights and drive strategic growth with ease, empowering your organisation for success.

Effortless Email Schedule Management: A Productivity Boost for Your Workspace

Exciting news for Zoho Analytics users! Now, managing your email schedules across the entire workspace is a breeze. With the latest enhancement, you can conveniently oversee and control all email schedules in one centralised location—the Workspace Settings page.

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Business benefits for enhancing Email schedule management

This streamlined approach not only simplifies the management process but also enhances your team’s productivity. Experience a more efficient and organised workflow, ensuring your critical analytics reports and insights are delivered promptly. Elevate your workspace efficiency with this Zoho Analytics update January 2024 and stay ahead of the curve in data-driven decision-making.

Voice-powered analytics: Unleash insights with Ask Zia Skill in Alexa

With this update you can take your analytics experience to the next level with the all-new Ask Zia skill in Alexa. This seamless integration allows you to effortlessly connect Zoho Analytics with Alexa, transforming how you access insights. Imagine gaining valuable business information with a simple voice command.

Business benefits for adopting Ask Zia skill in Alexa

The Ask Zia skill in Alexa empowers you to extract key analytics insights hands-free, providing a more intuitive and convenient way to interact with your data. Elevate your analytics game, embrace the power of voice, and enhance your decision-making process.

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Unlocking deeper insights: Klaviyo integration in Zoho Advanced Analytics for Shopify

Exciting news for Shopify merchants! Zoho’s latest update brings a seamless integration of Klaviyo’s data into Zoho Advanced Analytics through the Shopify Marketplace app. Now, you can effortlessly import, blend, and analyse Klaviyo’s data alongside your Shopify information—all in one centralised analytics platform.

Business benefits for adopting Klaviyo integration in Shopify Marketplace

What does this mean for your business? Gain a comprehensive view of your Shopify store performance and customer engagement. Identify trends, optimise marketing strategies, and enhance customer targeting by harnessing the combined power of Klaviyo and Shopify data. With this integration, you can make data-driven decisions more effectively, streamline your analytics workflow, and ultimately boost your e-commerce success.

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Stay Informed Anywhere, Anytime: New Notification Types in Zoho Analytics Mobile BI App

Zoho have introduced enhanced notification features in the Zoho Analytics Mobile BI app, designed to keep you seamlessly connected with your business data on the go. Here’s a breakdown of the new notification types and the valuable insights they bring to your fingertips:

  1. Integration Actions: Stay updated on the status of your data integration in workspaces, ensuring you’re always in the loop about the health of your analytics data.
  2. Manage User Actions: Receive real-time notifications about user management and access control actions, allowing you to keep a close eye on your team’s interactions with your analytics platform.
  3. Account Actions: Stay informed about critical activities like user additions, removals, and changes in user roles within your Zoho Analytics account, ensuring security and accountability.
  4. Request Actions: Get timely updates on view access requests, and take quick, direct actions to grant permissions—all from the convenience of your Zoho Analytics Mobile BI app.
  5. Generic Actions: Stay in the know about key events, including Zoho Databridge status updates and the export/import of workspaces through workspace migration.

With these new notification types, you’re not just on top of your analytics game; you’re effortlessly managing and optimising your business insights. Elevate your mobile analytics experience and stay ahead of crucial activities with Zoho Analytics Mobile BI app.

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Smarter Currency Management for enhanced financial insights

Exciting news for Zoho Analytics users! Zoho have upgraded their currency data handling capabilities in formula columns and aggregate formulas, paving the way for more precise and insightful financial analytics. Here’s how this Zoho Analytics update January 2024 enhancement directly benefits your business:

1. Streamlined Data Types: With the latest update, Zoho Analytics now intuitively assigns the data type of columns as currency when you create a formula or aggregate formula over a currency column. No more manual adjustments or data type identification issues—your analytics just got simpler.

2. Accurate Financial Insights: Previously, such columns were identified as decimal types, potentially leading to data interpretation challenges. Now, your financial data is automatically recognised as currency, ensuring that your analytics reflect accurate monetary values, facilitating better decision-making.

3. Time and Resource Efficiency: This enhancement eliminates the need for manual corrections and adjustments, saving you valuable time and resources. Focus on leveraging insights instead of grappling with data formatting intricacies.

Upgrade your financial analytics with Zoho Analytics, where precision meets efficiency for unparalleled business insights!

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Empower your Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One experience with Custom Roles

Exciting news for Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One users! Zoho have extended the Custom Roles feature to enhance your user experience. Here’s how this update directly benefits your business:

1. Tailored User Permissions

With Custom Roles, you can now tailor user permissions to align precisely with your organisational structure and workflow. Define roles that mirror your team’s responsibilities for more effective collaboration.

2. Granular Access Control

Achieve granular control over what users can view and edit within your Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One environments. Custom Roles empower you to restrict or grant access based on specific modules, functions, or data points, ensuring data security and compliance.

3. Streamlined Workflows

Custom Roles contribute to streamlining your workflows by ensuring that each team member has the access they need, without unnecessary permissions. This results in increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved overall productivity.

4. Enhanced Security

Tailor access levels to confidential information, mitigating the risk of data breaches. The Custom Roles extension offers an added layer of security, aligning with your business’s unique security requirements.

Upgrade your user management experience with Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One. Harness the power of Custom Roles to transform user access into a strategic advantage for your business.

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We hope you find this Zoho Analytics update January 2024, not only insightful but also integral to optimising your data analytics operations. As Zoho Advanced Partners, our commitment is to ensure that your experience with Zoho Analytics remains at the forefront of efficiency and innovation. Stay tuned for more transformative updates, empowering your business journey with Zoho.

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